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Jan 2019 Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

January’s first lunar eclipe is also the only total lunar eclipse of 2019. To make it even more dramatic (and impressive to watch), it will also be a Supermoon. Add unpredictable Uranus into the mix, and the 2019 Wolf Moon Eclipse is likely to be a bit emotionally charged. The key will be finding constructive ways to release pent-up tension  – otherwise, we could see a few humans howling  along with the wolves!…

This Week’s Astro-Insights – 4-10 Dec 2017

After yesterday’s Supermoon, you might be forgiven for feeling that Monday is just a tad anti-climactic. After a weekend packed with some rare and rather eventful transits, the pause in planetary activity may seem like a welcome respite!

However, from midweek, the planets will once again have us on our toes again. …READ MORE

This Weekend – Full Moon in Gemini

This weekend, a Full Moon in Gemini will have us all feeling mindful about the need to do some housekeeping when it comes to thoughts, self-expression, and/or tech & comms equipment….READ MORE

December 2016 Astro-Insights

STAR FORECAST FOR THE FESTIVE PERIOD November’s cosmic energy epitomised Scorpio energy in some many ways – first the world experienced a bout of crisis and shock (rather like The Tower card in the Tarot) followed by a period of realignment as Mars, Jupiter…