Find out what themes the November eclipse wants you to focus on for the next six months…

Archers should prepare themselves for a rather eventful November during which your state of mind and outlook on life may shift quite radically, thanks to the stationing of your ruling planet, as well as a dramatic solar eclipse at the New Moon on the 3rd. The former event may temporarily bring to an end the seemingly endless good run you’ve had with regard to shared resources, especially with family, including food, money and property. A relative may call in a loan now, or alternatively you may hear about a legacy left to you by a deceased relative.

Any gifts or good fortune are likely to come from past associations or existing assets that either need re-organising or refurbishing, rather than anything new, so if you are short of cash, perhaps it is time to raid the family attic for old collectibles or keepsakes – with permission, of course! You could hit the jackpot, especially on the 12th, 19th although perhaps less so on the 28th.

The later big headline this month is the Scorpio solar eclipse on the 3rd. Coming on the back of a rash of powerful aspects, including another Uranus-Pluto square on the 1st, this period will more than likely stir up quite a hornet’s nest of memories and emotions within you, some of which could actually prove to be rather liberating and inspiring.

Certainly, the potential to make strides in your career is strong now. You also have the potential to be very creative, possibly even set up your own business, although this may require a lot more planning than you think and possibly involve overcoming certain technical limitations or childcare issues. Still, if you are prepared to put in the effort, Mars will give you plenty of opportunities to succeed, especially on the 3rd, 9th,19th and 30th.

If things haven’t been going your way career-wise, it may be time to confess that you may have been your own worst enemy, with many of your problems arising from a negative attitude, lack of self confidence or some form of self-sabotage. Now, though, thanks to the eclipse, a brand new six month cycle will begin, during which you have the chance to start afresh, get rid of bad psychological habits and reinvent yourself from the inside out.

From the 5th, Venus in Capricorn will be assisting you in money matters. If you need a boost to your income, or are looking for a new job, then circle the 8th, and 23rd in your diary.

Neptune will also station on the 13th, improving relations with family and reducing any incidences of flooding, gas leaks or damp that may have been plaguing your home of late. However, avoid the 24th for doing any DIY – things will only end up going wrong.

A Full Moon in Taurus on the 17th brings a work, health or pet related matter to its natural conclusion.

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