Find out what November’s eclipse says about the next six months…

This November, Gemini’s can look forward to a fresh start in work, health and day-to-day affairs, thanks to a solar eclipse in Scorpio on the 3rd. Picking up on issues you were dealing with this time last year, this event promises to help you make positive changes to your workload, schedule or everyday working or living environment. Flanking the Sun and Moon at eclipse time will be Mercury and Saturn, forming a powerful stellium of planets in Scorpio that will serve to reinforce themes such as empowerment, reinvention, re-purposing and healing.

If you are keen to improve the way you work or introduce a new pet, recycling or health regimen to your workplace or daily routine, then you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll receive extra assistance from your ruling planet, Mercury who, through a number of positive contacts to Mars and Pluto, will help you dig deep and tap into past memories, moral support or inner resources that will provide you with the extra confidence, willpower and resilience needed to follow through and make resolutions stick. Mercury will remain retrograde until the 11th, giving you plenty of opportunity to review plans before you finally put them into practice. Once it stations, it’ll be all go for the next few months as Mercury picks up speed, passing through two whole zodiac signs by Christmas and making some important contacts with Uranus, Pluto and Neptune on the way. Wow!

Before then, though, you may have a few outstanding money or sharing issues to contend with on the 1st in relation to a friend or group. It’s possible someone may be rather judgemental or less than discreet now, which could lead to tension if no one is prepared to apologise or compromise their stance. Money matters could also do with a review – something you’ll be well positioned to grapple with when Jupiter retrogrades on the 7th, giving you three months to get your affairs in order and, where appropriate, reconsider ways to increase you income from old clients or tried and tested resources you may have held in reserve for a rainy day.

Especially positive favourable days for money matters are the 12th, when the Sun trines Jupiter, and the 28th, when a Mercury-Jupiter trine suggests that old work contacts you bump into on the 26th could well provide you with some very rewarding business leads or opportunities that come good.

The Taurus Full Moon on the 17th allows you to finally put to bed some worries or nagging doubts that may have been lurking in the back of your mind since May, while a Sun-Uranus trine on the 30th brings unexpectedly positive developments in career and love.

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