Find out what themes to focus on for the next six months…

Capricorns may need to reassess their current hopes or wishes, or reconsider the implications of their association with a certain friend or association over the next six months, thanks to a solar eclipse in Scorpio during November’s first week. Taking place close to your ruler, Saturn, this event may cause you to question your present attitudes and beliefs about the laws and rules governing a particular club or society in light of events that play out in your own back yard, possibly involving you, a neighbour or sibling or indeed, a whole community.

In the lead-up to this event, the Sun and a retrograde Mercury will make a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, which will, in turn, be in aspect to Mars. Together with the eclipse, this conglomeration of aspects could see you realise a long held dream to relocate or travel overseas, perhaps with a circle of friends; publish a book or be appointed to a position of authority within a social or charitable organisation. Wow! The key thing to remember is that you need to make the effort and take the initiative if you want anything to happen, and that you have six months in which to do so.

Helping you along will be charming and fortunate Venus, who will ingress into your sign on the 5th. She will also team up with Saturn on the 23rd, and Mercury on the 28th, to help you win over any key players or committee members necessary to get approval for your plans. A Sun-Saturn conjunction on the 6th should ensure you are taken seriously by higher ups, while the Mercury-Saturn conjunction on the 26th could result in serious discussions, possibly with friends or committee members, perhaps about a social enterprise or community project.

Jupiter will retrograde in Cancer for three months from the 7th, which should result in extra time to reassess the meaning of certain close partnerships or associations. A Sun-Jupiter trine on the 12th could make you see a friend or fellow associate in a new and positive light, possibly leading to a new business or personal association.

Neptune’s return to direct motion on the 13th should also have a positive effect on self-expression, writing or teaching projects, and short distance travel, as well as relationships with siblings and local community members, while the Taurus Full Moon on the 17th brings a month long cycle concerning a child, lover, hobby or creative project full circle.

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