Find out what themes the November eclipses could introduce for the next six months…

Eclipse season is once more upon us, and for Cancerians, this means having to grapple with change – again! Fortunately, this time,  though, changes should be more of the pleasant variety, but will nonetheless be quite far-reaching in terms of their effects. At the New Moon solar eclipse on the 3rd, a new six month cycle will begin for you in relation to children, creativity and love.

At the same time, the eclipse will be joined by Mercury and Saturn, which in tandem with Mars and Pluto, will help you to make some welcome changes that enable you to express yourself more creatively. Events could arise which force you to realise that you need to make more time for fun, rest, holidays or creativity in your life, all of which could fill an important space and reawaken in you a joyful, childlike and playful zest for living. If you are currently single or at a turning point in a romantic relationship, you could now meet someone significant or else consider the possibility of greater commitment with a current beau, especially when the Sun conjuncts Mercury and sextiles Pluto on the 1st.

However, this day is also likely to be a little fraught – Uranus and Pluto will be squaring up to each other, which could lead to tension and conflict between career aspirations or official commitments and relationships with loved ones. It’s possible you’ll feel as though you have to choose between the two or else feel quite stressed about how to meet all your commitments. Given the ongoing nature of this particular pairing, it would seem that there are no easy answers to this dilemma, although a few answers could well emerge at month end when the Sun trines Uranus.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 7th for three months, during which time you may find yourself reminiscing about old times, as well as reviewing personal goals and plans. Extending your current family or home, perhaps through adoption or pregnancy is another possibility, one that is favoured by the Sun-Jupiter trine on the 7th. Other favourable days to revisit ideas, plans or people from your past include the 19th and 28th.

You could also find yourself coming to an important realisation or emotional conclusion at the Full Moon in Taurus on the 17th – a time when you feel ready to let go of old baggage and move on or come out and admit how you really feel about a friend or group association.

Next month, you’ll have quite a lot on your plate careerwise and tensions at home are certain to resurface as a result, so if you can, take the time during November to get as much rest and relaxation as you can before the silly season begins.

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