Find out what themes the November solar eclipse will introduce for the next six months…

November signals the start of a new six month phase, care of a New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio on the 3rd. At this time, a stellium of planets in Scorpio, including the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn, will help to set in motion new developments concerning the revision and reorganisation of joint investments and financial matters, as well as changes in your attitude to sharing, sex and intimacy. This is a good time to sort out any tax issues, wills and legacies, or seek business loans and start fresh with regards to share portfolio’s, financial advisors etc.

You’ll have a lot of assistance from powerful allies and angels in disguise, so if you choose to, this could be a really significant time in which you put in place some key financial or legal protective measures to shield you from future setbacks, or make some important decisions with regard to how and with whom you choose to share you inmost thoughts and feelings.

With Jupiter due to station from the 7th for the next three months or so, it is also a good idea to review your property or domestic situation, especially any homes co-owned by yourself and another family member, and generally cut back if you have been living a little too high on the hog because more austere times could be ahead. This could come about as a result of an acrimonious relationship split or the dissolution of a business partnership when Mars squares Pluto in late December (30-31st), as well as a few career setbacks, indicated by the Uranus-Pluto square on November the 1st.

Lady Luck, in the form of Venus in Capricorn, is also likely to go AWOL from 22 Dec when the planet of money and social favour turns retrograde until the end of January. That said, a series of very auspicious Jupiter contacts on Nov the 12th and 19th do seem to indicate that you can expect a modicum of practical, moral or even financial support from family, provided you are willing to listen and take advice. The urge to make personal changes will be strong from the Dec the 18th when Uranus turns direct. However, impatience, single-mindedness or selfishness will not go down well with loved ones, who may come down on you quite harshly in late December if they think you are behaving out of line.

That said, a rare and stunning Jupiter-Saturn trine on Dec the 13th, a continuation of July’s Major Grand Trine, should restore your faith in family and humanity in general. At this time, you could stand to benefit from a windfall, possibly in the form of an inheritance, or get a leg up through your own or a partner’s family connections, which should save your bacon.

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