21 August 2017, 19h30 BST


The last Solar Eclipse for 2017 is set to occur in the final degrees of dramatic, proud and flamboyant Leo, sign of kings, role models and movie stars, making it particularly potent.

This eclipse will kick start a fresh six month period during which the spotlight will be firmly on themes such as leadership, self confidence, self expression, creativity and joy.

The Sun is the planet associated most with ego and therefore with self confidence, personal charisma and the ability to conduct oneself with dignity in public.
It tends to evoke themes around:

  • Self expression and individuality
  • Self confidence and public personas
  • Fame, leadership and positions of power
  • Creativity and flamboyance
  • Playfulness and the ability to kid around and enjoy yourself

How will you to reinvent yourself or strengthen your personal brand in the next six months? Make-overs, gym-overs, life coaching, speech coaching, art classes – these are just some of the ways that we can introduce more solar energy into our lives.

The Sun and Moon will be orbiting close to Mars, planet of both willpower and physical strength, suggesting that part of reinventing your public image or building up your self confidence may well involve endurance training or getting into shape.

Given all the recent elections that have taken place over the last six months, it seems apt that this eclipse is asking us all to focus on what good leadership means and what ruling/leading really entails – is it all about self aggrandisement or serving those who have put us in a position of responsibility?

Of course, the downside of both the Sun and Mars is selfishness, competitiveness and egotism, as well as willful, autocratic and insensitive behaviour. Mars can add a degree of urgency to proceedings. As a result, you may feel a strong urge to shoot from the hip or make hasty or ill-considered plans. Don’t! When in doubt, wait and consider. It is entirely possible that matters may be taken out of your hands anyway as events overtake you, so bide your time and then go with the flow.

On a mundane level, Mars’ involvement in this eclipse could also indicate possible conflict, unrest and political tension on the global front – a distinct possibility if strong leadership is absent from the political stage or if power-mad, dishonest people try to cling onto/seize power. Read my mundane eclipse forecast for more information on how I think this eclipse will play out in relation to US-North Korea relations, and Donald Trump in particular.

Sabian Symbol

This eclipse occurs in the 29th degree of Leo, the Sabian symbol for which is:


In many ways, this symbol is all about truth, revelations and confessions, and therefore seems to be about being more honest or getting things out into the open – otherwise they are likely to pop out of the woodwork of their own accord or be inadvertently discovered.

This Sabian symbol therefore adds another dimension to the theme of relationships and personal conduct, as well as self expression. Sometimes it is awkward to say something difficult, upsetting or unpleasant. If you have something important you need to say or need to get something off your chest, then a good way to do so may be to write down your thoughts, either in a journal, or if you are feeling more sure of the need to share, in an email or letter.

The Sabian Oracle offers some other keywords to consider here which may pertain to your personal experience of this event:

Wearing your heart on your sleeve. Shared thoughts and feelings. Declaring what needs to be said. “Dear John” letters. Laying one’s self on the line through writing things down. Diaries. Letters. Penmanship. Messages of intent. Things said out loud. Confidences.

Saros Series

This eclipse forms part of Brady’s 1 North Saros series, which she describes in The Eagle and the Lark as precipitating:

…unexpected events involving friends or groups [that] place a great deal of pressure on personal relationships. These relationship issues may loom large as the eclipse affects the chart.

Of course, this is likely to send a shiver down most people’s spines – noone enjoys conflict or inter personal challenges. However, if there are unspoken problems that need addressing but which are repressed, then sometimes it takes an external catalyst to bring these out into the open.

Enter solar eclipse stage left!

However, Brady advises  against premature actions or hasty decisions ‘since information is distorted and possibly false.’

Brady also suggests that this family of eclipses is also associated with tiredness and health problems, so it may be worth taking things a bit easier than usual over the next month or so, despite any urgings to the contrary by Mars.

Astrological chart

21 Aug Eclipse chartKey Aspects

As I mentioned earlier, the Sun and Moon will be close to a loose conjunction with Mars, emphasising haste, impetuousness, speed and a desire to win or put self preservation ahead of social decorum. Where possible, avoid over-reacting or acting without forethought if you want to avoid creating unnecessary problems for yourself over the next six months. Instead, use this aspect to generate energy, motivation and focus, enabling you to accomplish important goals between now and early 2018.

The Sun and Moon will also trine unpredictable and forward-thinking Uranus. This is likely to add a further element of volatility and instability to events – worth bearing in mind. However, being a trine, we need to consider this energy positively. Sometimes a little uncertainty is just what is needed to either effect change or catch people unawares.

Uranus is also the great antidote to Saturnian oppression and the champion of individual freedoms, so see this Uranian influence as a sort of loosener of bonds that makes situations more fluid and gives you an opportunity to escape from restrictive situations or limiting circumstances. A chance to make your escape!

Alternatively, it is also a great opportunity to effect personal changes that enable you to be more true to yourself and live more closely in tune with your inner truth.

Parts and Lots

Is the truth sometimes overrated, especially if it is damaging or hurtful? Does the end always justify the means? Is deception or subterfuge sometimes required in order to further an important or worthy (usually social) cause, from exposing exploitation to protecting national security? (Or, in Donald Trump’s case, was potentially collecting information from foreign sources on his political opponent justified, given the stakes, in the 2016 US elections?)

It therefore seems to be an ongoing theme for us all to consider how trustworthy and honourable we think the behaviour of ourselves and others is right now, including our politicians and leaders (This question may be especially pertinent, given that this particular eclipse appears to have personal rammifications for him).

The combination of Arabic Parts and their relationship to the luminaries in this eclipse chart suggest that these types of moral dilemmas are likely to raise their heads between 21 August and early 2018. As well as conjuncting the Part of the Honourable Acquaintance, both the Sun and Moon will also conjunct the Part of Treachery.

Integrity is such a rare quality these days, but is a key component of living an authentic, peaceful life. Equally though, sometimes circumstances or people make it difficult for us to always act in an honest and straightforward way.

Advancing ourselves at the expense of others is very often the way that famous and successful people claw their way to the top table – is the so-called ‘killer instinct’ therefore necessary in order to get ahead in today’s society?

Alternatively, sometimes a deception or betrayal of some kind may be necessary in order to either stay alive, prevent a terrorist attack or expose wrongdoing or cruelty. Captives have often had to deceive their jailers in order to escape abuse or punishment, so it is sometimes difficult to cast black and white judgements.

Given this rather unconventional combination of Parts with the luminaries may well indicate that you may be forced to confront just such a choice over the next six months, and have to work out what you feel is best under the circumstances. For example,  could find yourself in a situation where you have to create a temporary deception in order to survive or get to the truth of a situation (such as undercover reporting for example.) In such cases, you may well feel that the end justifies the means.

Wherever possible, though, the Part of Spirit’s prominent position on the Ascendant suggests that we should attempt to keep the greater social good in mind when making important decisions. The fact that it is also conjunct the Part of Fortune suggests that opting to take the high road could well end up paying off, both karmically and materially – worth bearing in mind as you confront tricky dilemmas between now and next spring!

Fixed Stars

At the time of the solar eclipse, the Sun and Moon will be conjunct Regulus, known as the Heart of the Lion, a star associated with kingship, nobility, courage, fame and honours.

According to Elsbeth Ebertin:

It may convey royal properties, noble mind, frankness, courage. The importance of this star is accentuated by its nearness to the ecliptic. Its effect is in the best sense that of Jupiter and Mars.

It was also traditionally one of the Four Royal Stars of Persia, and became associated with the Archangel Raphael (Israfil in Islamic tradition), the angel of medicine and healing.

Given it’s position on the descendent (relationships with the Other), together with the prominence of the Part of Spirit (see above), suggests that if you call upon Raphael and your inner guides and spiritual helpers during difficult or challenging times, your prayers will most definitely be heard and responded to in a tangible and meaningful way. So much so, that the experience may completely transform your outlook on life and even lead you into doing humanitarian or healing work in the future.

Now isn’t that a wonderful thought!

Geographical position

This eclipse will take place across the north American continent and will be visible from all 12 states, which is one of thetreasons why it is has been dubbed the ‘Great American Eclipse’.

The eclipse will begin at around 15h46 UTC (16h46 BST) and last until around 21h04 UTC (22h04 BST) For more information, and a diagram of its visibility, visit the NASA website.

Past Precedent

This group of eclipses previously occurred in 1909, 1927, 1945, 1963, 1981, 1999 and will not take place again until 2035.