Aug Eclipse Season hearedr

The 2017 eclipse season continues this autumn with a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August the 7th. This will be followed by a Solar Eclipse in Leo on the 23rd.

August Eclipses

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – 7 August 2017 – This event brings the last six month cycle to a dramatic close. With the signature of Mars, Pluto & Jupiter all over this full moon occultation, I think it’s fair to say that we can expect fireworks on the world stage. See this event as an opportunity to cleanse and purge yourself of unhealthy habits and toxic situations, especially those begun in late February 2017.

Solar Eclipse in Leo – 21 August 2017 – The ‘Great American Eclipse’ takes place across all 12 states of the USA and may be visible from parts of Vancouver as well. As befits a Leo solar eclipse, this should be a grand and dramatic affair,  creating plenty of action and excitement. It’s trine to Uranus suggests that the next 6 months could be a time of accelerated but beneficial changes, so be prepared to open yourself up to new possibilities between now and February 2018. Because it conjuncts his natal Ascendant, this eclipse also stands to have personal implications for Donald Trump and in turn the US presidency. Read my mundane forecast to find out more…

February Eclipses

‘Oscars Night’ Solar Eclipse in Pisces – 26 February 2017. This eclipse begins a fresh six month cycle for the planet, one that promises to bring more joy, happiness and peace into your life. What’s not to like?! It also takes place on the same night as the Academy Awards for film, which, like the sign of Pisces, also happens to be ruled by Neptune – what a wonderful synchronicity!

‘Snow Moon’ Lunar Eclipse in Leo – 11 February 2017.  This unusual eclipse takes place at the same time that Venus reaches her brightest phase in the sky – her ‘swansong’ before she turns retrograde (5 March-15 April 2017).