The 2017 eclipse season gets underway a bit earlier than last year, kicking off with a lunar eclipse in flamboyant Leo on 11 February – just a few days before Valentine’s Day. This is followed by a solar eclipse in magical Pisces on 26 Feb 2017, which just happens to be Oscars night!

As I explain in my Introduction to Eclipses, these soli-lunar events, which occur every six months or so, act as sentinels, marking clear turning points throughout the year during which we need to do a bit of personal readjustment and emotional clearing.

In general, lunar eclipses challenge us to let go of what is no longer relevant or appropriate, while solar eclipses, which occur at New Moon, usually ask us to embrace change and welcome in new cycles. You can read more about the astrological significance of eclipses by going to the Eclipses section of my website.

2017 marks a transition period between the mutable-signed eclipses of Pisces-Virgo and the fixed sign eclipses of Leo-Aquarius. As the fixed signs begin to take over, you can expect to feel cycle shifts in a much more distinct and pronounced way. This is because fixed signs are less adaptable and fluid than their mutable compatriots, and so tend to leave a clearer footprint in terms of effect. However, some people prefer this because mutable effects can be sometimes be so subtle as to be imperceptible.Ten years ago, a similar pattern took place when the nodes transitioned between mutable and fixed signs. If you’d like to go back and make soem comparisons, feel free to browse my Eclipse Chronology eclipse archive.

Unlike the five eclipse events we faced during 2016, 2017 will only feature four: two in February – and another two in August. Hopefully this should spell far less cosmic turbulence, although astrologically this seems unlikely until the second half of 2017. See my 2017 Skylights forecast for details.

2017 Eclipses


The Leo lunar eclipse on February 11 may be especially interesting because of its potential to affect the stock market. You can read more about this in my financial astrology post on the Astro-Insights Blog.

To get the lowdown on each eclipse, click on the appropriate link below:

‘Snow Moon’ Lunar Eclipse in Leo – 11 February 2017.  This unusual eclipse takes place at the same time that Venus reaches her brightest phase in the sky – her ‘swansong’ before she turns retrograde (5 March-15 April 2017).

Solar Eclipse in Pisces – 26 February 2017. This eclipse begins a fresh six month cycle for the planet, one that promises to bring more joy, happiness and peace into your life. What’s not to like?! It also takes place on the same night as the Academy Awards for film, which, like the sign of Pisces, also happens to be ruled by Neptune – what a wonderful synchronicity!