As with March and October 2006, the eclipse pair occurring in March 2007 fall in the signs of Virgo and Pisces.

In 2005, we experienced a lunar eclipse in Pisces and a solar eclipse in Aries. This year however, the order of the lunar eclipse will be reversed, occurring in Virgo, with a solar eclipse in Pisces.

Unlike the eclipses of 2006, this year’s lunar eclipses will be total, that is the shadow cast by the Moon onto the Moon will completely block out the light of the Sun, rather than merely obscuring a part of it. Of course, because of the physics of our atmosphere, the Moon is never thrown into total darkness, but instead turns a reddish-brown colour – the ancients sometimes described it as ‘blood on the Moon’ and considered it to foretell disaster or war.

According to Bernadette Brady, the March 2007 eclipses form part of the 9 New North family, which began in August 1664. For her, this series is associated with physical or sporting accidents, great physical effort, outbreaks of violence or last-minute physical activities. She suggests partaking in some form of active pursuit to get rid of pent-up energy, but to do so with caution.

Astronomers suggest that the best place to view the lunar eclipse will be in either Europe or Africa.

The total eclipse is due to start at 22h44 GMT (add an hour for winter clock-time in the UK) and end at about midnight.

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