The Mundane Astrology of Recent & Past Eclipses…

For those interested in the astrology of eclipses and their connection to mundane events and general global trends, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, you’ll find an astrologically-based breakdown of each set of eclipses that the world has experienced since 2005, starting with the most recent, which will feature on this page.  From American elections to royal pregnancies to the banking crisis and the Arab Spring of 2010, many significant global events carry the signature of eclipses.

The Ancient Mesopotamians recognised their importance as omens connected to impending political events from as early as the second millennium BCE and today astrologers continue to trace their influence on world affairs. To read more about any particular eclipse period in-depth, including that royal pregnancy prediction, please scroll down the chronological list below to find the eclipse you are interested in.


Blood Moon Eclipse. Red Moon, Red Planet: Set Your LIfe on Fire. – 27 July 2018

Friday the 13th Solar Eclipse in Cancer – 13 July 2018

Valentine’s Solar Eclipse – 15 February 2018

Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse. End of an 18 year Saros cycle. – 31 January 2018


‘Snow Moon’ Lunar Eclipse in Leo – 11 February 2017

Magical ‘Oscars Night’ Solar Eclipse – 26 February 2017

‘Harvest Moon’ Eclipse in Aquarius – 7 August 2017

‘Great American’ Solar Eclipse in Leo – 21 August 2017


March 2016 Eclipses and the Jupiter-Saturn square

September 2016 Eclipses: Saturn-Neptune


Spring Equinox Eclipses

Autumn Eclipse Forecast


April 2014 Eclipses & the Cardinal Grand Cross


May-June 2012 Eclipses:Venus-Moon & the Work-Life Balance

Nov 2012 Eclipses  – Jimmy Saville Scandal, Cyber Bullying & Royal Pregnancy Predictions


June-July 2011 Triple Eclipse

Nov-Dec 2011 Eclipses – Responsible Reporting & Sensible Religious Debate 


Cardinal Event & Eclipse of June-July 2010

December 2010 Eclipses & The British Royals


Jan/Feb 2009 Eclipses – The End of an Era?

July 2009 Eclipses: Pluto in Capricorn – Death, Rebirth & Liminality

Dec 2009/Jan 2011 – Old Year’s Eve & Lunar Eclipse in Cancer


Feb 2008 Eclipses – The Nodal Sign Shift

Aug 2008 Eclipses – Destiny, Healing & the Nodal Axis


March 2007 Eclipses in Pisces-Virgo

September 2007 Eclipses & the Venus-Neptune opposition


March 2006 Eclipses – Misunderstandings followed by flashes of Insight

Sept 2006 Eclipses  – A difficult Saros Series


April 2005 Overview

September 2005 Overview

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