April Skylights

April 2018 Astro-Insights

We begin April on a rather sombre footing, care of a Mars-Saturn conjunction and a retrograde Mercury. However, a week later, things begin to look very different, thanks to a rather sexy and enchanting hook-up between Venus, Mars and Neptune – love and inspiration will be in the air! Enjoy this respite because from the 17th, pivotal moments and life changing decisions could also be on the horizon, as outer planets Pluto and Jupiter meet with several of the personal planets for some mega transits. Be sure you are paying attention during the second half of the month because the heavens are likely to remind us all that life is not a dress rehearsal, especially when it comes to the important stuff.

April Skylights:

4-5 April – Mercury square Mars & Saturn. No sooner do Mars and Saturn combine forces (2nd) to help us push through obstacles and put a bit of shoulder into realizing our ambitions or putting plans into action, then a retrograde Mercury upsets the apple cart by running interference. Errors, miscommunications and general spleen venting or ‘me first’ thinking could get in the way of progress now. Decision-making could also become a little flawed, so think carefully before committing to certain arrangements, or confirming any bookings. Soon, Mercury will station and new, better opportunities could come your way, care of Jupiter and Mars, so you may want to keep your options open for a little while longer.

7 April – Venus trine Saturn. Today the planet of love and the great manifestor combine forces to encourage romantic commitments and solidify creative collaborations. With Venus currently traveling through fertile, abundant Taurus, it’s time to enjoy (and invest in) all things earthy, fertile and sensuous. Plans or projects involving fashion, fabric, food, farming or beauty should all benefit from this major cosmic blessing. Artists could do some seriously good work now, whilst creative types could land solid and lucrative work contracts, perhaps through a social connection. Feel free to negotiate contracts and and make promises to loved ones now, especially if you have a lot of earth signs in your birth chart.

11-14 April – Venus trine Mars, sextile Neptune. Love, dance, competitive sports,  music, poetry, romance, beauty, fashion and the visual arts all get a major thumbs up care of a series of positive transits between the planets of beauty, love, inspiration and passion. See this as the perfect opportunity to indulge in sensual pleasures, enhance your appearance, or go shopping for more figure-enhancing outfits. Creatively, this should be an especially productive and inspiring time for composers, choreographers, film-makers, sculptors and photographers. Any activity combining physical effort, lyrical/creative ability and beauty/elegance/pleasure are all well-starred now.  Singles could also meet someone who embodies their ideal partner, or meets many criteria on their ‘wish list’, particularly when it comes to looks and physique.

14 April – Jupiter sextile Pluto. Pivotal decisions, mystical experiences and ethical forks in the road are all possible now, care of an intense but harmonious meet-up between Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. Get ready to experience some profound shifts in your belief systems, or understanding about life, the universe and everything. This powerful transit could bring about deeply transformative, mind-blowing, even life-altering lessons your way – ones that stand to change your relationship to key social institutions, from the law, to education and even politics. Socially, this could also be an important time when positive political, legal or social reforms are introduced which improve the lives of those who have previously been abused or victimised for their sexual preferences or political affiliations.

15 April  – Mercury Direct. After causing all sorts of communication chaos and transport mischief, the planet of intellect, commerce and travel stations today before changing direction tomorrow. As a result, there are likely to be far fewer bust-ups or confrontations on roads, planes and trains. Not to mention fewer arguments caused by miscommunications. And just in time for the Aries New Moon too – phew!

17 April – Venus oppositon Jupiter trine Pluto. Need to make some important changes to your relationships or creative process? Then this is your moment. Just don’t over do it and throw the baby out with the bathwater – the Jupiter-Venus opposition calls for balance, rather than extremism. This transit is also excellent for transforming appearances – so schedule those makeovers, consultation with the hair stylist for now. Of course, it may be your love or sex life that needs an overhaul, in which case, don’t waste a second hesitating – take the plunge! Just make sure that style and substance gel now or the new you won’t last…

18 April – Saturn Retrograde. Many will breathe a sigh of relief when Saturn turns retrograde in Capricorn. Planning for old age and being constantly earnest and focused on achieving and fulfilling obligations can be a rather exhausting business, even for serious Saturn. See the period between now and 6 September as a chance to ease up a little on being so organized and square – and exhale a little before you resume responsible duties in the autumn.

22 April – Pluto Retrograde. The planet of karma, transformation, passion and drama is also set to change direction this month. if life has been a bit intense of late, you’ll be glad to get a bit of a break from this energy. However, be warned: if you didn’t learn some important lessons the first time, then you may need to prepare yourself for a spot of karmic deja vu…

24-26 April – Mars sextile Jupiter conjunct Pluto. Wish you could turn back the clock on your aging body? Constantly going over how you chose to deal with a past situation and regretting your actions? If so, then now’s your chance to press rewind! Use this rare but super-charged set of transits to to fix past situations, decisions or actions so that they better reflect your beliefs and morals: apologize, rectify, repair. In essence, choose to act with integrity and walk your talk this time around. Doing so could really transform not just your own personal circumstances, but also contribute to the reform of larger systems or social institutions. So lead by example now and show everyone what you are made of. This could also be a very productive and healing time for you and the planet – or incredibly destructive – even violent, depending on how you choose to channel your aggression/anger. This is warrior energy deluxe. Combined with the organised and efficient, but potentially razor-sharp Virgo Moon and an intense but magnetic Jupiter, this could be a highly productive time. Use it to make powerful, long-lasting structural changes to your life, and you’ll never look back. Just don’t be too selfish, nasty or ruthless about getting what you want, or you could make some unnecessary but formidable enemies.

Look out for my April lunar phase forecasts, starting with the Aries New Moon mid-month…

March 2018 Blue Moon Forecast

Full Moon Libra

The month ends with a Blue Moon in cardinal sign, Libra on 31 March at 13h37 BST (14h37 SAST). Read my Full Moon forecast for how to best handle this particular lunar phase.


The dual sign of Libra is very good at finding the middle ground between opposing views or standpoints, which is why it is associated with balance, temperance, justice, peacekeeping and compromise.

Given that March 31 will be a full moon = culminations, climaxes or endings, it seems most likely that this soli-lunar event will coincide with the conclusion or high point in a cycle related to a legal decision, political matter, personal relationship or business partnership. Perhaps it is time to part ways, or take things in a different direction?

On top of the amplified emotions that any full moon triggers, both Mercury and Jupiter will be retrograde, which may make it doubly difficult to see things clearly or make rational choices. It is also possible that a dilemma or issue from the past may return and need dealing with now, in which case, you could find yourself compelled to make some tough choices, some of which may challenge your beliefs or innate sense of right and wrong.


The second Full Moon for March 2018 will fall in the 11th degree of Libra, the Sabian Symbol for which is:

A professor peering over his glasses

Lynda Hill describes the symbolism, as she sees it, around this Sabian symbol:

This Symbol speaks of the ability, or the necessity, of looking at people as humans and not through the lens of something learned from books. It’s as though the aspects of the rational mind and the intuition require a different kind of focus. Seeing people for who they really are leads to better and kinder relationships, as does dropping judgmental opinions or relying on science or complicated codes of thought for answers. You may need to interrupt your rational mind to realize your intuitive ideas. At times
you may feel like the “Professor” and at other times “The Student”. Having the eyes to see each other in the true light of day is the goal.

Keywords: Different perceptions for different situations. Seeing that others get the message. Glasses and lenses. Observing others. Giving advice. Teachers. The ability to ‘read others’.

The Caution: Egoistic or superior positions that others have a lesser position or intelligence. Distortions of perception or observation. Condescending behavior. Bossy.

Interestingly, the last time there was a lunar phase in this degree, together with Mercury retrograde, was September 2015, so you may want to cast your mind back to this period to search for similarities in terms of situations, themes or issues. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt from what happened last time around?


This particular full moon will occur at right angles to a Mars-Saturn conjunction in conservative Capricorn. As a result, you are likely to feel high levels of frustration – traditionally, Mars creates a sense of urgency to act, while Saturn urges us to exercise caution, so you can see the divergence in orientation.

The upshot: it seems highly probable that this full moon, taking placed as it does in Libra, will trigger some tension and flashpoints in relationships of all kinds.  It may also make it difficult to reach an important decision or judgement due to time constraints, pressure from authority figures, or simply conflicting priorities.

Where possible, try to avoid feeling railroaded into taking premature action by over-hasty or uncompromising third parties. If in doubt, do nothing – some favourable aspects to the lunar nodes suggest that things may take the best course if left in the hands of fate, so it might be best to go with the flow of events and not try to hold onto the reigns too tightly.

Saying no or setting emotional boundaries may be another lesson you need to learn at this time, thansk to the presence of serious Saturn. The sign of Libra is renowned for being a people pleaser and for trying to be ‘all things to all people’. Right now, that is virtually impossible, because not everyone is likely to ‘play fair’, thanks to the Sun’s presence in ‘me-first’ Aries, and the prominence of willful Mars in ambitious, (and avaricious) Capricorn.

The key to inner peace and good relations may therefore lie in saying no or setting limits – something that Saturn is particularly skilled at. The key is to do so firmly (Mars/Aries) but gracefully (Libra) – and consistently (Saturn). Sadly, some people need to have the boundaries enforced more than once before they finally ‘get’ or respect them..Sometimes you have to exercise tough love or, alternatively, some restraint if you are usually a giving person if you are preserve your sanity and ultimately, your self-respect. And unfortunately, this may be one of those occasions…

The good news is that doing so will help reintroduce some much-needed moderation and social equilibrium to situations or relationships that are currently out of balance.

March 2018 New Moon Forecast

New Moon Pisces

In between March’s blue moon cycle comes a New Moon in perceptive and imaginative Pisces on March the 17th at 13h11 GMT (15h11 SAST) which begins a fresh 28 day phase for the planet.


Pisces rules all things creative and spiritual – especially meditation, yoga, psychic phenomena, film and photography. It is a mutable water sign, so is naturally adaptable and fluid. Think Yin energy in the I Ching system – not initiating but responding to stimuli and opportunities that arise from one’s environment. This New Moon then, encourages us all to be receptive and very aware of what is going on around us. Use the next month to open up to  – and appreciate – what is right under your nose; and become more in tune with the biorhythms and energetic fluctuations of the world around you. Messages and omens could also come to you in dreams now, so stay open to the Universe during the 2-3 days surrounding the Moon’s passage through this sign to see what you might be able to glean.


Interestingly for those who live in the southern hemisphere, the Sabian Symbol for the 27th degree of Pisces is:

A harvest moon

This New Moon does coincide with the official start to autumn in countries such as South Africa and Australia – it is easy to forget that the equinox, which takes place around March 21 every year, not only marks the beginning of the astrological year in the northern hemisphere, but the end of summer in the southern half of the globe.

Lynda Hill describes the symbolism, as she sees it, around this Sabian symbol:

The ‘Harvest Moon’ is a positive sign, with high energy abounding. The sky is clear and conditions are perfect. It’s a time of fertility and abundance, but it is also a sign that there may still be much work to be done. For now, this can be an opportunity to relax, enjoy, and to conserve strength in anticipation of the tasks ahead. For the time being, you can reap the benefits of the work that’s been accomplished so far. There can be strong feelings of culmination, fertility and fullness. You may feel that it has taken a while to get where you are, and this is a good chance to take some time out to celebrate and reconnect with family and loved ones. Capture this magical moment whilst it lasts, as the energy may start to wane before you know it. However, while it is great now to celebrate the achievements of the ‘Harvest’, it is also a time of self-discipline because the task must be completed or the fruits of one’s labors may go rotten or be wasted. Be sure not to get so carried away in the celebration that you neglect finishing the tasks before you. With all of this light ‘Illuminating’ the night ‘Sky’, take a look around with open eyes and see what can be seen.

Keywords: Situations that are very ripe and full of fruition. Celebrating what you have. Expanded perspective making everything clear. A sense of achievement. Seizing the moment to make the most of what’s possible. Nature’s bounty.

The Caution: Neglecting the tasks at hand because of the appearance of abundance. Achievements waning because of neglect. Wasting energy on inconsequential activities.


Interestingly, there was a Full Moon which fell in this exact degree and sign on 19 Sep 2013, so as with eclipses, it may be worth casting your mind back to this time in you life to see whether you noticed anything ending (this was a Full Moon – this time, it will be a New Moon) which now feels ready to be re-started or continued around about now.

The theme of action versus apathy resulting from ‘too much fo a good thing’ is echoed in the planetary aspects with the Sun and Moon that are set to take place at this New Moon:

Firstly, a trine between the Sun and Moon to Jupiter, which turned retrograde last week. This aspect has a tendency to make people generous and good-natured, but also a little over-confident, self-indulgent and lazy. It would easy to just ‘go with the flow’ now, as is the way of Pisces, but this could lead you to miss out on some potentially enriching and expansive opportunities resulting from past efforts (Jupiter is retrograde). A case of reaping the benefits of earlier good deeds or previous hard work.

Add to this the mutable square set to take place shortly afterwards between the luminaries and Mars in Sagittarius. This suggests either ill-timed, inappropriate or passive-aggressive actions which lead to unneccessary problems or bad feeling. Whilst it is important not to let lucky breaks and chances pass you by, it is equally important not to rush into anything, take too many risks or have the wrong attitude now as well.

Being irritable, impulsive or overly brash could ruin all your hard work. So keep a cool head and refrain from knee jerk or OTT reactions now. The trick will be focus on the fact that Jupiter is retrograde, meaning that your best options and avenues to success will come from reworking or resurrecting pre-existing situations  – think second chances!

If you’re filled with regret about how a relationship, project or job ended, then now is the time to see if Fate hands you a chance or opening to have another crack or do things differently this time.


March Skylights

Full Moon Virgo WP resized

March is a pretty exciting month astrologically – as well as being book-ended by two full moons, this month also opens with a stunning Venus-Jupiter trine on the 1st, followed by an electric Mars-Uranus trine on the 11th – and that’s just for starters!

I can already see the numerologists having a field day interpreting all the 1’s popping up, especially when I add that Friday’s Full Moon takes place at 11 degrees Virgo…March, in many respects, marks the start of the astrological and solar new year, which fits with the yang energy of the number 1 – the Sun governs the number 1 and it is also exalted in the sign of Mars-ruled Aries, which it enters on around March 21 every year. However the Master number 11 can also be reduced to 2, ruled by the Moon, so it is interesting that this month we have another blue moon (that is, two full moons) to look forward to.

March Skylights:

1 March – Venus trine Jupiter. The planets of love and good fortune conspire together in water signs to inject more abundance, passion, creativity and romance into our lives. It’s one of the those days when you’ll notice more of a harmonious flow to interactions with others – great for marketing efforts, business meetings and social gatherings. If important people trust and take a liking to you now, you could definitely find yourself on the receiving end of some pretty impressive offers. Bear in mind, though, that water signs tend to bring abundance of the emotional, rather than material kind. Think happiness, joy, creativity and feelings of gratitude instead – I’ll happily take that, thanks!

2 March – Full Moon in Virgo. This is the first of two Full Moons in March – yes, that’s right – 2018’s second Blue Moon. In many respects, this one marks the end of February’s lunar phase, begun at the Aquarius New Moon on February the 15th. Given its proximity to Valentine’s Day, this lunar phase has definitely had a relationship theme about it. As such, it is perhaps significant that the Sabian Symbol for 11 degrees Virgo is “A bride with her veil snatched away” the implication being that it is time to take off the blinkers, cut the charades and get real, both with yourself and significant others. With the Sun close to Neptune; and the Moon opposing it, many are likely to find the next 2-3 days an emotionally confusing time. Not only will there be a shortage of available facts upon which to base decisions, but your feelings may be clouded by a mixture of nostalgia, disenchantment, sentimentality or wishful thinking. It is also possible that thinking may become dull or get numbed through escapist activities like indulging in narcotic substances. Luckily, sensible Saturn is on hand to provide a steadying hand and inject a healthy dose of discernment and practicality into affairs of the heart. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and stick with tried & tested methods when making important decisions. Even Mercury’s trine to Jupiter (exact on the same day)  calls for a need to get real – Scorpio has no truck with anything wishy-washy – this should help to strengthen gut instincts designed to protect you from harm, rather than encourage delusions of grandeur…

9 March – Jupiter Retrograde. Unfortunately, the Great Benefic will station this month, travelling backwards through the sign of Scorpio until July 2018. Although this will probably dampen spirits and dim optimism a tad, it still has the potential to help you return to recently shelved ideas, plans or schemes and revive them. So all is not lost – it’s just time to change the direction of travel in terms of your focus and passion – that’s all!

11 March  – Mars trine Uranus. A rather rare event, this riveting 120 degree connection between the planet of energy, drive and willpower; and Uranus, the great innovator and idealist, invites you to have the courage of your convictions. Actions (Mars) will speak much louder than words now, so be sure to start as you mean to go on: with the highest of intentions (Uranus). This is also your chance to break out of outdated energetic patterns or behavioural ruts and live in a healthier, more authentic, and less contrived way.  Health and fitness ‘hacks’ and unexpected technical/technological breakthroughs are also possible. The last time these planets got together in exactly this formation was back in Sep 2017, so you may want to go through your journals and see if you can identify relevant situations or events that match the theme of this energy; and then hit the ‘repeat’ button.

Of course, March is not all plain sailing – Venus will run into a few headaches with Saturn (13th), which could cause commitment issues or delays in love and money matter; and Pluto, which could force some difficult conversations, harsh romantic realisations or creative snags on the 23rd. But there’s plenty to look forward to, including a Sun-Jupiter trine (13th)  – great for realising personal and work ambitions – and a second Full Moon in peace-loving Libra at month’s end.

Before that, a New Moon in perceptive and gentle Pisces gives us all a chance to go back and address unfinished business in the area of creative projects, charitable pursuits and moral dilemmas. Find out more in my March 2018 New Moon Forecast.

Skylights for 16-31 January 2018

Jup sextile Pluto

The optimism and growing sense of possibility that gradually built up over the course of last week is set to reach a thunderous crescendo this Tuesday (16 Jan) when planetary powerhouses, Jupiter and Pluto join forces in the early hours to give everyone a huge burst of confidence and the determination to make some important personal changes. If you have been trying to identify the perfect time to transform the structure of your life so that it aligns more with your most fervent beliefs and principles,  then this is your moment!

As if that weren’t enough, a powerful New Moon in Capricorn on the 17th, has the potential to take these resolutions and/or intentions, and catapult them into the future. Be sure to spend some time writing down your goals and/or doing your visualisations/affirmations right now if you want to harness this potent point in the soli-lunar calendar.

Venus will also be hovering nearby at the time of the Capricorn New Moon, so it is also possible that whatever you plan on improving/refining or transforming may also involve love, creativity or money.
This is a time to be practical, determined, disciplined and systematic in the way you choose to go about improving your prospects in these areas, despite any static or disruption that a testy Uranus in Aries may throw everyone’s way over the next few weeks.
But hurry though, because Venus will soon shift the focus towards the fixed signs as she enters quirky Aquarius on the 18th. This move will be echoed by a lunar eclipse in lively Leo on the 31st. Keep an eye on my website for eclipse predictions.
For now, though  it’s time to give substance and form to your wildest and most audacious dreams – don’t waste this opportunity!


Skylights for 8-16 January 2018

Sun Ven Pluto in Cap

This week, it’s time to put all those New Year’s resolutions into action, especially the ones concerning career and success.

The Sun, Venus and Pluto will be constellating in hardworking and ambitious Capricorn, creating a concentration of determined, practical, go-getting energy upon which to draw.

Add to that a series of energising and confidence-boosting sextiles from Mars and Jupiter in focused, take-no-prisoners Scorpio and you’ve got a winning combination of planets just waiting to help you open doors and expand your horizons, starting with Monday’s (8 Jan) Sun-Venus sextile to Jupiter and culminating in next Tuesday’s (16 Jan) mega meeting between Jupiter and Pluto.

Basically, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can achieve now if you put your mind to it. Use this powerful set of transits to charm, persuade and will yourself forward to victory.


This Week’s Astro-Insights

New Moon in Sag blue

18-24 Dec 2017


We begin the week with a New Moon in Sagittarius on the 18th. This particular Full Moon will take place amongst a stellium of planets in the sign of Sagittarius, giving us a fresh and concentrated burst of fiery, enthusiastic energy, making us feel that anything is possible.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of this lunar event is:

The sculptor’s vision is taking form.

And given that on Wednesday, Saturn, the great manifestor, will ingress into earth-sign Capricorn for a stay of two years, it would be the perfect time to use the New Moon to define a set of very clear goals and aspirations which Saturn can then help you to achieve through patience, hard work and persistence over the course of the next few years.

Indeed, Saturn’s ingress into its own sign of Capricorn for the first time since 1988, is a vey powerful one. Between now and 2020, we may begin to notice a subtle shift in emphasis towards the need to prepare for old age and/or make more realistic lifestyle decisions, especially when it comes to obligations towards family and society. Although this placement can be associated with greed, avarice and conservatism, it also has the potential to augur in the return of responsible business practices and political responsibility – something we should begin to notice almost immediately when the Sun enters Capricorn at the solstice on Thursday and then makes a conjunction to Saturn at 21h08 GMT that night.

As if that weren’t enough for one week, we also have a rather thrilling Venus-Uranus trine to look forward to on Wednesday at 23h15 GMT, which could bring with it some rather unexpected but pleasant romantic developments and/or creative decisions. Be spontaneous now and go with the flow, even if what you decide is rather out of character – let love push you out of your comfort zone!

Finally, at the end of the week, Mercury will turn direct, bring to an end any communication problems, technical issues or travel delays you may have been experiencing.

Wow! What a week! Enjoy…

This Week’s Astro-Insights

Stellium in Sag

11-18 Dec 2017

This week, a stellium of planets is set to gather in upbeat and outgoing Sagittarius, which should make for a very jolly time – just as well it’s the season to be merry! Even Mercury’s retrograde position shouldn’t get in the way of the fun – if anything it should aid anyone trying to return home for the holidays.

From here the Sun will take it’s cue from Mercury and trine Uranus on Saturday (16th) which may bring with it a few surprises on the leadership front, including a few unexpected announcements or last-minute developments. Being authentic and spontaneous, and seizing personal development opportunities that arise out of the blue are all favoured now.

With Full Moon just around the corner, it’s also a good idea to spend this week tying up loose ends. Not long to go now until the end of the year, so knuckle down and get through those to do lists (including Christmas shopping) while you can.

This Week’s Astro-Insights – 4-10 Dec 2017

Mercury trine Uranus

After yesterday’s Supermoon, you might be forgiven for feeling that Monday is just a tad anti-climactic. After a weekend packed with some rare and rather eventful transits, the pause in planetary activity may seem like a welcome respite!

However, from midweek, the planets will once again have us on our toes again. Mars and Saturn are set to join forces on Wed (Dec 6) at 21h21 GMT, which should give us a full 24 hour window in which to make sustained and satisfying progress in important legal, political or diplomatic matters, such as court cases contractual discussions.

With Mercury retrograde, and set to contact both planets between 12h05 and 15h58 GMT,  it is fair to say that this transit will probably be most effective for revisiting or revising matters already begun in the past which may have been held up or postponed until now.

Otherwise, there is a good chance that there may be hold-ups or snags caused by technical issues. Certain key individuals may also not want to play ball right now, perhaps because they think the current circumstances unfair. Still, it’s likely that with hindsight, you will consider any major delays or hold-ups to be fortuitous…

Mars will ingress into Scorpio on Sat (Dec 9) morning, which could certainly raise the temperature in the passion stake,s but could also add a degree of urgency and even intensity to sporting events, as well as any work that involves hard physical labour. Over the next month or so, exercise and heated water/steam could both prove to be ultra cleansing and healing.

On Sunday (Dec 10th), Mercury catches up with Uranus for a reprise of Nov 25th’s trine. Expect more technical or intellectual breakthroughs and/or good news related to events that transpired around this time. Inventiveness, problem-solving and expressing some rather unusual points of view are all possible now.

The only downer is a Venus-Neptune square (Dec 10) – exact at 13h47 GMT – which may coincide with romantic or creative disappointments. Someone you admire could prove to be a tad flaky now. The best thing to do is keep expectations low and have a Plan B – that way, you’re less likely to feel let down if things don’t pan out the way you hoped they might.

This Weekend – Full Moon in Gemini

Dec Full Moon GeminiThis weekend, a Full Moon in Gemini will have us all feeling mindful about the need to do some housekeeping when it comes to tech or comms equipment (are there accesories and gadgets lying everywhere?), or certain ideas and/or modes of self-expression. Around this time, you may also find yourself finishing up a long term writing or editing project, teaching job or consultation gig.

In essence, whatever has become redundant or outmoded should now be discarded to make way for a new injection of energy which we should all receive in the new year, especially around the time of New Moon on January the 17th 2018.

This Full Moon also happens to be a Supermoon – so expect its effects to be amplified over the next 2 and a half days. With so much emotion around and the planet of logic currently AWOL (Mercury is both retrograde and in detriment), it might be difficult to maintain perspective.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon relates to the 12th Degree of Gemini, which is:
A black slave-girl demands her rights of her mistress.

While this symbol obviously points to issues around civil rights and equality which still has resonance in various part sof the world where people continue to be persecuted or discriminated against, it also points to a more humanly universal desire to rise above certain social limitations or personal circumstances. See the next two weeks as the moment to stand up for yourself or others, especially where you feel that others do not show you the necessary amount of respect or treat you in a patronising or domineering way. This is a chance to set yourself free from oppression  – even if it is just those imposed upon you by your own mind – and improve the way you present yourself – or your ideas or thoughts – to the world.

Tomorrow’s highly expansive and inspiring Jupiter-Neptune trine should provide the wing beneath your wings that will elevate you to more rarified realms – far beyond those where smallmindedness, pettiness and judgement reign supreme. For more details about this transit, read my Weekly Astro-Insights predictions.

Sun – Sabian Symbol

Full Moons are very much soli-lunar in nature though – a Full Moon is essentially, in astrological terms, a sun-moon opposition. With that in mind, I thought it worth looking at the Sabian symbol for the Sun at this time to see if it could provide us with more information.

The Sun will be in the opposite sign – 12 degrees of Sagittarius, the Sabian symbol for which is: A flag that turns into an eagle that crows.

This latter symbol has a lot of overtones that seem to point to America – the eagle and the flag, the reference to Yankee Doodle Dandy with the feather in his cap etc. This particular lunar climax happens to coincide with a high point for Donald Trump’s presidency – yesterday his tax reform bill, a key part of his election campaign, was passed through the senate.

However, given the mixed bag of of planetary energies currently swirling, including tomorrow’s Sun-Neptune square, it remains to be seen whether this headline will triumph above others relating to the investigations into his links with Russia etc. This transit is often associated with attempst to undermine leadership, as well as self-destructive behaviour exhibited by prominent or powerful people, so let’s see what comes out in the news and/or Trump’s Twitter feed over the next few days…

On a personal level, this symbol is about transcending narrow points of view and expressing our highest set of ideals without fear or hesitation. At this time, you may find yourself growing ideologically or attaining new levels of insight, wisdom and/or spritual enlightenment. Again, given the pure and uplifting nature of tomorrow’s Jupiter-Neptune trine, you really do have all you need to make enormous leaps forward in terms of consciousness. Just don’t over-identify with your ego (Sun) or use this information to make yourself feel superior to anybody else and the Sun-Neptune square shouldn’t bother you too much.

Have a great weekend!




This Week’s Astro-Insights – 27 Nov-3 Dec 2017

Jup trine Nep

After Sunday’s rather scintillating Mercury-Uranus trine, things get a tad more serious as Mercury hooks up with sombre Saturn at 10h56 GMT on Monday. See this as the perfect time to firm up verbal plans and act on any flashes of inspiration you may have had yesterday, care of brilliant and innovative Uranus. Getting the green light from bosses, or making public statements about important causes are all great ways to work with this transit.

Mercury will turn retrograde in a few days, however, so be prepared to revise or tweak any decisions or strategies devised now over December, or simply allow them to percolate until the new year…

Venus takes her cue from the new month to change signs, ingressing into expansive and tolerant Sagittarius on 1 December at 09h15 GMT.

However, Mars will also create a fair amount of friction and tension on this day when it comes to blows with rebellious Uranus an hour or so later (10h05 GMT). This latter aspect could create sudden and unexpectedly violent outbursts of temper, as well as short circuits on electrical equipment – ones that could lead to fires, so be sure not to leave any gadgets lying around unsupervised, especially those on charge or near flammable materials.

One aspect to look forward to this week-end is the highly poetic and uplifting Jupiter-Neptune trine set for the early hours of Saturday the 3rd. This is the stuff of dreams – especially as far as work is concerned. Jupiter will be within orb of Vesta while Neptune will be conjunct the Part of Profession. The suggestion being that if you feel passionately about a particular project and are prepare dot maker sacrifices, you could achieve great things now.

The 3rd also coincides with the Gemini Full Moon, suggesting the culmination of a period of brainstorming, negotiations and/or analysis. It’s time to stop imagining and start acting.

The only downer may be the Sag Sun, which will square Neptune, suggesting that bosses and higher-ups may try to veto or scupper plans. Alternatively, they may simply not take your proposals seriously enough. If so, don’t give up – just resolve to approach them on another day such as the 13th or 16th when they may be more open-minded. Alternatively, you may choose to go looking for a VIP/investor/mentor with more vision, experience or creative/spiritual insight.


This Week’s Astro-Insights – 20-26 Nov 2017

Venus sextile Pluto

Although you could start the week reeling from Sunday’s rather violent confrontation between warlike Mars and passionate Pluto, the good news is that Venus should come to the rescue today.

The queen of allure and glamour will sashay into orb of a a friendly sextile with Pluto on Monday at 11h30 GMT. And let’s face it, a little attractive or pleasurable distraction that prevents us from brooding and plotting revenge is probably no bad thing.

Lovers who want to affect some change within their relationship should see this as the perfect opportunity to shake things up a little and/or raise the temperature a little in the bedroom without causing a divorce.

Romantic Neptune will also resume forward motion on Wednesday – good news for all the dreamers and soul seekers out there who may have struggled to stay in flow over the last few months. Ocean-based campaigns and water-themed causes should also benefit from this change in direction, as should film and photographic projects.

Creatively, this is a great moment to restructure an existing project or or rework your technique. Reinvention is a key theme right now, so don’t be afraid to pare back and take things in a dramatically different or brand new direction, especially given Saturday’s scintillating Mercury-Uranus trine which could lead to flashes of brilliance.

In fact, taking intellectual/communciation risks and heading off the beaten track, whether for travel or study purposes, could yield some surpringly spectacular results. The key is to remain authentic and original, whilst staying open minded and listening to your intuition, whatever you decide to experiment with.  Nice surprises and thrilling news could also make its way to you over the weekend, care of this transit.