Astrological Profile of Boris Johnson

In keeping with his rather colourful personality, Boris Johnson’s first few weeks in office have not been without incident, or controversy – a trend that seems likely to continue into the autumn as the spectre of Brexit and a potential Halloween No Deal grows ever larger on the horizon.

Given how crucial the next few months is for the UK and what’s at stake, it seems fair to ask whether the 55th Prime Minister of Great Britain is made of the strong stuff needed to navigate the country safely through the choppy waters ahead. (Think ominous Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020…)

Although a big personality, always ready with a witty line or comic expression, those who know him well describe him as a complicated, rather private person who is very different to his public persona.

A quadruple Gemini with a prominent Pluto and Scorpio Moon, it’s hardly surprising to hear that there are two sides to his character: on the one hand, the bumbling, kind and disarming Bojo the clown; and on the other, Boris the Schemer, full of cunning (or is it Cummings?) tricks and political sleights of hand, determined to win at any cost, and who never forgets a personal slight.  

So which one will the UK get to see in office? I thought it a good opportunity to take a closer look at his natal chart to see what clues it can yield…

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Mercury the Wayshower

This weekend, Mercury, taking on the mantle of Hermes the psychopomp, will pave the way for the personal planets to make a series of triple-leaps from Saturn, the teacher and taskmaster, to Jupiter the enthuser and finally, to Pluto, the transmuter. After the nigredo of June-July, it’s time to shed some dead weight, recalibrate your beliefs and step into your personal power.

Between Sep 5-19, swift-moving Mercury will act as a wayshower, creating a sort of cosmic yellow-brick trail made up of three pitstops for the personal planets, including the Sun, Venus and Mars, all currently in Virgo, to follow.

What this means is that over the next week or so, we’re being offered the opportunity to let go of some major karmic baggage and make some major personal shifts (I hate the word ‘upgrade’ as it sounds so machine-like) in preparation for our final encounter with 2019’s most tricky transit, the Jupiter-Neptune square, at the equinoxes.

Each planetary contact acts as a stepping stone, leading you away from the old pain and self-sabotaging habits into a completely new phase of your life. Top and tailing this process are encounters with the lords of karma: Saturn and Pluto, who will be testing us to make sure we’ve learnt our lessons and taken responsibility for our role in past events.

Inbetween, we may need to make some Jupiter-style adjustments to our beliefs, future plans and morals/principles. However, the prize at the end of all this is a newfound sense of inner strength, stability, and faith in our ability to take control of our destiny.

Think of this next set of transits as a bit like a row of dominoes which all have a cumulative knock-on effect. As your mindset (Mercury) changes, so does everything else in your life including self-esteem and expression (Sun), relationships and values (Venus) and the way you ultimately go about things (Mars)

Are you ready?

Venus-Neptune: The Siren’s Call

Beware of seductive traps and offers that appear to be too good to be true – they probably are, if today’s Venus-Neptune opposition is anything to go by.

When these two planets are afflicted, they take on the taint of the snake oil salesman. Venus is the lovebomber, doing everything she can to hook you in, while Neptune makes promises it has no intention of keeping before robbing you blind of energy and then gaslighting you.⁠

Whether it’s business, personal or creative stuff, if you’re offered a tempting proposal or contract, be sure to ask lots of questions, read the fine print and don’t assume anything. ⁠

And when it comes to relationships, don’t give away your power to charmers or future fakers. If somebody hurt/disappointed you in the past, there’s a very strong chance they will do it again.

This transit is the epitome of ‘between the Devil and the deep blue sea’. Some tricky choices need to be made, and it is imperative to stick to your values and principles.⁠

Short term gain will more than likely end in long term pain. So take responsibility for your own wellbeing and maintain strong personal and psychic boundaries.

You have been warned. Sell your soul to the devil at your own peril.

Mercury-Mars: Doing things differently

Today Mercury and Mars meet up for the first time since their high voltage hookup post-eclipse on July 8. A lot has happened in the interim, so it’s possible that this meeting in earthy, pragmatic Virgo may bring with it some important news, developments or realisations that prompt you into taking decisive action.

Part of this may involve making conscious choices about acting/reacting differently to the way you might’ve done in the past, epecially in relation to any fresh insights or developments that arise between now and the equinox. Will you revert to type and allow old subconscious patterns to be triggered again, or will you prove to yourself (and others) just how much you’ve grown?

Mercury is exalted in sensible and hyper-aware Virgo, meaning you have a real opportunity to cut through any Jupiter-Neptune uncertainty/ambiguity and act from a place of heightened self-awareness and focused intention.

Maya Angelou once wisely said: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” Will you choose to do things differently this time?

Brexit: Make or Break Week?

This week, there’s likely to be a showdown of biblical proportions at Westminster as rebel MPs unite to try and reverse Boris ‘Baldrick’ Johnson’s cunning plan to shut down Parliament and block the possibility of a rather scary No Deal Brexit at Halloween.

Can astrology offer us any insights into what is likely to come out of last week’s proroguing saga? Will any efforts to oppose the maverick Prime Minister work? Does Boris really mean business? Or is it all just a big bluff to get Parliament to either agree to another general election or accept Theresa May’s Brexit deal?

Read my latest post on the Astroinsights Blog to find out what the stars foretell.

Making Healthier Choices: Virgo New Moon

Much like February’s Supermoon in Virgo, August’s second New Moon holds the promise of a major personal reboot – provided we’re willing to put in the work necessary to make things happen.

Self-improvement, healthier habits and increasing personal wellness are all major themes for the coming month, thanks to the stellium of planets congregating in Virgo to help welcome in this fresh lunar cycle. They, along with the luminaries will be making a series of positive aspects to Uranus in Taurus, adding an exciting and slightly unpredictable air and encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones. If you’ve been itching to change things up in a big way, then this is your moment! Set your intentions precisely and with purpose.

This is earth trine energy, which should make things flow really smoothly. Although shifts may not happen overnight, they will fall into place in a stable and consistent way, and more importantly, have the potential to really last (which is not something we can say about all Uranus transits, let’s be honest!)

Uranus is also retrograde, so there may well be links to the past. Think back what occurred in February 2019 close to the Mars-Uranus conjunction for clues about what areas from your past may need attention or healing between now and the next New Moon. See this as a opportunity to rewrite your history.

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Tomorrow’s Venus-Mars conjunction in Virgo sets off a week-long chain of trines to Uranus in the build-up to the Virgo New Moon (30th), during which we really can make some pivotal personal shifts – if we choose to.

This is focused, precise and productive earth energy, so if you’re serious about self-improvement or want to be of service to the planet, then seize the moment! If you were wanting to finally get your sh*t together, then consider this your green light – with bells on! You really can do a lot to fix/improve situations and yourself – especially your health/schedule – if you’re prepared to focus on what needs your attention and/or help .

Virgo is ultra focused and efficient, while Taurus is sensible but fruitful, which means that whatever seeds you plant are likely to take root in a major way, especially if you build these plans into whatever initiatives you choose to begin at New Moon.

Changes made now will have major ripple effects, both into the past and the future, so think clearly about what intentions you’d like to set for September because August’s second New Moon also promises to be super charged with Virgo energy, thanks to a stellium in the early degrees of this sign. Remember too, that Uranus is retrograde, so if you do want to rewind the clock and right a few wrongs or rewrite od stories/life scripts, this is your perfect opportunity.

See this week as the moment we have been working towards all month, so don’t waste it. For a recap of where this all started, read my Leo New Moon overview (or subscribe now to read the in-depth forecast)

Sturgeon Full Moon: Swimming in Potential

August’s Sturgeon Moon will have us diving into the deep waters of the sub-conscious, or at least becoming more aware of its role and influence in our lives – as well as the massive potential this inner reservoir of psychic and emotional energy has to help us create the life we desire, if harnessed correctly.

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon urges us to combine our instinctive and spiritual natures so that we can create healthier habits and more fulfilling relationships for ourselves in the future.

Part of this process may involve shedding some emotional baggage so that we don’t keep unconciously self-sabotaging. With Mercury also trine Chiron, this is the perfect time to heal any painful memories or past traumas that may have begun to surface into our conscious awareness during Mercury’s recent retrograde spell, which also happened to include a powerful lunar eclipse.

Many of the themes begun at the Leo New Moon, which set off the dance between the Sun, Moon Venus and Uranus, will also reach a peak, so look back to the themes raised at the beginning of August for clues as to what may transpire now.

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Swallow your Pride: New Moon in Leo

New chapters in the love, money, health and creativity departments are all possible this month, care of a New Moon in Leo, which takes place very close to Venus on Thursday at 04:11am BST.

However, revolutionary Uranus will also add an unpredictable air to proceedings. As it takes turns to contact all the personal planets in Leo throughout August, don’t be surprised if situations crop up that confound you to the point where you are forced to swallow your pride and make some radical personal paradigm shifts. Change is very much the name of the game this month. Fortunately, with Uranus now in Taurus, this should prove to be a much more gradual, gentle affair than Uranus in Aries was.

Part of this process may involve a willingness to revision the past (including old wounds/subconscious patterns) or see things from a different pespective. This is thanks to Mercury, which stations at the New Moon before retracing its steps back through caring Cancer into noble Leo. Further developments or revelations around past situations that still hold an emotional charge for you/your family are possible during this transition period.

As a result of all this cosmic turbulance, it may be some time before the dust settles and you can see what to think/do for the best or who you can rely on. The good news is that the more we open ourselves up to new people, places, paradigms and possibilities during this four week period, the more confident, joyful and radiant we will become. So don’t be afraid of your cracks – they let the light in!

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Make or break: Sun square Uranus

As we get closer to the Leo New Moon this week we begin a month-long cosmic dance that will last well into August – one that will also take in Venus – both now and again at the Full Moon mid-month.

The theme tune driving this particular episode is a growing awareness that if you want your life, health, finances and relationships to improve, then you are going to have to make some fundamental personal changes. No more excuses, deflections or projections: The buck stops with you.

Look to the natal and transiting placements of the Sun and Uranus for clues as to which life areas these may involve. Chances are though, that you already know because tension levels may have been building in this particular arena for some time – and, if you are honest, are fast reaching explosion point.

If however, you have been in denial, then events at Tuesday’s Sun-Uranus square could come as something of a shock. Whether it is an unexpected blow to the ego or an unforeseen disruption to plans, the message is the same: it’s make or break time – something has to give, because things simply cannot continue as they are.

Rather than resist, which will only lead to more stress, see this as your lightbulb moment – a sign that it’s time for a paradigm shift. Accepting that to maintain the status quo would be more painful than it would to be to switch tack is the first step. However, you also need to acknowledge that this is not going to be an overnight process. Judging by the planets, it is one that will take most of the month to work through….

That being said, once we admit the truth, we will enjoy two instant benefits:

a) An immediate release of tension as you let go of resistance and step into a place of greater authenticity and truth;

and b) As you commit to making changes, you may notice that it has a positive knock-on effect on everything else in your life, including your relationship to others, and to the flow of abundance.

Albert Einstein is alleged to have said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Right now, the cosmos is telling us in no uncertain times that it’s time to give up our old ways and try something new. Save yourself a lot of hassle and stress – and listen.