Venus-Mars, 8-8-2018 & the Lion’s Gate Portal

V0024939 Astrology: signs of the zodiac, Cancer. Coloured engraving b

There is an awful lot of information on social media about spiritual stuff, some of it a little far-fetched or sensational, and some actually pretty interesting and informative.

So what’s so special about the 8th of August 2018, you might be asking?

Well, as it happens, a number of turbo-charged cosmic events all align to make this an especially potent day for healing, shifting relationship problems and generally opening up the heart in preparation for Saturday’s Leo Solar Eclipse, which will provide us all with the opportunity to press the rest button on some pretty heavy and intense personal stuff.

During late July and mid-August, the Sun rises with the fixed star, Sirius just ahead of it – and Regulus behind it. At one time, this occurred in alignment with the zodiac sign fo Leo, but due to procession of the equinoxes, these stars now fall in Cancer and Virgo respectively.

Sirius, one of the brightest stars in the night sky, as viewed from earth, was considered to be an extremely important star for the ancient Egyptians. This is because it rose helically (ie. at dawn, just before the sun) around midsummer when the Nile flooded, bringing life-giving waters and fertile mud to the land – important for crop farming and essential for life in a land that was slowly turning into a desert. Before that, it would disappear from the skies for around 72 days, during which it was considered to enter the underworld and die, only to be reborn at the summer solstice when it once again become visible on the eastern horizon, just before the sun rose and blotted out the stars from view.

As a result, the entire Egyptian calendar was arranged around it: the heliacal rising of Sirius therefore marked the beginning of the Egyptian New Year. Sirius now falls halfway through the constellation of Cancer, but at around the time that the Egyptian pyramids were built – circa 3000 BCE, it rose at the time of the summer solstice in the constellation of Leo, which some people think is why a lion-headed Sphinx guards the entrance to the pyramid complex on the Giza plateau…Robert Beauval has provided a fairly accessible and detailed explanation of this phenomenon for those interested in more details.

For esotericists, Sirius holds a special meaning:

Sirius is said to hold an analogous position to our Sun as the individual human Soul does to the persona. It is analogous to the Soul of our solar system.

In other words, the so-called ‘Central Sun’ or ‘Hidden Sun’ of the theosophists and other cosmic lightworkers. According to teachings transmitted to them, at this time of year, when the Sun is in Leo and Sirius is rising helically, a sort of spiritual reboot or rebirth is possible – a portal opens up between Sirius, the earth and Sun, enabling us to connect more clearly with our soul or spiritual selves, and receive guidance from the heavens.

Regulus is another important star for astrologers and esotericists. During the Middle Ages, it was known as the Heart of the Lion, a star associated with kingship, nobility, courage, fame and honours. This is because at that time, it formed part of the constellation of Leo and fell over the breast/chest area of the lion constellation.

It was also traditionally one of the Four Royal Stars of Persia (which at one time aligned with the four cardinal directions at the solstices and equinoxes), and in Persian angeology, became associated with the Archangel Raphael (Israfil in Islamic tradition), the light being of medicine and healing.

This year, Sirius rises helically on the 8th of August 2018, which is interesting numerologically. Not only are there the obvious associations with Strength – the 8th card in the Tarot’s Major Arcana, which contains the image of a woman taming a lion – but of course the number 8 in numerology is actually about balancing the material and the spiritual.

According to, :

The 8 is the great Karmic equalizer, a force that just as easily creates as it destroys. When the 8 comes knocking, you can be assured that you will reap what you’ve sown.

Now it is interesting that on this day, we happen to have a Venus-Mars trine in air signs. These planets represent the opposite but equal forces of masculine and feminine creativity and generative powers.  In a way, they are also demonstrating the balancing and harmonising energy of the number 8 – the feminine, seductive and alluring, with the masculine yang energy of the hunter and knight whose courage and bravery helps him win over the heart of a noble woman.

And again, these two planets represent heart energy, but a more earthly version than that of the celestial Suns.

So you could say that the earthly is coming together with the heavenly to rebalance or cleanse and restore the heart at both the human and spiritual levels. In other words, a linking of the heart and soul. Astrologically, this is symbolised by the fact that both Venus and Mars will be aspecting Chiron – the centaur associated with the Wounded Healer.

Furthermore, Venus (in her own sign of Libra) will connect up with several other planets also in their own signs, including Saturn (in Capricorn) and the Moon (in Cancer) – very unusual to have so many planets in their own domiciles, I should point out!

Mars, on the other hand, will be making contact with a now retrograde Uranus, which happens to be the ruler of Aquarius, the sign through which Mars is currently retrograding! AND, Uranus happens to be in Taurus – one of the signs ruled by Venus – ao lots of synchronicities!

Mars will be orbiting very close to the South Node, which is an energetic release point. The suggestion therefore seems to be release pent-up aggression, anger or agitating energy in your system, giving you an added sense of peace. There is a lot out there about letting go of people or relationships that are abusive or hurtful, and this ties in with the message of Mars conjunct the south node. One positive way to do this is by following Steve Nobel’s Sirius Vortex Guided Meditations.

On the flip side of the coin, Venus is asking us to align with our higher, more spiritual selves so that we may learn to love in a whole new way – one that is fair, kind, peaceful and most importantly, mutal! Libra is, after all, about balancing two sides of the scales.

I don’t know if you have been feeling exhausted like me, but these last few weeks since the very Mars-oriented Blood Moon lunar eclipse have been very intense psychologically and energetically. My sense is that this latest episode is just part of that process of release and catharsis I talked about in my August Eclipse Forecast – one that will end at the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Saturday.

This will coincide with a cosmic reset, and it is important to be ready for it. So do all the balancing, healing and purging you can before then, and I’ll catch you on the other side, when things should feel a whole lot lighter and more hopeful.

You can read more about how Sirius and the Sun in Leo both figure strongly into the upcoming Leo Solar Eclipse in my August Solar Eclipse forecast – up now.

Til then, take it easy and be gentle on yourself and others.

Remember the words of the Desiderata:

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

Blood Moon: Set Your World Alight.

IG UK Blood Moon photoFriday’s Lunar Eclipse isn’t called the Blood Moon for the reasons you may think!

Rather than it’s colour, which isn’t actually all that unusual, it’s more about the involvement of a turbo-charged (and retrograde) Mars. When the Full Moon rises, already a browny-reddish colour, it will form a line in the sky with a very bright and prominent Mars – currently closer than it has been to earth since 2003 (and before that, for 60 millennia).

As we all know from our mythology, Mars is the red planet, and so associated with fire, heat, passion, enthusiasm, drive, focus and a killer instinct. This is the Wands suit of the tarot deck  but also The Tower in the Major Arcana. 

This lunar eclipse is all about warrior energy – but instead of kicking ass in the outer world, it’s more about conquering our inner demons. It’s worth remebering that Mars is retrograde, which puts the focus firmly on the past – and what’s inside.

The message is very much about using the power of fire to cleanse and purify our lives, let go of what is no longer needed, and use the alchemical process of heat (read: love,, desire, enthusiasm, and yes, even anger) to transform psychological and emotional lead into gold.

Do so now, and you’ll be ready to shine come August when a new solar eclipse in Leo presses the reset button on a fresh six month cycle.

Find out more about where to see it in the night sky, and gain some in-depth insights on how to navigate this high impact energy. Read my in-depth and FREE July Eclipse Forecast now!

July 2018 Eclipse Forecast

SOLAR ECLIPSE CANCER 2018 UKThis Friday,  the next installment in the 2018 Eclipse Season gets underway with a solar Eclipse in Cancer.

This eclipse is rare and unusual for a number of reasons.  Firstly, as I’m sure many of you will have noticed, it occurs on Friday the 13th.

Now, one of the events purported to have contributed to making this particular day unlucky was the arrest on Friday the 13th of October 1307 of several key members of the famous Knights Templar as part of a ‘crackdown’ on their so-called heretical practices (although we now know that this was a smokescreen for King Philip of France to try and seize their assets…) Perhaps by sheer coincidence, it just so happens that the day before, there was a lunar eclipse in Aries – and quite a nasty one at that! ( The Sun and Moon formed a T-square with militant and destructive Mars.) So perhaps it was the lunar eclipse  – no doubt still considered a powerful omen at the time – which added a certain cosmic charge to this particular incident.

However, I should point out that I am not particularly superstitious about the number 13 – it reduces to the very stable number 4.

Furthermore, the July 2018 eclipse is:
a) A solar eclipse, not a lunar one; and
b) These eclipses are not part of the same Saros family – the 1307 eclipse formed part of the 18 North series – this one is belongs to Bernadette Brady’s 2 Old North Saros family. More details on this Saros Series in my eclipse forecast.

The second reason that this eclipse is unusual is that it occurs one month before a SECOND solar eclipse, this time in Leo. So rather than initiating a new six month cycle, it instead sets in motion a FOUR WEEK window in which to do some important inner work.

And judging by the nature of the Saros series and planets involved, this is likely to revolve around themes of death/separation/endings/catharsis and rebirth/reinvention/redemption.

Dramatic? Maybe. Intense? Definitely!

But – and here’s the big but: it also contains within it the seeds of healing and transformation….

See as it a bit of a cosmic colonic (a very Plutonic metaphor) – a clearing out of your emotional innards to make room for a much more nourishing and flourishing time, starting on August the 11th.

So get ready, people. This rollercoaster ride calls for bravery and a willingness to accept what you can’t control – because Fate definitely will have a hand in whatever happens now. The key is to accept and welcome in change – because the signs are all there that it’s pretty inevitable.

For full details and an in-depth analysis, read my July Cancer Eclipse forecast. Up now!

July Skylights

V0024939 Astrology: signs of the zodiac, Cancer. Coloured engraving b

Much like June, July will be busy, eventful and anything but dull.  With some extremely magical highs will come some potentially difficult lows, so you’ll need to keep your wits about you and remain philosophical when it comes to plans and developments. As if that weren’t enough, we also have two eclipses to look forward to – look out for my forecast closer to the New Moon on the 13th.

In the meanwhile, here’s a last of starry signposts to mark in your diary.

July 2018 Skylights:

5-8 July – Sun trine Jupiter and Neptune. Picking up where Venus left off,  the Sun in Cancer reactivates the water grand trine so prominent during June. Once again we are encouraged to combine deep wisdom and heartfelt compassion with a soulful, nurturing approach to living. This time, though, you’ll need to cultivate an attitude that goes beyond simply explaining or valuing this energy – you’ll need to actually embrace, if not embody what you believe in. The upshot, though, is the potential for a deep sense of confidence, happiness and wellbeing that goes beyond the realm of anything you may have experienced before. Feel it and then try to integrate this into your life. Quite a feat, but one worth aspiring to.

By the way: As was the case in June, these periods won’t be free from a few speedhumps, this time from Mercury in Leo, which will knock heads, first with Mars in Aquarius on the 5th, and then with Jupiter in Scorpio on the 9th. This could lead to a few clashes of viewpoint and opinions. Tolerance for attention seeking or self-righteous behaviour will be quite low now, so diva’s may want to save their strops for another day. Leave your ego at home on these two days and you should be just fine.

10/11 July – Jupiter direct. Those of you who may have been wondering what happened to all that incredibly healing, deeply insightful and expansive energy that seemed to disappear in March, fear not: Jupiter is set to change direction this month! This means a return to full throttle for the planet of wisdom and good fortune.  Break out the champagne! It’s time to reaffirm your faith in the profound abundance and ultimate goodness of the universe.

12-14 July Venus trine Uranus and Saturn. This month, love gets both exciting and serious in quick succession, thanks to a series of trines between Venus and two of the key outer planets. Instant chemistry  – think eyes locking across a crowded room type of scenario – is a distinct possibility on the 12th, as are flashes of creative inspiration and unexpected windfalls; while on the 14th, talk may move quite naturally toward making plans for the future. This is earthy energy, so while sexy and touchy-feely, it is also very real and pragmatic. Plans and promises made now are sincerely meant – and kept – so have complete faith in whatever happens now. This is no fantasy – it’s 100% real.

By the way: Just before the New Moon, the Sun and Moon will come to blows with Pluto, which could temporarily muddy your emotional waters, making it difficult to know who to trust. What’s really going on is a re-calibration as people try to find a healthy balance between wanting to nurture others and protect themselves from hurt and abuse.  See any tension as a release of tension before things reset themselves firmly in favour of the heart at the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 13th.

22-24 July – Venus sextile Jupiter,  opposition Neptune. Another high followed by a corresponding low – we should be getting to used to this cosmic rollercoaster ride by now, but somehow when it comes to the things and people we value, it’s never that easy to accept or come to terms with. It’s not that the bold moves or dramatic gestures of the 22nd are insincere, it’s just that expectations may be too high  – or just downright unrealistic – and so this may need to be corrected on the 24th. The lesson to take from this series of transits is that when people disappoint you, it’s not always because you’ve bet on the wrong horse, but perhaps rather more to do with the fact that they are only human, and the bar you may have set for them is just too high for anyone to meet. So throw ticklists out of the window and cut people a bit of slack on the 24th. Over time, people will show you whether or not they are worthy of your affection, trust or energy. The trick is to wait and see, rather than rush into hasty pronouncements now when your judgement may be more than a little off. Far better to wait until the 28th when your perception will be keen, and important shifts can more easily be negotiated.

25-27 July – Sun square Uranus, opposite Mars.  Fireworks and sparks could definitely fly during this short window as the Sun, now in haughty Leo, crosses swords with two of the most masculine and uncooperative of planets, Mars and Uranus. If you are a leader or boss,  take note: this is not a time to try and strong arm or browbeat people into submission – that style of leadership will just spark a rebellion.  A much more egalitarian, chummy approach is what is required to get people on board with your plans or convince others of your importance.

Substance over style will definitely pique interest, especially if you are trying to get the attention of the computer guy, or tech department. Think out of the box ideas but subtle, down to earth execution. Otherwise, what with Mercury about to turn retrograde, things could really begin to unravel.

Think back to the 23rd of June and try to rekindle the goodwill created back then if you want to keep talks and existing relationships moving forward. Whatever you do, tread carefully and try not to sign any contracts or make any promises or announcements now – the potential for things to unravel due to misunderstandings caused by Mercury retrograde is just too great to take any chances.

26 July – Mercury retrograde. We’d almost forgotten what it was like to experience all the misunderstandings, travel nightmares and tech head-scratchers that usually accompany a Mercury retrograde period, because we’ve had so few this year. Now, as if to say, ‘Not so fast!’, Mercury switches direction for some playful high jinks in flamboyant Leo. Luckily, this is a short retro spell, lasting until 19 August. Still, given the sign Mercury is in, expect that if things go wrong, then they will do so spectacularly. So go large, or go home. (I know what I would do…especially between 25-27 July – hide!)

28 July – Venus trine Pluto. If you’ve felt as though you’ve been on an emotional, or creative, rollercoaster ride this month, you may be pleased to hear that while life won’t be any less eventful, it certainly has the potential to turn a positive corner towards month end. When Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn combine their sharp, precise and highly focused energy, things really can improve  – and get done. No obstacle is too great to overcome now, if you and others cooperate and put your minds to it. So although intense and potentially game-changing,  this combination is also highly transformative, incredibly healing and deeply moving. Shared passion, profound connection and deep commitments to reform are all possible now.

Coming off the back of the lunar eclipse on the 27th, this combination could very likely bring about ‘do or die, scenarios’ and/or ‘make or break’ decisions. However, the key thing to remember is that what’s meant to be will be, and what’s meant for you won’t pass you by. So if something ends now, it’s more than likely outstayed its welcome. Equally,  though, what remains has the potential to really stand the test of time.

June 2018 Full Moon Forecast

Capricorn Full Moon with border resized


June has been a bit of a mixed bag astrologically, so it should come as no surprise that the full moon which rounds off this topsy turvy month has an edge to it. Read my forecast below for more details…


June’s Full Moon, which takes place in serious Capricorn, brings with it some fairly heavy emotional baggage to unpack, deal with, and then hopefully resolve for once and for all. Traditionally, the Moon was considered by ancient astrologers to be in detriment in this sign, no doubt because Capricorn, which sits on the opposite end of the zodiac to the Moon’s natural home, Cancer, is not terribly good at dealing with feelings. This sign is the stiff upper lip personified. Think Victorian family norms, and the British who place great virtue on keeping calm and carrying on…and you get the picture.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign and as such, prefers to deal with practical matters. It also has a liking for accumulating money and assets that will stand it in good stead an dprovide a modicum of security during old age – a period of life over which it rules. As such, Capricorns tend to be quite conservative, tend to be savers rather than spenders, and are usually natural conformers, preferring not to rock the boat,; instead, steadily prefrring to work their way up to becoming it’s captain…

Indeed, this is the sign of the dedicated, diligent and loyal manager who will often put aside his own needs for those of his master, but not without ultimately expecting something in return. One mustn’t forget that Capricorn also represents the ambitious social climber and the career civil servant – the silent power that often lies behind the throne (but who is usually merciless with his underlings). After all, this sign may be subtle, hardworking and understated but it is cardinal and so likes to be in charge, or at the very least, to exert power, even if it is soft power. Think Thomas Cromwell in Wolf Hall and you will understand what I mean. Interestingly, this aspect of Capricorn is further emphasized by the Sabian symbol which rules the degree of this particular lunar phase, which happens to be 7 – another Saturnian-Capricron number.

Further emphasizing this Capricorn energy is the planet Saturn, which will feature strongly in June’s full moon mix (and, incidentally, also did last month), making it quite a heavy and serious affair.

The result is that this full moon may end up bringing you face to face with some important and not very easy decisions concerning familial obligations, domestic responsibilities or lifestyle choices. Rather than try to shirk them or lament your fate, it may now be time to ‘act like a grown-up’ and deal with them head on; and in so doing, hopefully take charge of the situation for once and for all, rather than let it hang over you like some dreaded sword of Damocles.

This is very serious stuff, so brace yourself.


June’s Full Moon will take place in the 7th degree of Capricorn. The number 7, as I mentioned before, is associated with the planet Saturn, which rules Capricorn. That is why you will often see the 7 person described as ‘wise and serious’, a thinker, a loner  and a seeker after truth – rather apt, as it turns out, because the Sabian Symbol for this degree is:

A veiled prophet of power.

Such a symbol evokes images, not of our modern trendspotters and social historians, but of prophest such as Ezekiel and of poets like William Blake and TS Eliot who spoke in riddles and wrote in verse, veiling their prophecies about the fate of humanity in symbols that need decoding. Can you think of any modern songwriter, poet or visionary artist that does the same? If so, it may be time to heed their warnings.

Lynda Hill adds another element to this image: she  extends the description of the image to include a prophet who is ‘seized by the power of a god’. In ancient Greece, people would visit sanctuaries such as the Oracle of Delphi in order to seek advice from the gods such as the sun god, Apollo (or whoever the presiding deity of that particular place was).

The interesting thing is that they would receive the answer to their question, not directly from the god, but via a temple priestess called a ‘pythia’, who would go into a trance and then ‘channel’ messages from the gods, much like a psychic medium in a prcoess referred to as ‘prophetes’. However, this message would then be deciphered or interpreted by a second individual, a priestess, who would ‘translate’ the message for the individual and show how it was relevant to their question. The Greeks called this process ‘mantike’. So the oracle process was two-fold – inspired messages borne from the possession of the Pythia by the god which were then ‘decoded’ by a second individual using their logical and intuitive faculties.

Of course, this begs the question as to whether anything ever got lost in translation, or whether  the message was ever manipulated for less than altruistic reasons, or simply changed as a result of error or misunderstanding. Which brings us to another aspect of this particular image:

The ‘Veiled Prophet’ may be someone who holds the key to questions that need to be answered. They can be a mouthpiece for the agenda of others, or, someone who’s words hold a great charge. However, there’s a need to be cautious as well as receptive; one needs to check the integrity or source of this message or information. 

So, unless you are able to speak directly to the ‘horses mouth’, it may be worth considering what motives may lie behind whatever information or message you may receive at this time. Indeed, both the beauty and the trouble with symbols is that they are very much open to interpretation. And it was Heraclitus who reminded us that:

The oracle neither conceals, nor reveals, but indicates. (Plutarch, Moralia 404D)

Something worth bearing in mind when you visit a psychic or astrologer. It is very gard to predict the future, not least of all because free will also has the power to affect the outcome of any given situation. Fortune may smile, but it is for the individual concerned to then act and make the most their good luck. The best anyone can hope for from a reading is some clear signs, pointing you in the right direction – the rest is up to you. Accuracy, then, is a bit of a misnomer really.

The Sabian Oracle provides the following pointers on how to start thinking about this particular symbol:

Keywords: Hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion. Manipulation of lesser beings. Having insights that transport to other levels. Channeling and medium-ship. Translations. Prophets and bringers of messages. Empowerment. Messages erupting. Speaking. Announcing. Bearing important news. Power. Charisma. Veils. Background voices.

The Caution: Conscious manipulation and propaganda. Not owning up to all the elements of one’s personality. Denying expression. Blurting out things that hurt or alienate. Barging into others’ conversations. Leading people astray with exaggeration or lies. False impressions.


At the time of the Full Moon, the Moon will be separating from a conjunction to Saturn in Capricorn. The double whammy of Moon in Capricorn, conjunct Saturn, its ruler, suggests that, rather than get all self-indulgent and ‘let it all hang out,’ it may well be a time to choose one’s words carefully and soberly consider the consequences of any particular choice before making any decisions or pronouncements.

On the other end of the zodiac is the Sun in Cancer, which very much concerns emotional expression – telling others how you feel. And as if to emphasise this, the Sun will be conjunct the fixed star,  Mirzham, which according to Bernadette Brady, is about having one’s say…However, while the Sun may be urging us to have our say, it will be in opposition, both to the Moon and Saturn, so rather than act out or be an ’emotional child’ (and let’s face it, the extroverted, masculine energy of the sun is not well-suited to the watery, introverted territory of it’s nocturnal counterpart, the moon), the message seems to be to take a deep breath, choose your words wisely and only speak when necessary. No verbal diarrhoea when Saturn is around, please!

At this time, then, be open to messages or ‘signs’ but also be super careful and use/consider the meaning of words very carefully before speaking, acting or taking what others say ‘as gospel’.

You could see this as continuation of last month’s full moon message, which seemed to urge us all to be a little zen-like, and take a somewhat cooler, more matter-of-fact approach to situations than we might do ordinarily, no matter how fraught or challenging they might be.

Saturn is the ancient Lord of Karma, and as such, it’s not beyond the relams of possibility that  a few cosmic chickens may come home to roost around the time of this full moon. Although this may not be an altogether pleasant prospect, you could take comfort from the notion that the karmic chickens may not end up belonging to you, but to someone else who may have wronged or hurt you in the past. Some consolation at least, then of a cosmic rebalancing…

So too, is the hope of emotional catharsis. Indeed, at this time, you my be able to finally let go of an old and recurring karmic theme or emotional pattern that may have been plaguing you for some time. Saturn, after all, is about paring back – getting down to the bare bones and stripping away anything superfluous in order to regroup and start over. So, if you plan to do any full moon rituals, this may be an area to look at more closely. Take back control and decide what unconscious, physical or dietary habits and/or psychological patterns you want to shed. Then write them down, bless them with love and burn them, bury them or throw them into the sea – whatever feels most appropriate.

May the force be with you!


June 2018 – New Moon Forecast

New Moon Gemini neutral

New Moon in Gemini, 13 May 2018 @ 20h43 BST

June’s New Moon in Gemini promises a shift in fortunes. Fresh opportunities and novel solutions to nagging problems could begin to appear over the next two weeks, starting with Mercury’s positive contact to Uranus just before lunch time on the 13th. Life may very take an expected but pleasant turn – for the better!

In my New Moon Forecast, I reveal the secrets of how to take advantage of this month’s new lunar cycle…


June’s New Moon takes place in gregarious, vibey Gemini. As the third sign of the zodiac and a dual air sign, Gemini is represented by the image of the twins.

As you’d expect from this symbolism, astrological events involving this zodiac symbol often involve situations or things that come in pairs. For example, it often appears in charts or personal transits when we have a choice to make. This could be a fork in the road or having more than one option to choose between, but more often than not, it urges us to consider things from dual perspectives. Think about those two’s in the tarot deck, especially the Two of Swords – air represents thoughts, plans and activities involving the intellect while the two is often about making a choice or decision.

It’s association with the month of June, when people are usually at their most gregarious in the northern hemisphere, also chimes with Mercury’s rulership of Gemini, and thus governs movement and interaction  – whether this be the to and fro, back and forth – between two people, poles, parties or destinations. In other words, debate, personal communications, travel, business negotiations, commercial activities involving buyer and seller, as well as the media and politics.

Gemini’s are therefore never more alive than when they are at the forefront of where things are happening, whether this be cutting edge technological developments, th the latest gossip, or breaking news. When Gemini rules the New Moon, we can expect an increase in calls, emails and social activity, many of them bringing new offers or proposals your way, so look out for news from potential employers, clients and business partners.

Depending on which house Gemini rules in your natal chart, it may also bring news from friends or loved ones. This is especially likely to be true if Gemini rules your 11th house, for example. Of course, it could fall elsewhere, such as your 3rd house, in which case you’re more likely to hear from a sibling, neighbour, or indeed, your local motor garage! That’s why it is always a good idea to know your natal chart when reading horoscopes and astrology forecasts…


Given that the Moon rules mothers, motherhood, domestic affairs, the home, habits etc, it is entirely possible that your news or decisions will involve a child, parent, food or household activity. So if you’re waiting to hear about a pregnancy, perhaps the next two weeks will bring good news!


June’s New Moon occurs in the 23rd degree of Gemini. The Sabian Symbol for this is:

Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree.

The number three is interesting – in numerology, it is associated with the planet Jupiter and is considered lucky. Of course, in Wiccan folklore, it is also associated with the moon: a popular image of the Moon goddess involves the so-called triple moon symbol of the waxing, full, and waning moon which represent the life stages of Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

In the tarot, this symbol often appears in conjunction with images of feminine power, intuition and psychic abilities such as the High Priestess trump card. Interesting then, considering the zodiac sign of this new moon, that she is the second card in the Major Arcana, and is often represented as sitting with a crescent moon at her feet,  in between two pillars – one black and one white…

The imagery seems to point to a mysterious process that occurs in the background, behind (or in fact, in between) the logical left-brain activities that involve thoughts, such as choosing between this…or that…No doubt a reference to intuition and gut instinct. Very often, we won’t make a choice if it doesn’t ‘feel’ right and this is something to take into account when making key decisions – ignore the subconscious, so-called second brain at your peril!

The fact that we have three fledglings in a nest in the above symbol seems to point to something that it in its infancy – an idea, plan or project that needs nurturing before it is ready to fly. Worth remembering – the New Moon is good for beginning new ventures, but these may well need fleshing our or further development before they are fully formed and ready to be sent out into the world – preferably during Full Moon, wherever possible!

This Sabian symbol also suggests a sharing of domestic space or family resources – it is three baby birds sharing a nest, after all! So, on another level, this image may concern issues around sibling rivalry, the sharing out of a legacy between children after a parent dies, or even the shared responsibility of conserving joint resources wisely.

Lynda Hill offers the following keywords as starting points for pondering the meaning of 23 Gemini in your own life:

Keywords: Integration of spirit, soul and body. Discovering a whole new sense of being. Being high up and detached. Nests and tree houses. Sibling rivalry. Working at getting along.

The Caution: Wanting to fly before being ready. Psychological immaturity. Dependence on externals for survival. Being stuck in a domestic situation. Making big compromises.



The New Moon will fall very close to the location of the fixed star known to us as Capella, which means ‘little goat’ or ‘she-goat’.

According to Vivian Robson, when the luminaries conjunct this star, it can result in what we refer to as ‘too much information’ – having verbal diarrhoea, speaking without thinking or just giving away far too much. Interestingly, Donald Trump has his Sun here – one wonders what’ll happen at the summit in Korea…

It may also be a good idea not to be too nosy or ask too many invasive or personal questions of others now. As the saying goes, ‘Curiosity killed the cat’.

It is also said to symbolise sarcasm, domestic quarrels, gossip and a great many trips or voyages.


Although the New Moon itself won’t make any aspects to other planets, we do have a dynamic and stimulating sextile taking place between Uranus and Mercury, which will be hovering near to the luminaries in the early degrees of Cancer.

In fact, Mercury will ingress into this maternal sign in the early hours of the 13th – so just a few hours before New Moon – another reiteration of the combination of mercurial and lunar energy that seems to be so prominent at this New Moon! Having your wits about you during periods of high emotion, and learning to combine logic with intuition and consideration for loved ones both seem to be a big theme right now – so take note!

This is going to be especially important today as events are likely to happen at a fast pace and quite unexpectedly, thanks to the Mercury-Uranus sextile, so you need to stay on your toes.  Although you may be required to respond relatively quickly, it’s worth stopping to check in with your gut before committing yourself to anything.

The Moon urges caution and a decidedly more yin than yang response – and with Mercury and Uranus now in feminine signs (Taurus and Cancer) that’s worth bearing in mind. Unlike the radioactive and unpredictable energy of Uranus in Aries, the ingress of this planet into earthy Taurus requires a totally different, somewhat more zen approach….

Still, the good news is that, whatever offers, news or developments do occur now are likely to work out well between now and the next new moon, so keep an open mind and adopt a positive attitude to whatever crops up. Although things may end up getting delayed when Mercury opposes Saturn (16th), around the solstice, when Mercury forms a grand trine to Jupiter and Neptune,  you’ll be glad you did! For more details, read my June Skylights.

To be absolutely sure of where this New Moon will bring about new starts in your personal life, it’s always best to get your natal chart read by a professional astrologer. Their skill is in pulling together the disparate and sometimes conflicting parts of your story into a coherent whole, and highlight key themes for you, both current and ongoing. If you’d like a reading, or want to order a personalised natal report, then check out the Astro-Sphere Shop.

June Skylights

V0024939 Astrology: signs of the zodiac, Cancer. Coloured engraving b

June is unbelievably busy astrologically, which means it’s likely to be an eventful month. In fact, there are so many transits that I can’t possibly cover them all in one post. However, below are my skylights of the best and brightest….

June 2018 Skylights:

1 – 3 June – Venus trine Jupiter and Neptune. Things get off to a fairy tale start, care of a grand trine in water signs involving BOTH benefics – lucky Jupiter and charming Venus – (wow!) together with magical Neptune. This cosmic triangulation brings together the nurturing side of Venus in Cancer, the deep and intuitive aspects of Jupiter in Scorpio; and the sensitive and poetic qualities of Neptune in Pisces. Think great romance – that heart connection that makes an indelible mark on your heart, and creativity that is profoundly inspiring and deeply nourishing. Spirituality that encourages self-care, wisdom seeking and compassionate acceptance and forgiveness is also embodied in this particular aspect pattern.

By the way: Whatever happens now, however uplifting, may run into a few challenges around the 25th of June and  24th of July.  But this is to be expected – after all, the course of true love never did run smooth…

6 -7 June – Sun conjunct Mercury square Neptune. No sooner does Neptune break loose from the arms of Venus and Jupiter, then the planet of oceanic feeling is set upon by the Sun and Mercury, who combine forces in cerebral Gemini to encourage us all to over-analyse everything. Try not to ruin the heart-warming, dream-like moments brought about by the water signs by picking it to pieces, or indeed, making light of what happened. Whilst it is important to maintain perspective in any situation, there are some moments which are too precious to ruin with an overdose of logic/criticism, or indeed, the somewhat cynical or offhand opinions of others who think they know better.

13 June – Mercury sextile Uranus. Once Mercury moves out from out of the glare of being ‘under the sunbeams’ and shifts into caring Cancer, it once again finds its sense of fun and spontaneity, helped along by a dynamic sextile to Uranus, now in earthy Taurus. Think unusual climbing or hiking gear, novel food gadgets or 21st century farming or banking technology. If you have a beauty, cooking or growing dilemma, it’s likely you’ll find a clever, forward-thinking solution now. Just don’t mind the grumbles or naysaying of other people on the 15th when Venus decides to pick a fight with Uranus – just tell yourself that she’s just having a bad hair day and ignore her – all will be well again soon.

Worth noting: On this day, Mercury also ingresses into Cancer and there is a New Moon in Gemini on the 13th at 20h45, both of  which signal fresh beginnings and new cycles. Look out for my New Moon forecast to learn more…

15-17 June – Venus square Uranus, Mercury opposition Saturn. If you’re in need of some reassurance or seeking commitment from a significant other, be warned: this weekend is not the time to be pushing the envelope! Mercury in stubborn Aquarius, together with a rather testy Venus-Uranus square in fixed signs, mean that others are likely to baulk if they feel they are being dictated to, however much they may care for you. The bottom line: If you value this relationship, then avoid the prospect of awkward situations or verbal knockbacks and give people their space. Right now, employing reverse psychology will yield far better results, especially with independent types…For now, enjoy this quiet social period – it’s the perfect opportunity to grab some much-needed downtime.

18 June – Neptune stations. Not long after it’s hi-jinks with the personal planets, Neptune turns retrograde. This happens every year at around this time, and is all part of the need to turn inwards and reconnect with your own internal well of spiritual strength and creativity in order to find solace, inspiration and bliss. Between now and the end of November, its time to reflect on past adventures and draw life lessons, comfort and encouragement from recent experience. Nostalgia and a tendency to rose-tint the past are the only possible downsides to this retrograde period. If you have Neptune in your 3rd house natally, or negatively aspecting one of your personal planets, then there is also the potential for confusion and/or unrealistic expectations, so be sure to get somebody else to give you a second opinion/reality check before you make any big decisions.

19-21 June – Mercury trine Jupiter & Neptune. This is one of those ‘cup half full’ periods, thanks to a flowing 120 degree aspect between the planet of communication and Jupiter in deep-thinking Scorpio, which is joined by Neptune on the 21st. If you felt a bit glum on the 16th when Mercury opposed sombre Saturn, then get ready to see the clouds part and the sunshine return. In fact, with Neptune on the scene, there may even be a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it! Life definitely takes on a philosophical slant now. You could find yourself softening your stance with regards to a long-standing family feud or changing your mind about a home renovation project. This is a time to take comfort from family gatherings, and draw strength from family bonds, a lovely home environment, good food and in-depth conversations. Seek meaning in the everyday and see the magic in the little things. This is also a great time to redecorate or remodel your home, add in a basement or conduct research.

As an aside: Finding constant peace and centredness this week may be tricky, however, thanks to some scrappy energy from Venus and Mars. With clashes set to take place between the planets of love and willpower in fixed signs on the 21st, it’s probably best to stay as dectahced as possible and not spend too much time around grumpy boyfriends or drama queen girlfriends – unless its between the sheets or at the gym. Otherwise, expect arguments and plenty of chaos.

21 June  – Happy Solstice! Today the Sun enters Cancer, indicating the midpoint between the seasons of winter/summer, depending on which hemisphere you are in. You now have three months in which to either shed your winter pounds or get out and about and socialise. The Sun’s position here for the next month or so indicates a need to focus on what feeds or sustains you – from family to lifestyle to the food you eat.

23 June – Sun sextile Uranus. This is a day to celebrate your uniqueness and dare to be different. Uranus in Taurus makes a friendly overture to the Sun in Cancer, indicating that it’s time to encourage that slightly odd family member by letting them know that you ‘get’ them and love them just as they are. It is also a day to add a slight twist to a favourite recipe or try a new cultivar of a much-loved vegetable from the market. Novel or unusual accessories could also add a little zing to a wardrobe staple. Add a lick of paint or a decorative embellishment to give a tired or worn out piece of furniture a new lease on life.

Look out for my June lunar forecasts, starting with the Gemini New Moon mid-month…

May 2018 Full Moon Forecast

Full Moon Sag RFS


After a magical Jupiter-Neptune trine, May 2018 is rounded off with a rather astonishing Sagittarius Full Moon, the symmetry of which I have not the likes of in some time…Together with Mars and the nodes, the Sun and Moon will form a configuration known as a mystic rectangle – a sure sign that we’re being given an opportunity to harmonise conflicting parts of ourselves. Read my forecast below for more details…


May’s lunar cycle, which began with the New Moon on 11 May, is set to reach its peak at the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday.  Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign associated with large animals like horses, as well as courts of law, higher educational institutions and those who teach there, religious leaders and role models, foreigners and social and/or cultural customs.

Although Sagittarius is generally considered to be an upbeat and jovial sign, it does need to be pointed out that the Moon is considered to be in detriment here, probably because Sagittarius is a sign that tends to excess  – and we all know what happens when there is too much emotion: it’s usually not a pretty sight. Think hysteria, mania etc…


However, this particular full moon forms part of a mystic rectangle, which is all about balancing and harmonising opposites  – more on this later. However, it is worth briefly mentioning that this full moon will require the blending of Sagittarian OTT emotions with the more emotionally easygoing and cerebral Geminian approach.

So although the Full Moon generally tends to amplify feelings and unconscious reactions to things, what we are being asked to do is be more considered and philosophical about whatever happens now.This message, as we shall see, is reiterated in the Sabian Symbol activated by the Moon’ zodiacal degree.

And with the Finger of Fate pointing at Saturn and the nodal axis forming the second cross in our mystic rectangle, it would seem that destiny will most definitely be calling over the next few days…


May’s Full Moon will take place in the 9th degree of Sagittarius, the Sabian Symbol for which is:

A mother with her children on stairs.

A rather unusual image! However, if we break down each element  of this into symbols, we see that it concerns birth/nurturing/creating + offspring/creations/family + a vertical axis which can either point up or down…

The way that James Burgess interprets this image seems to echo my earlier statement about the need to temper one’s emotions and learn to sublimate unconscious urges so that they work for, rather than against, you.

The process of civilising begins at an early age; it is one of the primary occupations of a mother to sit down with her children and talk about how best to climb the ladder towards successful social integration. We are inclined to act and react without thought, and we need to learn how to moderate and control these base instincts.

Part of this process involves empathy and self-awareness. Burgess is quick to point out that:

The mother is an archetype of one who serves the needs of others first. We all can develop the mind-set of service, and extend it beyond the genetic imperative of serving our own blood. By doing so, we go well beyond securing our place in the community as a useful participant; we move into more spiritual realms of our evolutionary development.


I thought I would include an image of this month’s Full Moon chart because aspect-wise, it is so symmetrical and, quite frankly, both beautiful and a little spooky.

May 2018 Full Moon

Now if we remove those aspects which involve the angles (which change every hour or so) and just look at those involving the luminaries, we are left with a mystic rectangle (which looks a bit like an envelope). A mystic rectangle is made up of two oppositions and two sextiles – in other words, two harmonious; and two challenging aspects.


On its own, an opposition (180 degrees), is all about reconciling opposites. Add to that a nice balance of positive and negative aspects, and you have a double message that centres around balance, harmony, compromise and wholeness.

We’ve already discussed the fact that the Sun and Moon generally represent head versus heart. Now add to that the signs they are in: the Moon in enthusiastic and big hearted Sagittarius; and the Sun in the somewhat cooler, more logical and lighthearted Gemini – and what we have is a life lesson that concerns learning to be more philosophical and detached in one’s approach to situations that involve a high degree of emotion.

Next, we have a sextile between the Moon and the South Nodes and Mars in Aquarius, which in many ways, reiterates the message of tempering one’s reactions. Mars is usually a planet associated with impatience and impulsive reactions to situations. However, it is placed next to the south node, which is about releasing what is no longer needed or appropriate to a situation. This reinforces the message that it is time to let go of thoughtless, ill-considered ways of reacting to high-octane or emotionally challenging situations.

Opposite the south node is the north node, which signifies what we need to introduce or embrace. This is in Leo – a sign that can be a tad dramatic and self-centered. However, it can also be very generous-spirited and like the mother in our Sabian symbol, protective of the weak and vulnerable. If we then add to this the fact that the north node is combining (via our second sextile) forces with the Sun in breezy, flexible Gemini (and the Sun rules Leo) we return to the notion of a cultivating a lighter touch when it comes to our emotions. Think of the Dalai Lama and how he often gets us to laugh at ourselves and make light of our attachments – this is the attitude which the Full Moon is asking us to cultivate now.

Why though?

The answer may lie in the green arrow we see in the middle of our mystic rectangle, which takes the energy of the Sun and the north node and points it at Saturn. This configuration is known in astrology as the Yod or Finger of Fate. And, just as the name suggests, it usually points to a call from destiny.

Ordinarily, I might let this symbolism ride, but if we take into consideration the fact that both Saturn, Lord of Karma, and the nodes are also prominent at this time, via their inclusion of the mystic rectangle., then the message about fate or destiny becomes hard to ignore…

But first – what is a Yod? I’ll let Astrology King explain:

This pattern creates a particular and strong energy, stronger than you would get by these aspects on their own. I like to use the analogy of a crystal here, a very definite and unique structure which holds a special type of energy which took a long time to create….

The energy of the two planets in sextile is focused like a laser beam on the action point, in this case Jupiter. A sextile is a positive aspect that creates energy. The quincunxes take this heightened energy and raise the vibration even further. 

Quincunxes are as much about the need for adjustment as they are about longing. The object of this desire or tension is focused on the planet at the apex of the triangle, which in this case, is pointing at Saturn in Capricorn.

Before the discovery of Pluto and the other transpersonal planets, Saturn was considered to be the planet most associated with time and with the notion of ‘what you sew, you reap.’ Saturn, is after all, the hard taskmaster. Now, with the north node and the Sun both focusing their energies on Saturn, it would seem that this Full Moon is likely to throw up high intensity situations that require us to temper our emotions and detach more from them for karmic reasons. Look to where Saturn and the sign of Capricorn fall in your chart to identify what sector of life this situation is most likely to revolve around. This may give you some idea as to what to expect (Pluto’s travels through similar degrees of Capricorn back in 2011-12 may also give you some hints).

In terms of Arabic Parts, it is interesting that Saturn will be conjunct the Part of Sudden Advancement, so it’s not necessarily all bad news. Perhaps a carrot, rather than stick approach to learning karmic lessons and advancing/evolving spiritually, for a change?!

The upshot then: try to stay cool and calm, and take a philosophical approach to situations or events at the Full Moon, even if what happens makes you want to run screaming, or shout from the rooftops. Think stiff upper lip and having to be the grown-up. The rewards though, may be far beyond what you expected…

May 2018 – New Moon Forecast

New Moon in Taurus neutralNew Moon in Taurus. 15 May 2018 at 12h47 BST

Tuesday’s New Moon occurs on the same day  – and in the same sector of the zodiac – as this month’s headline news: the ingress of Uranus into earthy Taurus. Uranus only shifts zodiac signs every 7 years or so, and was last in the sign of Taurus 84 years ago, so in astrological terms, this is a pretty big deal.

In many ways, this New Moon will act as a prelude to the main event, taking place a few hours before the Uranus ingress on May the 15th. As it does so, it will help us to tune into to the very areas of life and key themes that Uranus will be urging us to reform and change between now and 2025. To get the low down on this important cosmic event, visit my May 2018 Forecast blogpost.


Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and it’s association with fertility, the green growth of late spring  – a time when many cows calve, which may explain why the sign, which the sun occupies in April-May, is so strongly tied up with bull symbolism. This is probably why the Moon, so redolent with symbolism around motherhood, childbirth and fertility, is considered to be exalted in this particular zone of the zodiac.

Taurus symbolises patience, solidity, consistency, and doing things the traditional way – a practice that is strongly associated with our agricultural past, which requires a close working relationship to the earth, and in concert with the seasons using age-old techniques and wisdom handed down from generation to generation.

Taurus is also an earth sign and so concerned with practicality and . Their main focus is on the information and pleasure that they can glean/enjoy through the five senses. Taureans are naturally sceptical of anything too hypothetical, futuristic or theoretical: seeing really is believing for this sun sign. As a result, they are very good at staying grounded and are the go-to sign to go to for a kind but firm reality check without all the sub-text/sarcasm that you might get from, say, a Scorpio.

In mundane astrology, it is concerned with banking, farming, business, money and finances and material security. This is also the first of two signs ruled by Venus and so is also  associated with luxury goods, and the beauty and fashion industries.

Given all this information, it seems likely that the Taurus New Moon will be asking us all to get real about our current physical wellbeing, take stock of where we are financially and generally become more grounded about physical and material matters, including what we eat. This may also coincide with a visit to your bank manager, a kitchen cupboard spring clean, a big weeding session in the garden or perhaps a need to reconsider your current beauty regime or wardrobe – perhaps it is time to make a few adjustments in this department?

Since the Moon rules our inner lives and instinctual natures, the next 4 weeks may also be the ideal time to consider what makes us feel secure emotionally, and consider ways to introduce a modicum of calm and stability to our daily routines. Right now, you have access to an underlying pragmatism and determination, which should help you to overcome bad habits and find more solid ways of dealing with the world.


May’s New Moon takes place in the 25th degree of Taurus. The Sabian Symbol for this is:

A large well-kept public park

How apt this is! In many respects, Taurean activities such as farming and gardening are both about taming and controlling nature – keeping things well manicured, free of weeds and pesticides and providing the best possible growing conditions for parks to thrive.

However, a park, which is designed for recreational activities, also points to the Venusian aspect of Taurus, which revels in pleasure, leisure and things that delight the senses such as flowers and other ornamental plants.

The suggestion here is to get your house in order, not just for the sake of efficiency, but also so that life can be enjoyed. What si nicer, for example, than sitting and having a drink or barbecue in a neat and well-manicured garden? Especially if you feel you have earned the rest after doing all the gardening yourself!

Blain Bovee also points out that the image of a public park also hints at the hidden work behind the scenes that it takes to keep a garden or public space like a park immaculate:

The funny thing to consider about Taurus 25 is the seeming contradiction between ‘public’ park and the background workers who strive to keep it ‘well-kept’.

A background, out-of-the limelight, motif is assured in this degree placement. But it is also ‘public’. Think of the stage hands for a theatre production. think of the roadies for a music performance. think of those people who find their stage off centre stage.

That is Taurus 25.

Worth considering. For example, good looking people don’t just get that way by themselves – they usually have a team of personal trainers, beauty therapists, nutritionists/personal chefs, nail technicians and make-up artists/stylists at their disposal to help keep them looking fabulous at all times.

The same goes for personal wealth – this is often managed by a whole team of financial advisers, stock brokers, bank managers etc

Much like a farm, palatial mansions and country houses also require a whole bevy of servants to maintain – think Downtown Abbey and you get the idea. Worth considering next time you envy the rich/famous/beautiful. Being fabulous, wealthy and perfect takes work – and often doesn’t come cheap!


This New Moon will contact Mars and Pluto by trine aspect. These two focused and persistent planets recently made a conjunction in ambitious and practical Capricorn resulting in a powerful combination of transformative, dynamic energy that helped many of us push through barriers and cross thresholds. Now, with the New Moon in Taurus joining the party, it is time to apply a similarly determined, no-excuses approach to any new endeavour concerned with the Taurus-ruled themes and life areas I mentioned above.

Of course, to be absolutely sure how Taurus works in your own life, it is best to get your birth chart read by a professional astrologer, who can point out things like house rulerships, condition and aspects of Venus etc in your particular natal configuration. If you’d like a reading, or want to order a personalised natal report, then check out the Astro-Sphere Shop.

May 2018 Skylights

AstroInsights May Header

May is set to be a month of upheaval and readjustment. Think one step forward, two steps back, with most flowing aspects twinned with tricky ones. We also have the ingress of Uranus, planet of technology and changes, into earthy and pragmatic Taurus to look forward to. This planet only shifts zodiac places once every 7 years or so, making this a rather momentous cosmic event. Get ready to be both shaken and stirred!

May 2018 Skylights

6 May – Sun sextile Neptune. Probably the most flowing of all May’s transits, this one combines the Sun’s earthy Taurean energy with some poetic and receptive Neptunian energy. Think of that wonderfully soothing sounds when the waves of the ocean laps against the shore… This is a great day to lead through a mixture of confidence and compassion.

7 May – Venus square Neptune, Mercury square Pluto. Today the planets of love and communication are set to knock heads with Saturn and Pluto, which could lead to a few roadblocks or power struggles, especially in creative matters and relationships. Think delays and obstructive behaviour, as well as a touch of passive aggressive sabotage. Ultimatums are likely to be met with disdain, however, so forget the tough love approach and ignore others who try to get all ‘control freak’ on you. The bottom line: don’t expect other people, or your work, to live up to your expectations/aspirations now. This is about learning grace under pressure and realising that you most definitely are not always in control of what life deals you…

9-11 May – Sun opposite Jupiter, trine Pluto. Although you may begin today feeling quite gung-ho and confident, it’s likely that by the end of it, you’ll realise that a ‘less is more’ approach is probably going to get your further towards achieving your goals. Pluto insists that you take a realistic and honest approach to personal plans. And whatever you do, don’ pretend that you know something if you don’t – today you’ll get found out if you try faking it. Instead of adding to your life, this is a great time to pare way what is non-essential until you get to the core of what you really want. Use power and charisma wisely now.

12-13 May – Mercury square Mars conjunct Uranus. Arguments, road rage, technical malfunctions, fires and accidents are all possible over this two-day period as Mercury creates sparks with Uranus, and Mars just fans the flames. If you don’t feel like putting out fires, then slow down, come up with a plan and then make sure you also have a Plan B when Uranus throws up a few unexpected forks in the road. This is volatile, rebellious and tricksy energy, so take care, especially when travelling or using anything electrical.

15 May – Uranus into Taurus. May’s headline cosmic news – the ingress of Uranus into Taurus for the first time in 84 years should evoke a sigh of relief from those cardinal signs feeling a bit burnt out from 7 years of fairly angry, disruptive and rebellious energy we’ve all had to deal with since 2011.  Hopefully, Uranus will be a lot less volatile and disruptive in this patient, earthy portion of the zodiac. However, whenever Uranus is involved, you can expect a lot of questioning and interrogation of the status quo – along with calls for modernisation and the upheavals that that may entail, especially if there is resistance from more conservative quarters.

Over the next seven years, expect food and farming revolutions  – Uranus will no doubt start shaking up how we produce and consume food, which is very topical currently. Banking and finance are two other areas where we may see some gradual but fundamental paradigm shifts, especially in the wake of Pluto’s shake-up of the global financial system since its entry into Capricorn back in 2008.

The transition from Aries to Taurus energy will be incremental though: Uranus will move into Taurus, only to turn retrograde and head back into Aries again for a last hoorah in November, so don’t relax quite yet. There may still be a few blow-ups or -outs ahead… Just in time for the New Moon too! See this as a period for setting yourself fresh goals in relation to making lifestyle changes that bring you into closer alignment with your true values and social ideals. 

16 May – Mars into Aquarius, square Uranus. A highly unpredictable day when actions could lead to unexpected consequences. Dare to be different, but don’t be unconventional just for the sake of it – stay true to yourself and act authentically and you could well enjoy surprising successes. Speed and efficiency are good, but impetuosity and a lack of preparation will only set you back. So think your strategy through and then take action. But whatever you do, don’t allow negative emotions such as selfishness or carelessness to get the better of you. Many hands coudl also make lighter work now, so don’t be stubbornly individualistic.

19 May – Venus sextile Uranus. Love gets exciting today as Venus sidles up to quirky, unpredictable Uranus. Unexpected meetings, last-minute social invitations and unplanned creative avenues could all lead to success when it comes to romance, money and creativity now. Trying something new in terms of fashion or beauty could also yield rewards now. Today spontaneity and novelty could really pay off, so be open-minded and be prepared to take a chance or the road less travelled.

23 May – Mercury opposite Jupiter, sextile Neptune. Subtlety and nuance are likely to get you much closer to the truth today as Mercury crosses swords with blustery, know-it-all Jupiter. Being over-confident in communications or making grand claims in written work will just land you in hot water. Instead, take a much more open-ended, cooperative approach to ideas and you’ll strike just the right note in meetings or conferences. This is a time to admit how much you don’t know, rather than try to bluff your way through.

24 May – Sun trine Mars. Looking for an added boost of physical stamina, personal confidence or mental staying power? This is your transit! Mars and the Sun combine in air signs to help you get over the finishing line with breath to spare. Today you’ll be both convincing and refreshing in equal measure, so don’t shy away if you’re offered a challenge – you can manage just fine so accept with a smile.

25 May – Mercury trine Pluto, Jupiter trine Neptune. A set of two life changing cosmic events are due to take place on this red-letter day, so be sure to mark it in your diary.

Thanks to a dramatic Mercury-Pluto trine, you have the opportunity to not only earn the respect of others through what you write/teach/say, but also truly change people’s mindsets. So be sincere in your communications and think carefully before you make a speech or post your next article, sermon, lesson or blog.

Life changing trips, decisions or discussions could also be on the cards now, thanks to Mercury and Pluto…it’s time to align your life, your thoughts and your words so that they reflect your highest principles and ideals. In some respects, it’s possible that circumstances may force you into making a choice in a do-or-die, now-or-never style. Rest assured, you won’t regret making a change. More than likely, these changes have been a long time coming, so won’t completely take you by surprise. Given that this is an earth trine, you can probably expect a more gradual transition than if this occurred in say, fire or air . The key is to be clear and pragmatic in your approach.

Spiritual planets, Jupiter and Neptune also combine in a rare but flowing and harmonious water trine at 10h52 BST today. Both these outer planets are closely associated with the sensitive and giving sign of Pisces. This portion of the zodiac is associated with spiritual avatars, messiahs and uplifting movements such as charities, along with otherworldly art, poetry and music. It is therefore a truly excellent transit for artistic, charitable and humanitarian efforts. It should also make for an inspiring meditation session or musical concert.

This positive transit opens up a celestial window that encourages humanity to really demonstrate its caring and compassionate side. Being selfless, kind, empathetic and forgiving really does have the power to change people’s lives now, including your own at this uplifting time. Teachers and gurus are likely to be at their best today in terms of messages that touch hearts and set minds on fire. Lead by example and live according to your highest possible ideals.

The key will be to make yourself open and receptive enough to enter the flow of inspiration in the universe that will be accessible around this time. Become a vessel for universal love, compassion, beauty and inspiration. Forget about your own personal needs and become a beacon of light and service for the collective, even if only temporarily.

This is a window in which to strive to make yourself and others proud. Choose the high road now, whatever you encounter – you’ll look back and be glad you did.

26 May – Venus opposition Saturn. A difficult and challenging aspect to end the month with, this opposition is likely to highlight differences, in terms of age/stage/values when it comes to love relationships. Money and creativity may hit snags or delays now too. Time is not on your side today, so don’t leave things to the last-minute – and don’t be late for meetings or social gatherings now – you definitely won’t be very popular if you do. Loneliness and separations are also possible outcomes of this transit. Know that this too shall pass. However, far better to take a realistic view of matters now than try wishful thinking. Do the right thing, even if it hurts now.

Look out for my May lunar phase forecasts, beginning with the Taurus New Moon mid-month…

April 2018 Full Moon Forecast

Full Moon Scorpio NEW

April 2018 ends with a Full Moon in watery and passionate Scorpio. This particular phase in the soli-lunar calendar will take place on 30 April at 01h58 BST (02h58 SAST).


Scorpio is a fixed water sign associated with underground streams, sewers and hidden springs. As such, it has dual associations, both light and dark, with deep feelings, hidden sensitivities and secret longings, as well as profound emotional relationships and seductive connections.

Because it is also synonymous with concealed motivations/intentions and strategic behaviour, the sign of Scorpio is also associated with qualities such as manipulation, calculation, paranoia, obsession and even sinister behaviour.

However, we all fear what we don’t know about, so sometimes this sign gets a bad rap when it isn’t entirely deserved. Being misunderstood, especially with regard to loyalties and/or true intent, is often the tragedy of this sign, and with the moon about to wax to full in this area of the zodiac, don’t be surprised if you encounter scenarios in which these themes arise.

From a mundane astrology perspective, Full Moons are generally about culminations, climaxes or ending points, so you can expect the April Scorpio Full Moon to coincide with some form of emotional crescendo or situational high point, or indeed the conclusion of a matter related to psychology, crimes/criminal investigations, surgery, healing or in-depth research work.

It is also possible that you find yourself finally able to let go of a deeply buried hurt or emotional scar. It may also herald a physical healing of some kind, since Scorpio is a sign associated with rebirth and regeneration. On the negative side, there could also be a fair amount of intensity and inter-personal drama around, so take care not to get dragged into unnecessary conflicts or draining relationship dynamics, especially with family members.

With Pluto, modern ruler of Scorpio, currently retrograde, it does seem likely that whatever occurs now will involve a degree of looking back, or involve a past situation or scenario. With any luck, you’ll be shedding old baggage like a snake sheds its skin, ready to begin a new psychological phase by the time we reach the New Moon in May.


This April, the Scorpio Full Moon falls in the 10th degree, the Sabian Symbol for which is:

A fellowship supper re-awakens unforgettable inner ties.

Lynda Hill describes the symbolism, as she sees it, around this Sabian symbol:

This Symbol shows getting together with people with shared visions and histories which can be very rewarding and renewing. A “Fellowship Supper” can help connect with old friends, or provide a place for meeting new ones. Often with this degree, issues around food come up, whether it’s providing food and drink or sharing it with others. It’s important to find time to socialize with like-minded people as true friendships can come from simple gatherings. Also, there can often be the sense that one’s known people before, on a karmic level, or, stretching back into a past life. True fellowship and fraternity can bring a sweet sense of nostalgia and uplift to each individual’s life.

Keywords: Renewed bonds. Feeling like you’ve known each other before. Reunions and memories. Past life connections. Fated meetings. The Last Supper. Reaching out to others.

The Caution: Only feeling comfortable with your past. Not changing with the cycles. Not joining in. Feeling excluded. Feeling uneasy about having to face people from the past.


At the time of the April 2018 Scorpio Full Moon, the Sun and Moon will form a mini grand trine to Saturn, planet of old age, karma, time, structures and the established order.

The upshot: You may well find yourself healing/reconciling difficult situations or solving a mystery by following established traditions or tried and tested ways of dealing with such matters. In other words, there is no need to reinvent the wheel here.

There is that old saying ‘Time heals all wounds,’ and it is also possible that Saturn here represents the passage of time and its ability to help us gain perspective on old conflicts and/or difficult, even traumatic, situations.

Saturn is also very good at instilling limitations and setting emotional boundaries. It is also a planet known for instilling a sense of responsibility and bestowing longevity and emotional maturity in relationships. Perhaps you may find yourself having to to be ‘grown-up’ right now? If so, the positive aspects associated with this transit suggest that your long-suffering but patient attitude will more than likely pay off, even if this is not evident immediately.


At this Full Moon, the best strategy to success is a mixture of thoughtfulness and common sense, combined with instinctive responses. So listen to strong gut feelings and then act on them, but so cautiously and systematically.   Employing this strategy could see you earning respect from peers; and recognition from bosses. The key is consistency, so start as you mean to go on – and then keep it up until your work is done and dusted.

April 2018 – New Moon Forecast

New Moon Aries website

New Moon in Aries. 16 April 2018 at 02h57 BST

Monday’s New Moon in fiery Aries represents the chance for a fresh start. Coming on the back of Saturday’s intense and pivotal Jupiter-Pluto sextile, this injection of fresh, uncomplicated energy is likely to be a welcome change of pace for many…


Aries is considered to be the first sign of the zodiac and represents fire, spring, daybreak and all things fresh and new. This is all about the passion, enthusiasm and innocence of youth – and represents that state of unblemished potential before we become aware of all the potential pitfalls that could occur to block our path or mar our sense of optimism about the future.

In terms of zodiac sign, then, April’s Aries New Moon is all about new beginnings, passion and self-determination. Over the next 28 days, then, you may want to focus on what inspires and drives you personally. Use this period to discover what you’re passionate about and then work on introducing more of it into your life. Look out for opportunities to get involved in projects that give you an outlet for this inner fire. This may also be a time for for fresh emotional starts.

Finding positive channels for other, potentially more destructive emotions such as anger, is another way to work with this energy. Channeling it into a new exercise routine or a worthy cause are just two ways to transmute this energy from lead to gold, alchemically speaking. If you feel angry about certain injustices in the world, then now is the time to ask yourself what you can do to change them.


April’s New Moon takes place in the 27th degree of Aries. The Sabian Symbol for this is:

Through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained.

Given last month’s Pisces Blue Moon, during which both Jupiter and Mercury were retrograde, the theme of this particular Sabian symbol somehow seems pretty relevant. Pisces is all about spiritual visions and the power of the imagination, while retrograde planets offer us the opportunity to review or rectify scenarios or situations from the past. Given all this, it seems as though the New Moon is likely to provide many of us with a chance to resolve unfinished business, particularly anything involving our health, home emotions or family.

The Sabian Oracle describes the meaning of this symbol:

‘Through Imagination, a Lost Opportunity is Regained’ implies an opportunity to set something right that was thought to be gone or past any hope of recovery. The power of the mind and the imagination are the best tools to use to retrieve this issue. This symbol shows that by using creative ideas, the very thing that was ‘Lost’ can be brought back into reality.

Keywords: Harnessing the creative power of the imagination and visualization. Hopes renewed. Second chances. Last minute reprieves. Retracing your steps. Reframing negatives into positives. Being exonerated or forgiven. Retrieving lost things. Making up for lost ground or time.

The Caution: Relying on self-pity. Denying the power of the imagination. Failing to see or act on solutions or opportunities for recovery through apathy or laziness. Going over and over lost opportunities. Finding it impossible to let go. The glass half empty. Failure to appreciate what one already has.


This New Moon is surrounded by a newly direct Mercury in Aries, on one side, and Uranus, in the final degrees of Aries, on the other. In fact, the Sun and Moon will be conjunct Uranus, which is due to change signs for the first time in 7 years next month, so this is a pretty significant moment.

If certain themes have continued to arise for you on a regular basis since 2011, especially concerning your attitudes to change, personal authenticity, new technology, or the current direction of society, then this may be your moment to finally do something different. Will you head the call and take your life in a new, perhaps more authentic or exciting direction?  The choice is yours. When Uranus is concerned, there is always an element of risk involved. But if you’ve thought about this for 7 years, then chances are, you’ll never be more ready to take a leap of faith than you are now…

Coming off the back of Saturday’s Jupiter-Pluto sextile (14 Apr), it’s possible that you may already have made some pretty momentous decisions, in which case, this aspect is merely a formality.

It’s also entirely possible that an outside catalyst, such as an unexpected event, may help make the decision for you – or just give you a big fat wake-up call.

So, if you had any doubts about acting on your heart’s most passionate desires, then this particular New Moon is likely to remove them – for once and for all.