December’s Astro-Insights

 Your Guide to the Astrological Weather for December 2014…

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December is about celebration and closure as we head towards the end of 2014; and the beginning of 2015. To get the low down on what to expect from the cosmic weather this month, read on…


Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases


The Moon joins the Sun as it ingresses into Sagittarius on the 22nd at 12h32 GMT. Generally speaking, this is a good time to begin new initiatives with regard to foreign travel, further education, philosophy, religion and the law. Saturn will conjunct this New Moon, which will add a more serious overtone to proceedings. The urge to make concrete plans and trust that people will keep their promises now is likely to be fairly strong. Emotionally, you will be attracted to ideas and plans that are solid, practical and make sense, rather than airy fair notions. However, with Mercury also in the mix, it’s possible that you may have trouble focusing or following through, especially given that Jupiter will be square to the planet of intellect and communication at the time of the New Moon. The key will be to try and strike a balance between good intentions and the ability to follow through, avoid grandiose plans or schemes, and avoid exaggerating about your abilities or position because it’s very likely you’ll be asked to put your money where your mouth is in the next month or so.


During December’s first week, we can look forward to a Full Moon in curious and communicative Gemini. As the polar opposite sign to Sagittarius, the area of the zodiac where many planets are located at this time of year, Gemini helps to keep attitudes to learning and communication light, youthful and open. Gemini reminds us that we can sometimes get stuck in attitudes and beliefs that can masquerade as fact, and that it is always good to update our knowledge and views to stay in touch with the times. As an air sign, Gemini prefers emotional detachment, lightheartedness and opportunities to meet, move about and talk to fresh faces. However, over a prolonged period, this can  lead to superficiality, scatteredness and a lack of structure. With the Moon waxing to full here, it is possible that you may wish to change tack if this has become the case. A short trip, political campaign or course could come to an end around now. An article or blog post that you have been working on may also get published around about this time.


A day after the Sun ingresses into Capricorn, the Moon follows suit, leading to a Sun-Moon conjunction at 01h36 GMT/UT that presages the start of a brand new lunar cycle – just in time for the New Year! For the next month, you may want to try and be more organised in terms of domestic routines and arrangements – you’ll gain an enormous amount of satisfaction, as well as a sense of security, if your life is structured, and you are making progress in terms of achieving your goals now than if you just ‘freestyle’ and leave things to chance. This is likely to be a period where work is favoured over play, so don’t be surprised if you or loved ones come across as a tad remote, distant or unavailable. Life may present you with lessons or situations in you are forced to act like the grown-up or alternatively, take a step back from certain emotional dramas for the sake of self-preservation. The message then, is to toughen up and get stuck into all those jobs and errands you may have been avoiding over the last few months. The sooner you tackle these, the sooner they will no longer block your progress.

Solar Phases


This year, the winter solstice will take place at 23h03 GMT/UT on December the 21st. This marks the shortest day and officially, is the halfway point between winter and spring. Despite the fact that January and February are often a lot colder than November and December in the northern hemisphere, from the perspective of day versus night, light versus dark, this is the point at which we celebration the gradual return of the sun as it begins to rise in declination, climbing higher and higher in the sky as the days go by and bringing back the light and (eventually) heat that we earthly creatures all crave so much. The Sun’s ingress into the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn will shift our focus towards the responsibilities, problems and obstacles we are likely to face in the New Year, and encourage us to come up with a strategy for how to manage, deal or overcome these. Serious, hardworking and ambitious, Capricorn brings status and worldly position to those willing to shoulder burdens, take responsibility and not shy away from a challenge. As a result, this is likely to be a month during which you are brought face to face with certain troublesome issues or niggly chores so that you can finally lay them to rest and start 2015 with a clean slate. On a more positive note, you may also be given more responsibility in the form of a promotion at work, or via election to public office, so it’s not all doom and gloom where Capricorn is concerned! The upshot: the more you are prepared to own up to anything that has your name on, it, the more credit you’ll get in the public arena.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout December 2014


Uranus Direct: 21-22 December

There’s a lot going on at the winter solstice this year! Not only so the Sun and Moon ingress into Capricorn around this time, signalling the arrival of the New Moon, but Uranus, planet of change and innovation, is due to change direction. This is likely to mean that there will be plenty of opportunities to make adjustments, reforms and even radical shifts, starting from the 21st. This blast of cardinal energy will encourage people to be independent and self-sufficient when it comes to personal decisions. It also challenges people to take the initiative and find a way to be as inclusive of the viewpoints and needs of different age groups as possible. The old and new guard could clash (again!) otherwise. Overall, if you want to start 2015 coming from a more authentic and truthful place, then Uranus will be on hand to give you the courage to do so. Any setbacks, delays or disruptions to the manufacturing or launch of tech innovations, electrical components or magnetic frequency processes will finally disappear.

Jupiter Retrograde: 9 Dec 2014 – 6 Mar 2015

This month, the great benefic, Jupiter, will begin its annual retrograde spell in the constellation of Leo. Although this is likely to dissipate its expansive and fortunate energy somewhat, it will also be retracing its steps through the degrees of the zodiac that it passed through since its ingress into the sign of the lion in July 2014. For those with a prominent Sun, or important natal placements in this area of the zodiac, it is likely to mean a second chance to make an impact, find fame or simply shine in our chosen field or activity, so all is not lost!

However, in line with David Cameron’s recent predictions about the world economy, I do believe that this will lead to a global financial slowdown, as optimism from the first flush of a global economic recovery begins to wane. It is therefore not a great idea to spend too extravagantly or take big investments risks, especially if you are a luxury brand, a celebrity, country leader or entertainment mogul. This is especially likely to be the case in early February 2015 when the Sun, earth and Jupiter line up for an opposition. This marks the closest point to Earth that Jupiter will reach until June 2019, so promises to be quite important from an astrological point of view. Set ego’s aside and work for the greater good now, and you will reap the benefits of this somewhat muted no less potent energy. Still, on the positive side, it will probably mean more of those wonderful Jupiter trines that we enjoyed so much during 2014, starting with a Sun-Jupiter trine on Dec 14, so hang in there – all is not lost! You just need to focus on making the most of what you already have, or trying to resurrect past/existing projects rather than start new ventures.


Mars into Aquarius: 4 Dec – 12 Jan 2015

Mars end sits stay in ambitious Capricorn on the 3rd, ingressing into progressive and innovative Aquarius on the 4th. This is will result in a shift of focus and energy away from climbing the corporate ladder or winning influential allies, towards humanitarian pursuits and joining groups of like-minded individuals. You’re likely to feel less of a need to conform, and more of a drive towards being more yourself, warts and all. Living a more authentic life and expressing your unique skills and talents is likely to be a big draw now. You’re also motivated to be more innovative when it comes to sports, and embrace technology or science in the pursuit of health and fitness. Sex could get a little kinky now, so if you’re single, then embrace your wilder side!

Saturn into Sagittarius: 23 Dec 2014 – 22 Dec 2015 

Towards the end of this month, Saturn, the planet of structure, duty and karma, enters optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius where it will remain for the next year or so. This is going to be quite a shift from brooding and harsh Scorpio! Get ready to make more of your spare time, travel for work and perhaps incorporate your beliefs and core values into the way you do business. This is going to be a much more upbeat and less intense transit than the last one, something that is likely to make many of you breathe a sigh of relief. 

However, whenever Saturn is involved in something, we can expect some degree of restriction, contraction or formalisation to occur, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself undergoing a bit of a spring clean with regards to your religious beliefs, cultural traditions and philosophical ideals, especially if they no longer seem relevant to you in practice/real life. Saturn is not interested in maybe’s or possibilities but in facts and actual experiences, so if certain paradigms don’t live up to expectation when put to the test, then they are likely to be cast out.  Cautious optimism, careful expansion and calculated risks are all likely to characterise this 12-month period.

Venus into Capricorn: 10 Dec – 3 Jan 2015

This month, Venus is due to ingress into serious Capricorn, which is likely to result in a somewhat more muted approach to love and romance. Potential suitors could come over all introverted, cautious and shy – or you could find yourself suddenly becoming a little reticent about coming forward when others make approaches. Any kind of romantic courtship is also more likely to follow tradition or convention now, so be prepared to take things slow and act like a lady or gentleman. Also, the old adage about love and money may now become very appropriate – you’re more likely to find someone attractive if they are of good moral and social standing, wealthy or have status in some way. Learning to be more emotionally or financially self-sufficient and able to enjoy your own company may be another lesson of this period, as will be concentrating on what really matters when it comes to relationships. This is not a period for hedonism and casual affairs, but rather a time when qualities such as commitment, loyalty, dependability, pragmatism and economic stability are likely to become important.

Creatively and artistically, this is a period when pragmatism and material success will play an important role in determining the type of objects/paintings or photographs you produce. Art for its own sake is wonderful, but even artists need to eat, so being a little commercially savvy and doing limited edition runs of prints or affordable items for the mass market is not a bad way to subsidise your more esoteric artistic pursuits now. Aesthetically, minimalism is likely to make a comeback, as is a preference for muted colours in earth tones, especially the grey palette.

Mercury into Capricorn: 17 Dec – 5 Jan 2015

Mid-month, Mercury will follow Venus’ example and ingress into sensible, old-fashioned Capricorn. This is likely to result in a period when people will talk less and listen more, so be economical in your speech and careful about what you say now, especially if you want to make an impression. At this time, people will really value your opinion as you will exude a wise and sagelike air, so take your role as adviser seriously and only comment on topics in which you have some expertise or can speak with some authority. Being circumspect and careful in terms of your thinking and style of self-expression will only add to your credibility  – you’ll be seen as someone knowledgeable and experienced – both excellent qualities to exude if you want to win public trust or the admiration of bosses or co-workers.

This is not the time to take risks on new concepts or ideas – instead, stick to what you know and leave the risk-taking until the spring. The same approach to money will help you avoid any potential losses or investment pitfalls. Instead, opt for safer methods of growing your best egg, even if the returns are not as large – safe and secure is no bad thing right now. Putting your intellectual faculties to practical or serious use, such as planning your next move with regards to achieving key personal or career goals in the new year, is a great way to use this energy. If you do have to travel, make contingency plans  – carry a book and make sure you have the contact details of potential hotels – in case of potential delays or cancellations. That way, you won’t be disappointed or frustrated if things end up taking longer than you anticipated.


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November’s Astro-Insights

 Your Guide to the Astrological Weather for November 2014…

Driving on an empty road towards the moon

November is as much about consolidation and fine-tuning as it is about taking steps to refine or reform key life structures, routines and relationships. With plenty of planets passing through the sign of Scorpio, a theme likely to be prevalent all month is that of power and its use or abuse. To get the low down on what to expect from the cosmic weather, read on…


Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases


Last month, we began a brand new six month cycle care of the New Moon solar eclipse, which coincided with the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio. As I wrote last month, this event also involved Venus and Mercury, making it likely that self-expression and assertiveness within relationships, as well as inter-personal communication styles, may prove to be key over the next half-year period. Inherited or borrowed money, as well as intimacy and shared resources are also possible themes that may be highlighted between now and April 2015.

For a recap of what I wrote about this soli-lunar event last month, visit my October Astro-Insights page.

I will also shortly be posting a mundane eclipse forecast for the latest eclipse series, so look out for it in the next week or so.


As a follow-up to last month’s Scorpio New Moon, we can expect a Full Moon in earthy Taurus on the 6th at 22h23 GMT. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, making it a very powerful and beneficial time. Take stock where money and possessions are concerned and ask yourself whether you are happy with certain routines or your diet. If not, it may be time to let go of excess baggage, whether this be a few pounds or some bad spending habits.

With Venus orbiting close to the Sun at the time, it seems likely that this particular Full Moon will highlight any outstanding financial issues within relationships that need resolving, such as bank loans, property mortgages, alimony, divorce settlements, investments, joint bank accounts or inheritances.

Relationships are definitely likely to be a flash point now. Getting the balance right in terms of the give and take within personal relationships often means facing up to underlying power imbalances, which can be emotionally awkward. But with Pluto sextiling the Sun, face up to them you must. If someone close to you has been using you or failing to pay their way, the time has come to discuss a different arrangement or draw a line in the sand.

Although you could experience inner conflict between fulfilling your needs and those of other people at this time, it is important to find a way through problems. Although challenging, it will help to develop greater understanding and improve dynamics long term. Healing and transformation are all possible now, provided neither party remains in denial.


The Moon joins the Sun as it ingresses into Sagittarius on the 22nd at 12h32 GMT. Generally speaking, this is a good time to begin new initiatives with regard to foreign travel, further education, philosophy, religion and the law.

Saturn will conjunct this New Moon, which will add a more serious overtone to proceedings. The urge to make concrete plans and trust that people will keep their promises now is likely to be fairly strong. Emotionally, you will be attracted to ideas and plans that are solid, practical and make sense, rather than airy fair notions.

However, with Mercury also in the mix, it’s possible that you may have trouble focusing or following through, especially given that Jupiter will be square to the planet of intellect and communication at the time of the New Moon.

The key will be to try and strike a balance between good intentions and the ability to follow through, avoid grandiose plans or schemes, and avoid exaggerating about your abilities or position because it’s very likely you’ll be asked to put your money where your mouth is in the next month or so.

Solar Phases


On November 22, the Sun will ingress into gregarious and enthusiastic Sagittarius, making the next month a great time to focus on sports, large animals, learning new things and expressing your intellectual and cultural nous. Expect your conscious energy to be focused on wide-ranging, exciting activities that uplift the spirits and widen horizons such as exploratory research or travel abroad.

Adventure and cultural expression are both liable to play a key role in your life now. You’re particularly likely to become enthusiastic about anything that inspires you and helps you forget about daily chores. Religion, law, philosophy, academia, and ethics are just some of the many areas which may attract your attention now. People from foreign lands or who speak different languages could help to simulate you and provide a fresh and different perspective on life. At this time, you will also gain enjoyment from setting goals and making plans for the future, as you’ll be in an optimistic and positive frame of mind.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout November 2014


Neptune Direct Retrograde: 16 November

Mid-November, Neptune is due to station in Pisces, returning once more to forward motion.This signals a time to focus your creative and psychic energies on the future, and to share any healing, artistic or compassionate urges with the world rather than keeping them private. Charitable fundraising and artistic activities, especially using film or art to raise awareness for a good cause, should finally get somewhere now.


Mercury back into Scorpio: 8 – 27 Nov

After October’s retrograde spell, Mercury is currently retracing its steps through Libra and back into Scorpio, from where it changed direction last month. As it does so, expect issues and themes from the last few weeks to finally begin to clear up or move forward once again. For a recap of what Mercury in Scorpio is all about, you can re-visit my October Astro-Insights page.

Venus into Sagittarius: 16 Nov – 10 Dec

Mid-November, Venus enters playful and flirtatious Sagittarius from where she is likely to help singletons attract suitors aplenty. Those already in relationships will probably feel the urge to either share more adventures or cultural stimulus with their partners or else seek more freedom and independence within existing partnerships. Sagittarius, whilst being a jolly and game sign, is not exactly known for letting the grass grow under its feet, which could mean plenty of opportunities for fun but not really a yearning for commitment. Art-wise, this is a good time to deal in paintings or photographs that depict far flung places, equestrian scenes or sports.

Mars into Capricorn: 26 Oct – 4 December

Late last month, energetic Mars shifted into Capricorn, a position where it is traditionally exalted. Mars will remain in this sign for the whole of November, making it a great time to pursue your dreams and achieve your ambitions in a clear, precise and methodical way. The steadying influence of sensible Capricorn is also likely to mean that ordinarily rash or brash individuals will not only act with some discretion, but also do so responsibly and ethically. However, don’t be fooled – Mars here indicates enormous determination and deep seated drive, so anyone with strong Mars or Capricorn influences is likely to become quite domineering or controlling if they feel threatened, or if their goals are in any way thwarted.


November begins with a series of really fabulous aspects that are certainly worth noting in your diary! Venus in particular will be very busy this month, which bodes well for love and relationships. Below is a breakdown of this month’s key astrological highlights.

Big ideas, philosophical outlook, infectious enthusiasm, gentle persuasion
Mercury sextile Jupiter, Venus sextile Pluto – 1 November

As November opens, we can look forward to another expansive and upbeat sextile between Mercury and Jupiter. Any big ideas or bold plans first formulated or mooted on or around October 20 which may have been temporarily halted or paused as a result of Mercury’s retrograde spell now get the green light. Discussions concerning intellectual partnerships or philosophical affiliations should go well now, as will any attempt to approach important people for their support or financial backing.

With Venus also due to make a sextile to Pluto today, it seems very likely that relationships of all kinds may also receive a boost. If you need to talk about the future, or find a way to work through a thorny issue, this is the time to do so. Relations with authority or with parents or senior figures are also well-starred. This is a great time to make changes and express your passionate side, so be brave and speak your mind!

Artistically, this could be a time of creative breakthroughs, deep realisations and the subtle development of highly effective or powerfully provocative techniques. It could also be a great period of physical or psychological healing if you’re prepared to open yourself up and deal with difficult or deeply buried personal issues.

Fluid movements, fertile imagination, pursuing your dreams, sacred sexuality
Mars sextile Neptune – 1 Nov

After their trine on the 7th of August, the planets of willpower and spirituality meet again, this time with Mars in Capricorn – a highly favourable sign. The combination of ethical action and subtle, compassionate understanding makes for a potent combination. If you have a goal or ambition that you never in your wildest dreams thought you’d get a chance to pursue, then dust it off and do something about making it a reality – chances are that you’ll be surprised at how far you’re able to take things now.

Personal power, self-healing, relationship transformation
Sun conjunct Venus sextile Pluto – 3 November

Last month, you may have encountered a number of challenging relationship issues or had to make some tough personal choices and/or drastic lifestyle changes around the Sun-Pluto square, especially between October 4th and 8th. Now, however you’ll begin to reap the benefits of your actions. Cutting out what was superfluous, getting back to basics and reassessing your priorities is likely to begin to pay off at the beginning of November as the Sun and Venus both sextile powerful and passionate Pluto.

The Sun-Pluto sextile makes this a great time to assert your power for the greater good, reaffirm your alliances with important people or practise tried and tested ways to maintain health and vitality. In fact, all forms of individual transformation are favoured now, as are pursuits such as research, psycho-therapy and personal healing.

Romance-wise, the involvement of Venus makes this is a superb time to meet a tall, dark stranger who is both sexy and charismatic, if a tad mysterious. Passions run deep, but substance matters as much as style, so if you’re single make sure your chat is as good as your outfit this week-end if you want to land yourself a hottie.

Self-indulgence, over-spending, power struggles
Venus square Jupiter – 9 November

A month after the wonderful Venus-Jupiter sextile, some adjustments may be necessary as Venus moves to square Jupiter. Too much of a good thing can sometimes lead to laziness, apathy and selfishness – none of which are especially admirable qualities. Although a higher-up may be willing to do you a favour today, it could come at a price – just be sure it is one you are willing to pay! At work, you’ll need to push yourself a bit harder on order to motivate yourself. A good day to leave the credit card at home and make an appointment with your personal trainer who can whip you into shape. Whatever you do, don’t squander any opportunities for learning or expansion that come your way just because you don’t feel like it right now – you’ll regret it later!

Bold changes, impulsive action, explosive anger
Mars conjunct Pluto (square Uranus) – 11 November

Mars and Pluto, the two planets most associated with focus and willpower, meet in determined Capricorn today. This has the potential to turn you into a dynamo of energy and productivity and a force for change in the world. However, with Uranus hovering close to a square with Pluto, there will be an element of unpredictability and volatility in the air. Be careful when handling power cables, be sure to back up your computer and take extra care with online transactions. Sudden and uncontrolled impulsiveness and explosive anger are both possible now if those who feel powerless or desperate are challenged or threatened in any way, so watch out, especially when out driving.

Volatile energy, sudden explosions, motor accidents
Mars square Uranus – 13 November

A few days after Mars conjuncts Pluto, it moves on to square erratic Uranus. This could lead to erratic and unpredictable, possibly even violent behaviour, power short circuits and even flash mobs or explosions, so be extremely cautious when handling volatile substances, driving or operating machinery. Also, don’t be surprised if you experience sudden bursts of energy or are taken aback by angry outbursts from others. The key is to listen to any sudden warnings, premonitions or flashes of intuition and then act quickly to protect yourself and others from possible fires or dangerous technical malfunctions.

Serious art, romantic commitment, profound creative shifts
Venus conjunct Saturn – 13 November

Today, it’s possible that you’ll have that chat about the future you’ve been putting off for so long. With Venus and Saturn set to meet in serious, ‘tell it like it is’ Scorpio, it may be time to confront any possible problems or limitations within current relationships. Commitment, obligations, trust and reliability are all possible themes now. However, if you’re both prepared to work things out, the possibilities for healing and deeper levels of intimacy are very possible. Promises made at this time are for keeps, so choose your words wisely and think carefully about romantic propositions before responding.

Creatively, this could be a very productive time. Statement art could pack a powerful punch now, whilst sculptures or architectural forms could reach new heights (or depths) now. A great time to lay down the foundations for the future artistically.

Inflation, over-confidence, over-commitment
Sun square Jupiter – 14 November

Following in the wake of Venus is the Sun, which is due to clash with Jupiter today. This planetary pairing can often lead to overbearing and over-confident behaviour, as well as a tendency to boast or exaggerate – just something to bear in mind if you have a job interview or a client pitch. Let’s face it: No one likes a show-off, so try to reign in any tendencies to grand stand, and be sure to take it easy when it comes to plans and commitments. You could very easily take on too much today, or promise too much to others. Be realistic and don’t attempt to be superhuman now – you’ll only end up frazzled and/or with egg on your face.

Energetic self-expression, words into action, quick thinking
Mercury sextile Mars – 21 November

After some potential break-through moments of realisation care of a transformative meeting with Pluto, Mercury heads towards a stimulating sextile with ambitious and astute Mars. The result is likely to be that today you are on top mental form, exhibiting sharp judgement, quick thinking and a level of astuteness and eloquence that at other times you wish you had at your disposal. This is therefore an excellent day to make your mark career-wise, especially if you are due to make a presentation, pitch or speech. Those who work in the fields of education, coaching or the media, especially anything related to motoring, medicine or sports will be especially grateful for this aspect as it will keep you on the top of your game. On a more personal level, this is an excellent period in which to put plans into action, execute an advertising or political campaign. You’ll also be a fast learner, so if you plan to take a course or acquire a new skill, this is an auspicious time to begin a new course.

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October’s Astro-Insights

Your Guide to the Astrological Weather for October 2014…

Prepare yourself for a month of expansion, excitement, progress and adventure. Thanks to plenty of planetary action involving lucky Jupiter, coupled with several powerful aspects occurring during this month’s lunar eclipse in Aries, October is set to be an excellent time for pursuing your passions and engaging in fresh activities that are meaningful and fulfilling, both personally and professionally. For my tips on which dates to do what, read on!


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Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN LIBRA – 23 September 2014

No sooner does the Sun ingress into Libra, than it moves to join the Moon in a cosy conjunction, resulting in a New Moon in the very same sign. This double dose of Libra, the sign most strongly associated with symmetry, fairness and peace, signals a month in which many of us will strive for personal harmony and emotional balance, especially within relationships and domestic settings.

Being a New Moon and therefore setting in motion a fresh lunar cycle, it is also a good time to initiate legal action or take steps to set up new agreements with business partners, as well as iron out differences in political deals or peace treaty negotiations. From a creative point of view, pairs, dual aspects, and balanced repeat patterns may work better than individual or single items and images. If you have any kind of emotional dilemma, share it with another person – you’ll feel so much better for it. Partnering up to complete a work project may also prove to be a canny move over the next four weeks or so.

FULL MOON IN ARIES – 08 October 2014

With a Full Moon in fiery Aries set for the first week of October, don’t be surprised if you instinctively find yourself somewhat busier than usual early on this month. Personal matters could come to a head now, catching you off-guard, so keep on top of developments and make sure you are prepared to act quickly to protect your interests. Emotionally, this may be a time when you feel you need to assert yourself more strongly than usual – not necessarily a bad thing if you usually defer to those more pushy or bossy than yourself.

This Full Moon also happens to be a lunar eclipse, which is likely to make you aware of a growing internal need to be more self-sufficient personally and professionally. Don’t be surprised if you decide to move out of home or choose to begin making decisions more autonomously, without interference or advice from others. You could also find that certain solo initiatives or private matters that began in March 2014 could come to a climax/conclusion around this time. You may want to cast your mind back to establish whether what takes place now has its roots in last April’s Aries lunation – the answers could hold clues as to what to expect now.

The good news is that this particular Full Moon eclipse will form part of a stunning diamond aspect pattern, one that includes expansive Jupiter in Leo, the confident Sun in cuddly Libra and Mars in happy-go-lucky Sagittarius. This is likely to mean that any six-month old initiatives and projects end with something of a bang, now, but in a good way! You could well find yourself propelled into the limelight, or find your horizons widening in the near future as a result of current developments Think golden handshakes, career high notes and emotional fireworks. Clearly, although a potentially very busy time, there is also likely to be cause to celebrate.


Just as one door closes, a new one opens…. Around the time of the New Moon, we have a solar eclipse in Scorpio to look forward to. This ushers in a fresh half year cycle in which new enterprises, plans or schemes involving antiques, recycling, research, psychotherapy or crime fighting are likely to be well-starred.

Venus in Scorpio and Mercury in Libra also form part of the mix, which suggests that sex, intimacy and relationships could also somehow be involved in what unfolds between now and next April. If you’re single, you could run into, or hear from, an old flame. Couples could find themselves dealing with brand new issues around passion, temptation and how to keep the spark alive.

Inheritances, loans and shared resources are other areas where you could see fresh developments. If you are keen to become more financially self-sufficient, or acquire a property, perhaps to renovate or restore, then get ready to get the ball rolling.

The only downer is Uranus, which will be opposing the North Node at the New Moon. This could add an even more unpredictable, possibly even impulsive air to proceedings than usual, so take care to avoid accidents and don’t be too rash when it comes to acting on your desires or impulses. Selfish deed could come back to haunt you or others further down the line.

For more details about what to expect from the October eclipses, look out for my mundane eclipse forecast.

Solar Phases

SUN INTO SCORPIO – 23 October 2014

The Sun glides into enigmatic and passionate Scorpio on October the 23rd, which is sure to add an air of depth and mystery to personal matters. Secrets, taboo subjects, puzzles and unsolved problems are all likely to become a source of interest or focus during the next month.

This is a time when substance, rather than style, is likely to predominate, so be sure to do your homework before going into any important meeting or discussion – otherwise you may be caught out by someone in dogged pursuit of the truth. On the plus side, this positioning is likely to make your concentration good, and your powers of perception, razor sharp – excellent for research and detective work!

Still, it isn’t great if you have something to hide – Scorpio seems to have a knack for sniffing out people with secrets or hidden skeletons and usually who won’t settle for anything less than whole story. The only way to avoid gossip and scandal is to be scrupulously open and admit upfront to any potential conflicts of interest or indiscretions, especially in business dealings, before anyone else can catch you out. Honesty really is the best policy now.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout October 2014


Mercury Retrograde: 5-26 October

During October, Mercury will be retrograde for most of the month, which may mean that matters related to recycling, antiques, restoration and research are delayed or need reviewing due to unexpected hitches or obstacles of one sort or another. This reversal in direction also means that Mercury will re-enter the sign of Libra on the 10th, which could result in certain relationship issues coming back to haunt you. Legal proceedings may also slow down or completely grind to a halt for a few weeks. Power cuts and energy shortages are also possibilities now. However, all is not doom and gloom: this is a great time to revise existing projects, perhaps by updating them with more thorough, in-depth information, or just finishing things them off properly – no bad thing! Too often in life, everyday distractions prevent us from looking into things as deeply as we’d like, and this retrograde provides you with the perfect opportunity to do just that.


Mercury into Scorpio: 27 Sep – 9 Oct

Thoughts deepen and words are more carefully chosen as Mercury ingresses into passionate and brooding Scorpio on September the 27th. This more serious but sensitive atmosphere is likely to pervade the two weeks straddling the end of September and beginning of October, making it a perfect time for quiet reflection, in-depth research and intense chats with those you feel you can be yourself with. Discretion and trust are likely to be two very important qualities, especially in business, while the planet of communication, learning and self-expression is in Scorpio…If certain parties are being secretive, though, don’t worry – the truth will come out, especially once Mercury retrogrades on the 5th.

Mercury back into Libra: 10 Oct – 9 Nov

No sooner does Mercury switch signs, than it begins to slow down and finally station as October opens. This means, that just two weeks into its tour of Scorpio, Mercury will retrace its steps into Libra, where it will remain for the rest of the month. As a result, you can expect a resurgence of legal issues, relationship niggles and equality debates, especially any unfinished business left over from September. Be prepared to pick up where you left off.

For a recap of what Mercury in Libra is all about, revisit my September Astro-Insights column.

Venus into Libra: 13 Sep – 25 Oct

In late September, Venus will ingress into its own sign – peace-loving and relationship-oriented Libra. Harmony and the balancing of opposite qualities or points of view is what Libra strives for, whilst Venus loves to socialise and surround herself with beauty. As such, you can expect the period surrounding this ingress to really amplify the Libran need to collaborate and seek equilibrium, especially when it comes to one-to-one interactions. Consider this the ideal time to get personal. Around now, you may also find yourself seeking out pleasure, admiring beautiful objects or people with exceptionally good looks, and getting creative. Venus in Libra should also help to amplify those attributes needed for successful relationships: charm, diplomacy, compromise, fairness and equality. Artistically, this is a period when symmetrical lines, matching pairs and dual colours or motifs are likely to feature quite strongly.


This month, we have a slew of cosmic power days to look forward to. Below are some astrological highlights to take note of during October.

Power struggles, personal choices, relationship challenges 
Sun, Venus square Pluto – 4, 8 October
After making some much-needed lifestyle changes last month, you may now be challenged to make a few adjustments so that plans or arrangements flow more smoothly. If others have secretly felt threatened by your recent personal choices, they may now give voice to this. Depending on their personality, they could try to undermine your decisions using underhanded tactics; or if they are more confident, blatantly challenge your authority, perhaps by calling your judgement or choices into question. The key is to understand the fears that may lie behind their actions and then take steps to either reassure them or win them over to your way of thinking. Of course, they may have a point or two, in which case, don’t be too proud to listen. If they are simply being control freaks, be prepared to stand your ground and possibly risk social disapproval in the short term.

Bold changes, inspired action, living your truth
Mars trine Uranus – 5 October

Coming in the wake of last month’s Jupiter-Uranus trine, which may have seen you come up with some inspired ideas or inventions, a Mars-Uranus trine in the first week of October invites you to take action and put those ideas or beliefs into practice. This is your chance to live more authentically and independently, so if you feel stuck or trapped, this is your opportunity to break out of old patterns or ruts. During the days surrounding this aspect, you’ll have a lot more energy, confidence and enthusiasm, which should help you to overcome obstacles and in many cases, make some surprising progress. You could discover a shortcut to fitness/good health or encounter a technical breakthrough which significantly improves how you do things going forward. Mustering up the courage to take inspired action will be much easier than usual, so don’t be afraid to act on your intuition now.

Enthusiasm, self-confidence, expansive efforts, good energy & physical vitality
Mars trine Jupiter sextile the Sun – 8-10 October

Close to the time of the Full Moon, we have a formation known as a minor grand trine forming in the sky between go-getting Mars, expansive Jupiter and the self-confident Sun. This aspect pattern favours positive assertion and enthusiastic self-expression within existing relationships, as well as providing you with plenty of opportunities to form fortunate new alliances with important people. With the Nodes also involved, it’s likely that destiny may well intervene now to help you throw off any debilitating inhibitions and truly be yourself, with the help and co-operation of others. Between the 8th and 10th of October, you may find events or circumstances enable you to discover what you’re really made of, and enable you to express yourself to your fullest potential. The people that come into your life now may act as catalysts, helping to turbo boost your capacity to realise a personal ambition or gain recognition for your efforts. Seize the day, as they say! An excellent time for sportsmen, teachers and those in the spotlight.

Luck in love, favourable legal rulings, social prominence
Venus sextile Jupiter – 14 October

Prepare to be inspired and motivated, even captivated today as charming Venus once again sextiles fortunate Jupiter. A repeat of their earlier meeting in June 2014, though this time in air/fire signs, you’re likely to feel very optimistic about the future and feel revved up about making things work in your favour. Around this time, you could meet someone charismatic, beguiling or simply fascinating, and for once, they may not turn out to be too good to be true. Singles, this is one of those windows when the phrase ‘lucky in love’ could apply to you, so get out there and mingle!

Creatively, this is likely to be a golden period during which you could come up with a headline concept that proves to be a big hit. Socially, it’s possible you could find yourself rising to prominence. You could be introduced to a VIP who could open doors for you. Pleasure, hedonism and luxury are also key themes now, so revel in the moment and enjoy what life has to offer.

Self-assertion, confident self-expression, integrity & poise
Sun, Mercury sextile Mars – 15-17 October

Prepare for a dynamic period when your words and actions sync perfectly with your sense of identity and integrity. As October unfolds, a stellium of planets will form in the fair and just sign of Libra, including the Sun and Mercury, from where they will continue to make positive contacts to Mars and Jupiter for most of the month. This makes an auspicious time for expanding your mind, horizons and moving beyond your comfort zone.

For the next few days, you could attract people and situations to you that enable you to act from a centered and balanced place, and express yourself with complete confidence and poise. By definition, integrity is about demonstrating a high level of consistency between your thoughts, principles and values on one hand, and your words and deeds, on the other. This aspect will provide you with the conditions and support necessary to express yourself from just such an authentic and honourable place. Show others what you’re truly made of now! Let the Libran principles of fairness, balance, moderation and peace be your guide.

Big ideas, philosophical outlook, infectious enthusiasm, gentle persuasion
Mercury sextile Jupiter, Venus sextile Mars – 20 October

Today, two planets in the Libra stellium make separate but simultaneous sextile aspects to Mars and Jupiter, located in the fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius. The combination of Libra (charm, fairness and sympathy) with the creativity, dynamism and enthusiasm of Leo and Sagittarius make this a day for taking risks and acting on big plans. This is a great time to approach those in authority for favours, whether this be getting the right backing for a dream project or winning over key supporters to a cause close to your heart. You can communicate your ideas and principles clearly and persuasively now, whilst also being able to turn on the charm and still have enough confidence and dynamism to motivate people to act. It is therefore a great day for making important speeches, doing a big sales presentation or launching a new product, especially in the beauty, fitness or automotive fields

Creative self-expression, intuitive guidance, profound perceptions
Sun conjunct Venus trine Neptune – 25-28 October

As we near the end of the month, Venus and the Sun finally catch up to each other, forming a conjunction in passionate Scorpio on the 25th. A few days later, both planets simultaneously reach out to Neptune in compassionate and sensitive Pisces, forming a flowing trine in the triplicity of water. This configuration is likely to emphasise intuition and emotion over intellect, encouraging you to follow your heart and listen to your inner voice because it may well have some very wise and inspiring guidance for you now. Your creative antenna will also be finely-tuned. In fact, with the Sun and Venus involved, self-expression is highly favoured. Not only will you have a deep sense of self-possession, but you will also be highly aware of the existence of beauty and mystery in the world and in a subtle enough state to be able to capture the ephemeral nature of such phenomena. An excellent few days for healing, meditation, spiritual and artistic pursuits.

Any new relationships or romances formed now will also have a magical quality about them. You could find yourself experiencing an almost telepathic connection with somebody now, possibly even a complete stranger. Don’t second-guess yourself too much now – just surrender to the weirdness of life and go with it if it happens. With such good aspects around, the outcome is unlikely to be bad.

For more details of what to expect day by day, be sure to check out my daily astro-insights on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.

September 2014 Astro-Insights

 gold wheat sheafs

Your Guide to the Astrological Weather for September 2014…

Get ready for a month of reviews, reforms and changes as work, family life or power structures begin to shift, and certain rules and laws finally get reappraised. Thanks to plenty of contact with Pluto, September is a great month to re-organise your company, institute major lifestyle changes; reinvent yourself, release old baggage or become more efficient and effective. Read on to discover the best times to take action.

Also, at the autumn equinox, I will be launching a brand new type of relationship astro-report called ‘Kindred Spirits.’ This identifies certain trends in your natal horoscope that may help you to identify your key emotional needs and ‘decode’ certain relationship patterns in your life that may keep repeating themselves, thereby helping you to better understand the way you relate to others, and they to you. If you order one between now and Halloween, you’ll get a whopping 33% off the normal price, so get in quick! Look out for details on Facebook & Twitter!


Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN VIRGO – 25 August 2014

In the last week of August, a New Moon began a new monthly lunar cycle for us all. This one, which took place in modest, hardworking Virgo, favours new initiatives and fresh starts in the arena of gardening, handmade goods, writing/editing projects, health & nutrition and any job that requires assisting someone else. Precision and helpfulness are two qualities emphasised now.

This particular New Moon happened to oppose Neptune, which suggests that sub-theme this month may be that of confidence, sacrifice and practicality. How realistic are you in terms of your expectations, both of yourself and others? Learning to be constructive with criticism or having the confidence to handle bad reviews of your work may be other ways in which this energy manifests.


The Full Moon in Pisces may come a little early for many people’s tastes as the lunar and solar cycles continue to remain out of sync. Full Moons are emotional at the best of times, but in oceanic Pisces, this could well tip over into fits of sobbing, feelings of helplessness or waves of compassion for the suffering of others. If you feel as though you have very think skin now, then take extra measures to protect yourself psychically and emotionally now.

Around this time, you could find yourself addressing certain Neptunian themes that may have kept re-surfacing during last months’ many Neptune contacts. If you give away your power too easily, find it hard to say no or do everything you can to avoid facing reality/taking responsibility for your emotions/certain aspects of your everyday life, and then you could find things coming to a head around the Full Moon. See this as a chance to identify ways to harness your artistic/psychic gifts and sensitive nature for the benefit of other people without losing yourself at the same time. Spending time on your own could be helpful while the Moon is in Pisces, so try to leave some gaps in your schedule for a bit of downtime between 8-11 September.

Solar Phases

SUN INTO LIBRA – 23 Sep 2014

We reach the equinox on 23 September, just as the Sun slips into harmony-loving Libra. This heralds a fresh 30-day period in which relationships feature strongly. You may also find yourself striving to improve your work-life balance at this time, or simply inject some more peace and tranquillity into everyday life. Compromise, moderation and symmetry are other themes likely to be strong at this time.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout August 2014


Mercury into Libra: 2-27 September

After spending the second half of August in the sign of its exaltation, Mercury glides into relationship-oriented Libra. From here, you can expect to hear more about issues such as gender equality in the workplace, as well as speeches or politicking about matters like gay marriage. Intellectually, mercury likes fair play and will always seek a balanced point of view. Where there are arguments between different sides, Mercury in Libra is likely to make people seek compromise. Expect to feel more inclined to seek the middle ground intellectually and also to lean more towards one-to-one collaborations in politics, journalism and educational or academic activities. From here, mercury makes a number of contacts to the outer planets, some good and some bad. Mark the 10th in your diary though – thanks to a sextile to Jupiter, you could come up with a really big idea or concept around this time, so keep your notebook handy!

Venus into Virgo: 5-29 September

Early in September, the planet of romance and abundance will follow in Mercury’s footsteps, ingressing into the sign of Virgo, where it will stay for most of the month. Venus in Virgo is a bit of an awkward fit, which is why Venus is traditionally considered to be in fall when in this sign. Here, Venus is said to be a bit prissy and barren reproductively. Of course, much depends on how you interpret Virgo – for the ancient Mesopotamians, this was the sign of the harvest when food was abundant, so the goddess that ruled over this part of the zodiac was considered to rule fertility and plenty – a far cry from the later Christian overlay meant to chime more with the Virgin Mary! Venus will be especially powerful between September the 14th and 21st, when she makes two key contacts with Pluto and Saturn. Use this week to make important changes to relationships or shifts in creativity.

Mars into Sagittarius: 13 Sep – 25 Oct

Midway through September, the planet of confidence and physical vitality is due to change signs. Entering enthusiastic Sagittarius on the 13th, Mars is likely to add a certain bounce to people’s steps from this optimistic and zestful sign. Expect to feel much less apathetic and serious than you did during Mars’ stay in Scorpio. Instead of being suspicious of everyone, you’ll now feel more a lot more perky and willing to take more risks. Just try not to push the envelope too far on the 25th when Mars squares Pluto – an authority figure may come down on hard on you now.


This month, we have some major cosmic energy shifts to look forward to. Below are some astrological highlights to take note of during September.
Personal power, lifestyle changes, self-transformation
Sun trine Pluto – 3 September
If you’ve been considering making a few lifestyle changes lately, then today is a great time to take steps in a more healthy and structured direction, thanks to a powerful Sun-Pluto trine. Shedding weight or eliminating what is no longer useful or productive are both favoured now, as is a more wholesome diet. Spinal support, self-discipline and structure are keywords now. Deepening personal ties to those with whom you feel a strong, even profound connection is another theme during this time. This is not a time for half measures, though, so be certain of what you want before you act – there may be no going back afterwards – well, certainly not before the 23rd, when Pluto retrogrades!

Lyrical movement, poetry in motion, active imagination
Mars trine Neptune – 7 August

If you’re looking to improve your choreography skills, sign up for a dance class or hone your musical delivery, this aspect offers you the perfect opportunity to do so. The energy and vitality of Mars combines perfectly with the refinement and sensitivity of Neptune today to give you the rare ability to be physically powerful and yet graceful at the same time. This astrological pairing should serve to stir your imagination, leading to sizzling poetry, sexy designs, and moving film scenes or photographs. Try a more active approach to creativity or alternatively, a more contemplative, spiritual approach to physical activities now: perhaps, composing on the hoof, or meditating while exercising – you may be amazed at the results. Tender love-making is another possible expression of this aspect, so make time for romance today – chances are, you’ll be glad you did!

Relationship shifts, magnetic attraction, creative transformation, social influence
Venus trine Pluto – 14 September

If you’re keen to make win friends and influence people, then you’ll love this planetary combination. The planet of charm and seduction joins forces with the supreme symbol of magnetic allure and mesmeric charisma, making it difficult for others to resist when you fix them with your gaze or flash them a smile. If you’re single, you could meet someone for whom you feel an instant and powerful attraction. Creatively, this is an excellent time to metamorphose into a new style or take your work to another, more profound level. Those in relationships could find their love and commitment deepening now. Be aware that Pluto will retrograde on the 23rd, which may call for adjustments.

Romantic commitment, love with an older man/younger woman, solid creative plans
Venus sextile Saturn – 21 September

If you’re keen to make your current relationship more permanent or meet someone older/younger, then today is a great day to do so, thanks to the co-operation of Venus and Saturn. Inter-generational love could be another theme now, so don’t let someone’s age get in the way of a potentially fulfilling connection. On the creative front, this is a great time to be making solid plans to take an idea forward or put something into practice. Err on the side of caution and give plenty of thought to how to fool proof plans now – your foresight and dedication will yield dividends. Persistence and staying power are both favoured now.

Dramatic shifts, physical pain, power struggles
Mars square Pluto – 22 September

After last month’s positive Mars-Pluto trine, we now reach the square. This calls for some fine-tuning to decisions or actions taken around the 15th of last month. Perhaps you have made some progress and now need to overcome a few obstacles or change tack slightly in order to cope with shifting circumstances? If so, see this time as a period of adjustment, rather than a sign of failure. Developing more self-discipline or shaving off any dead weight may be necessary in order to take things to the next level. Keeping ego out of matters will help you avoid destructive power struggles, as will finding a way to cope with annoying but unavoidable realities like red tape or policy changes. Restrictions should ease after the 23rd when Pluto turns retrograde.

Big changes, inspired moves, individual beliefs, unusual tastes
Jupiter trine Uranus – 25 September

Sudden and unexpected leaps forward, snap decisions that come good and inspired changes are all possible now, thanks to the meeting of Jupiter and Uranus in a flowing trine. For the next few days, you can expect to feel much more positive about going it alone or starting afresh, so those keen to break out and try their hand at doing things solo will love the sense of freedom and possibility of this transit. Having the courage to speak up for your personal beliefs or cultural preferences should pan out well now, with others proving to be surprisingly tolerant and open to differences.

For more details of what to expect day by day, be sure to check out my daily astro-insights on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.

August 2014 Astro-Insights

Your Guide to the Astrological Weather for August 2014…

Just as we reach the high point of summer in the northern hemisphere, Jupiter chooses to enter flamboyant Leo and, as a result, things really begin to hot up! A recap of what to expect from Jupiter’s stay in this fiery and dramatic sign is available on my July Astro-Insights post.

As well as heady romance and grand public gestures, care of a Venus-Jupiter conjunction mid-month, we also have a number of cracking transits involving Uranus & Saturn to look forward to. For more details of these and other August astrology highlights, read on…


Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN LEO – 26 July 2014

Towards the end of July, we experienced a New Moon in Leo. This soli-lunar event helped to usher in a fresh month-long phase in everyday affairs for the next four weeks, during which new pet projects and personal initiatives involving luxury items, the performing arts or leadership campaigns should be well-received and gain popular favour.

This particular New Moon also happened to conjunct lucky Jupiter, ‘activating’ its benefic, expansive energy and thereby making it more accessible to us ordinary mortals. If you began to feel more optimistic and hopeful about the future around this time, then you know why! For more details of other positive Jupiter contacts during August, see the Key Dates section below.


In response to July’s Leo New Moon, we can expect an equal but opposite Full Moon in quirky Aquarius on the 10th of August. Taking place at 19h10 BST, this particular point in the annual lunar cycle asks us to consider what we feel makes us unique as individuals. Rather than worry about how this makes us different or sets us apart from others, the Full Moon is urging you to celebrate these qualities. Now is also a good time to detach from certain emotional situations or people who may be holding you back or bringing you down. This is about following the beat of your own drum emotionally, and having the courage to take an independent stand when it comes to matters you feel strongly about.

Solar Phases

SUN INTO VIRGO – 23 Aug 2014

Just as the northern hemisphere begins to move from its hottest phase of the year towards autumn, so the Sun prepares to ingress into the sign of the harvest time, earthy and practical Virgo. This signals the start of a month-long cycle in which outward pursuits such as editing, the production of artisanal crafts or wholesome foods are all likely to receive support from higher-ups. Choosing to actively pursue better health and taking a modest or less-is-more approach in personal or work projects are also well-favoured now.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout August 2014


Mercury into Leo: 1-15 August

Having gathered pace since its return to direct motion, Mercury makes a whistle-stop tour of flamboyant Leo during the first half of August. Throughout this two week period, you can expect to see a surge in publicity for grandiose schemes, as well as an increase in exaggerated claims as people vie for the spotlight; and your vote or business! Clearly not for the shrinking violet, this combination should still provide a welcome dose of communication confidence to those less verbose or inclined to show off. This aspect is great for public speaking, business presentations, dramatic productions, product launches and any profession that requires you to exude poise and an air of conviction.

Venus into Leo: 12 Aug – 5 Sept

Never far behind Mercury, the planet of romance and abundance will ingress into Leo for a tour of just over three weeks. This is likely to result in a spell of grand romantic gestures, dramatic artistic productions and large, colourful public displays. In terms of fashion, think statement accessories, plenty of bright, shiny fabrics and big hair! Pleasurable activities will centre on lavish dinners, glamorous venues and luxury hotels, resorts or spas. As one magazine columnist put it recently, amongst the super-rich, if you’re not AWA – away for august – then you’re a nobody! If you love the baroque and the elaborate, then this is your time.


This month, we have a slew of cosmic power days to look forward to. Below are some astrological highlights to look forward to during August.
Creative commitment, romantic proposals, sustainable business models
Venus trine Saturn – 1 August
If you need to get back to basics with a creative strategy or refine a work of art, then this is the day for you. Venus combines with savvy Saturn to help you commit to a sweetheart, reignite an old spark or revisit a business plan, especially one involving food, home décor, recycling or history. Combining the cuddly, nurturing energy of Venus in Cancer with practical, focused and disciplined Saturn in Scorpio should help you win over potential investors, repair strained business or family relationships and convince loved ones of your serious intentions. It will also provide you with bags of charm and sympathy, ideal for making an older family or staff member feel cherished and appreciated. You could also do a bang-up restoration job of a house, piece of vintage clothing, painting or ornament now.

Lyrical movement, poetry in motion, active imagination
Mars trine Neptune – 7 August

If you’re looking to improve your choreography skills, sign up for a dance class or hone your musical delivery, this aspect offers you the perfect opportunity to do so. The energy and vitality of Mars combines perfectly with the refinement and sensitivity of Neptune today to give you the rare ability to be physically powerful and yet graceful at the same time. This astrological pairing should serve to stir your imagination, leading to sizzling poetry, sexy designs, and moving film scenes or photographs. Try a more active approach to creativity or alternatively, a more contemplative, spiritual approach to physical activities now: perhaps, composing on the hoof, or meditating while exercising – you may be amazed at the results. Tender love-making is another possible expression of this aspect, so make time for romance today – chances are, you’ll be glad you did!

Bright individuals, scientific breakthroughs, original perspectives, technical knowledge
Sun + Mercury trine Uranus – 7-8 August

Over a two-day period, both the Sun and Mercury will trine Uranus. By itself, Mercury-Uranus epitomises the eureka moment when genius ideas suddenly grip you, fully-formed, like lightning bolts. Add to this the confidence and charisma of the Sun, and you have a pretty potent blend of quirky but witty individualism, insightful yet original intellectual perspectives, and convincing technical know-how or scientific ability. Solving problems and wowing audiences with your repartee are both possible outcomes of this energy, as is a striking, attention-grabbing online presence or brilliant tech business idea. Make a splash and take a communications risk now – the reception you get is likely to be surprisingly positive.

Powerful passions, healing energy, military precision
Mars sextile Pluto – 15 August

If you’re looking to improve your health, become more focused at work or up your energy quotient, then this is the perfect day to do so, thanks to the verve of Mars and the grit of Pluto. This dynamic planetary combination provides the perfect recipe for powerful healing encounters, moving cathartic experiences, and elevated motivation levels, especially when it comes to active pursuits or kinetic movement. Think of the whirling dervishes of Turkey or the Tasmanian devil in the comic strip – you really could transform yourself physically or generate a whirlwind of activity today if you decide to! The key is to create a structure or plan, and then act without overthinking things – you’ll know instinctively how to pace yourself and what to do now, thanks to this rousing transit

Meaningful relationships, creative expansion, social popularity
Venus conjunct Jupiter – 18 August

Two months ago to the day, the planet of love and creativity paired up with jovial and generous Jupiter in Cancer to help create a plenitude of material abundance and improved family fortunes. Now these two planets meet up again, this time in a conjunction in magnanimous and fun-loving Leo. Under this influence, you can expect all manner of good fortune, from lavish romantic gifts to coveted social invitations, as well as plenty of praise and admiration from others.

This aspect is ideal for job interviews, product launches, theatre or film opening nights and fashion shows. If you have to pitch to a potential benefactor, or need some good advice or support from a mentor, this is an excellent time to make a good impression. You’ll have that enviable combination of style and substance at now, making you the darling of the hour. Just don’t become too arrogant or self-indulgent, or you could blow your chances or spend way more than you intended otherwise.

Unique creativity, love at first sight, independent financial advice
Venus trine Uranus – 25 August

If excitement, variety and adventure are what you are yearning for in terms of romance, then today could very be your day. Alluring and glamorous Venus in Leo combines with trendy, striking Uranus to make the sparks fly in love. You could well find yourself falling head over heels now, and for someone totally unexpected. Expect the unusual today and be prepared to take a risk or two creatively now – both approaches could pay off big time, so don’t be afraid to break the mould and try something (or someone) different now.

For more details of what to expect day by day, be sure to check out my daily astro-insights on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.

July 2014 Astro-Insights

Your Guide to the Astrological Weather for July 2014…

On the 22nd of July, we celebrate the first birthday of Prince George of Cambridge. To mark this special occasion, I am offering 25% off all solar return reports for the whole of July! These continue to be the most popular items in the Astro-Report Shop, so if you haven’t already ordered one, then why not give it a go?


Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN CANCER – 27 June 2014

Towards the end of June, we experienced a New Moon in Cancer, which meant the start of a fresh month-long phase during which we should see a surge in family-, home- and food-oriented activities, from seaside holidays with relatives to outdoor barbeques, or possibly even a home renovation or two. It is also worth noting that this New Moon also happened to make a positive aspect to Neptune, currently retrograde in Pisces, suggesting that the next 30 days or so may also be a good time to rest and recharge your batteries, especially via places or activities connected with water, from spas to lakeside cabins. It may also be the right time to concentrate on spiritual or self-help programmes, especially those that focus on self-nurturing, cultivating forgiveness or compassion, and healing old family rifts.


Mid-July, we are scheduled to experience a Full Moon in Capricorn. If you’ve been working hard lately, perhaps on a political campaign, business plan or charitable project, then know that any pressure or stress that you experience around the Full Moon will reach its natural peak before easing off. Themes such as personal advancement, social responsibility or election for public office could hold more emotional resonance than usual. If you’ve had to be strong for loved ones, endure emotional hardship as a result of recent lifestyle changes or been forced to make a lot of personal sacrifices for work recently, then know that you could receive some form of reward or recognition for all you have done around now.

Solar Phases

SUN INTO LEO – 22 July 2014

Having reached the period of maximum daylight in the northern hemisphere, marked by last month’s summer solstice, we now move towards the hottest period of the year – the months of July and August.

It is therefore fitting that on 22 July, Prince George’s birthday, the Sun will move into fiery Leo, the sign over which it rules. From Leo, the Sun radiates natural confidence, oodles of charisma and the ability to attract success, so if these are qualities you would like to cultivate, then the next month is the perfect time to do so.

With lucky, philosophical Jupiter also due to enter Leo this month, it may be a good idea to ponder over the true meaning of leadership: some would argue that it should be more about setting a good example and being of service to one’s subordinates than throwing your weight around or enjoying the privileges of your elevated social position. Do you agree? What does being in charge mean to you? This is likely to be a hot topic for debate now and over the coming few weeks.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout June 2014


Mercury Direct – 1 July
Saturn Direct – 21 July
Uranus Retrograde – 22 July

Good news! Both Mercury and Saturn return to direct motion this month – Mercury on the 1st, and Saturn, 20 days later. On the one hand, this is likely to mean a return to clearer thinking, more straightforward communication and fewer travel delays, as well as the ability to plan, structure and execute strategies properly once again. But on the other, it is likely to see an increase in the pace of life and events, as well as the return of certain inhibitions, rules or restrictions that may have been loosened during the last few months.

On 22 July, the same day that the Sun ingresses into Leo, Uranus, ruler of opposite sign, Aquarius, will begin its annual retrograde spell in Aries. Choosing to view this period as an opportunity to assess whether or not you feel you are leading your most authentic life is one way to engage with this energy. Another might be to consider how you could better get the world to recognise your unique views or talents, or perhaps most controversially, consider more effective ways of utilising any feelings of anger or social outrage you might harbour about a particular issue or cause.

Currently, Uranus in Aries seems to resonate fairly strongly with the grass roots socio-political zeitgeist, especially in terms of reconnecting individuals with their ability to influence the collective through social media and organised political action. Equally, it has also reacquainted many of us, especially young people, with the power of democracy, technology and chaos to uproot oppressive structures, revolutionise whole industries and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, whether political or financial. So, if you have unfinished business in this area, and would like to return to a particular cause, have another crack at perfecting an app or invention, or just revisit an old but pertinent issue, then the next six months is the time to do so.


Mercury back into Cancer: 13-30 July

Mercury resumes direct motion on July the 1st, which means that the planet of commerce, communications and travel will begin the process of retracing its steps through Gemini and back into Cancer. This means that mid-month, you can expect a return of some of the themes that may have come up for you between the 29th of May and the 13th of June when Mercury was last in this zodiac sign. Examples may include the desire to overcome shyness, the need to be heard by a child or parent, or the right to express your views on emotive subjects such as pregnancy, childcare, abortion or food. This is a great time to share your knowledge and experience in this area, or to market a business idea connected to educational toys, learning aids or a home-based enterprise.

In the media, I wouldn’t be surprised if nostalgic/retro themes became prominent in advertising campaigns, or people returned to the debate about issues such as school food/child nutrition on the news. We may also see a surge in interest in programmes about home décor, the search for long-lost relatives, or tips about how to conceive/adopt/cope with difficult family members.

Venus into Cancer: 18 July-11 August

Joining Mercury in Cancer on the 18th of July will be planet of love, money and creativity, Venus. This is likely to spell a period during which nestling with family or loved ones will seem very appealing. Pleasurable activities now could mean chilling at home, lazing on the beach or sharing a meal with some special people with whom you share a strong sense of emotional connection and belonging.

If you’re an artist or fashion designer, then it’s possible that your designs during this time will be influenced by your childhood, the style/tastes of a parent or even the spirit of a bygone era.

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself keen to make a bit of extra cash through baking, supper clubs or knitting. Eating yourself beautiful and the link between health, nutrition and good looks could also become a big theme now. Psychologically, this is a time when you can learn a lot about nurturing, self-care and emotional security.

Jupiter into Leo: 18 July-11 August

This July, big boy Jupiter will ingress into playful and regal Leo, where it will remain for the rest of 2014 and much of 2015. During its stay here, we can expect subjects such as fame, leadership, freedom of expression and the rights of the individual to move to centre stage. Stars that choose to combine their ability to command attention with the desire to support a good cause or send an ethical/political message could see their shares sky rocket now, provided they project sincerity and tolerance, and avoid becoming hypocritical, judgemental or overly preachy.

Those with Leo rising or Leo suns are likely to experience this as a positive and expansive time, during which you can succeed at almost anything you put your mind to, so think big and don’t be afraid to take risks. Bold moves and big gambles may just pay off now.


This month, we have a number of cosmic power days to look forward to.Pick your key date/s from the list below, depending on what you want to achieve or cultivate, and mark them in your diary.

Self-actualisation, self-advancement, self-mastery
Sun trine Saturn – 9 July
If you’re looking to create more emotional stability or financial security, be more self-sufficient or self-actualising as a family or better master your emotions around food or children, then this is the day to pick. The Sun in Cancer pairs up with Saturn in Scorpio today, allowing you to combine powerful and transformative structures or processes with emotional strength and the wisdom of self-knowledge to overcome bad habits, realise personal goals and transform domestic situations. Right now, you have the ability to change your personal circumstances or lifestyle, provided you can harness your emotions and follow through on plans. This is a time to add positive structures to day-to-day life and to bring passion and feeling to all that you do.

Self-belief, self-confidence, optimism, having the courage of your convictions
Sun conjunct Jupiter – 24 July

With the Sun and Jupiter due to meet in Leo today, this is an excellent time to shine. You’re likely to feel optimistic about the future now and have confidence and enthusiasm in spades, making it a good moment to take to the stage, make a sermon, teach by example or have the courage to stand up for what you believe in. If you’re hungry for recognition, then this is also a great time in which to demonstrate to others what you are made of. Higher-ups should also prove to be tolerant, magnanimous – even generous, so if you need a pardon or favour, this is the right moment to ask.

Elevated ideas, refined self-expression, peak creative experiences, intuitive abilities
Mercury trine Neptune – 19 July

If certain words, concepts or ideas have been eluding you recently, then today, things should finally slot into place. Mercury and Neptune will help you to seamlessly combine logic, creativity and intuitive abilities so that you can explain obscure subjects, solve tricky problems or grasp complex ideas with ease. This is an excellent day for practising meditation or visualisation techniques, revelling in the wisdom of a poet, mystic or guru or expressing yourself through the medium of film or photography. Introducing spirituality or mindfulness techniques into your studies, speeches or discussions could also prove to be highly beneficial now.

Love, romance, artistic inspiration
Venus trine Neptune – 24 July

If love, poetry and romance are what you are yearning for, then this could very well be your day. Right now, lovers will be ever so romantic and attentive; and loved ones, more sensitive to your needs than usual. If you are artistic, then it’s possible that you will be blessed with waves of inspiration now, something that can be encouraged through the use of music, contact with water, meditation or lyrical movement. Creative partnerships flow and people can put aside their egos and collaborate selflessly at this time.

Polished speeches, strong family ties, transformative emotional realisations
Mercury trine Saturn – 25 July

If you need to refine a piece of writing, simplify or polish a speech, or reinvent yourself politically or publicly, then this is an excellent day to do so. Mercury, in touchy feely Cancer, combines with magnetic and compelling Saturn in Scorpio today to help you ooze charm and charisma, as well as put forward your ideas convincingly – great for those in the food or domestic energy business, or anyone in politics or research. It will also provide you with the self-honesty and emotional insights needed to make real leaps forward psychologically, especially when it comes to family dynamics.

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June 2014 Astro-Insights

Your Monthly Guide to the Astrological Weather for June 2014…

June 2014 sees both Mercury and Neptune turn retrograde, which could result in a bit of a slow-down in communications and the turnaround of official paperwork. It is also the month of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. To find out more about this could mean for us earthlings, read on.


Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN GEMINI – 28 May 2014

Following on from the solar eclipse in Taurus, this New Moon in Gemini begins a fresh month-long cycle in affairs related to communication, travel, the media, education, politics and of course, all forms of transport. If you are thinking of purchasing any new household gadgets or family computers, just bear in mind that Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is due to retrograde this month, so you are best off doing so either before June the 8th, or after July the 2nd when Mercury stations in Gemini, having retraced its steps all the way back through Cancer and into its own sign.


As we head towards World Cup madness, it seems rather apt that the day after the official start of this global sporting event, we have a Full Moon in sporty Sagittarius. Symbolising the culmination of several years of organising on behalf of the Brazilian hosts; and training, on the part of the teams involved, this Full Moon is likely to see everyone in high spirits, feeling optimistic about their country’s prospects and still pretty tolerant of fans from other parts of the world. For those not interested in sport, this is likely to mean a time of finishing off higher education projects, writing exams or preparing to go on/come back from a foreign trip. In comparison to last month’s Scorpio Full Moon, this one should be fairly plainsailing, if a little emotional.

Solar Phases

SUN INTO CANCER – 21 June 2014

Once again, the Sun’s ingress into caring and nurturing Cancer at 11h51 BST marks the summer solstice, meaning that we have reached the halfway point of the year. Cancer is a water sign, making it very relationship-oriented, especially when it comes to to close family members and those who feature strongly in an individual’s domestic environment or daily life. It is therefore a time when home, security and a sense of belonging become very important issues. Lucky and expansive Jupiter, currently in this sign, is nearing the end of its stay in Cancer, so if you still want to make use of its benefic influence to extend your home, enlarge your family, enhance your sense of financial security or improve relations with an estranged relative, then this is the month to do so.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout June 2014


Mercury & Neptune Retrograde: 8/10 June 2014

In keeping with their annual cyclical movements, both Mercury and Neptune are both due to turn retrograde this month – Neptune, on the 10th until mid-November 2014; and Mercury, from the 8th of June until the 2nd of July.

Given that both planets are currently located in zodiac signs that they traditionally rule, this could be an especially significant retrograde period when we really notice a slow-down or need for review in the areas that these signs rule, notably travel, politics, communication, drugs/pharmaceuticals and large bodies of water.

Wherever possible, plan holiday trips carefully, allow plenty of time to get visas or legal documents approved, and watch out for misunderstandings and deception. You may also want to be especially careful of taking a new drug or type of medicine – it’s possible you could have a reaction of sorts, especially if Neptune is at all connected to your natal sixth house.

On the plus side, it is an excellent time to get plans concerning a swimming pool, pond or lake on your property reviewed, reminisce through all family photographs, go over media or political strategies or get a gadget fixed.


Venus into Taurus: 29 May – 23 June 2014

Towards the end of May, the planet of love, sensuality and creativity ingressed into earthy Taurus where she will remain for most of June. Being one of the signs that she traditionally rules, this is likely to be an especially pleasant time during which you may feel drawn to indulgence and physical enjoyment on a pretty basic level, from savouring a decadent dessert at home on the couch, to a fragrant oil massage at the spa, to the way a luxurious fabric feels against your skin. This is a great time to revel in the beauty of the natural world, do what you can to enhance your appearance naturally, or simply become more aware of the pleasure you get through your five senses. Creatively, your aesthetic sense of what works and what doesn’t will be almost instinctive, so don’t over-think things: allow yourself to be led by your first reaction to something because it will probably be pretty spot-on. Romance-wise, you’re likely to be drawn to someone who excites you on a very basic/primitive level, perhaps due to a gravelly voice, definite physical presence or warm sense of touch. Let your body’s reaction be your guide right now, and you won’t go far wrong.

Mercury into Cancer: 29 May – 17 June 2014

For the first half of June, don’t be surprised if you feel a little shy and retiring about expressing yourself or your ideas than usual. With Mercury in the sensitive sign of Cancer, your communicative and intellectual urges will be less extrovert than usual and more inward- and backward-looking. In fact, don’t be surprised if you’re overcome with a touch of nostalgia – during this period, memories from your childhood could well prove to be a rich source of inspiration for you, so dig in and use what you can to bring a speech, lesson or piece of written work alive. Your mother, or a maternal figure, could also influence the way you think about a particular issue right now. Although not in itself a bad thing, it may help you to be aware that right now, you may be thinking more subjectively, and making decisions from a much more emotive place than usual. Mercury’s ingress into nurturing but secretive Cancer will be cut a little short as a result of its change in direction mid-month, though not for long – it will re-enter Cancer in July, so don’t worry if you get caught short – there’ll plenty of time for another trip down memory lane next month.


RELATIONSHIP SHIFTS: Venus trine Pluto (9 June), opposition Saturn (13 June), sextile Jupiter (18 June)

Major creative and relationship shifts are in the air this June as Venus makes a dramatic trine to Pluto on June the 9th, followed swiftly by an opposition to Saturn on the 13th. The theme during June therefore seems to be very much ‘out with the old or outdated’ and ‘in with a new and healthier’ variety of interaction or way of being creative.

If you have been stuck in a relationship rut, or have been harbouring a gnawing feeling that a current family dynamic, working partnership, creative direction or romantic relationship is not healthy or constructive, then the Venus-Pluto trine on the 9th this is the perfect time to suggest changes, issue ultimatums or perhaps even cut your losses.

Given that this is a trine, it seems unlikely that maters will come to this – you’re more likely to have a massive spring clean than break up with someone – but if they do, then just remeber that as one door closes, another is bound to open. And this month, that door may open sooner than you think. In fact, thanks to a Venus-Jupiter sextile on the 18th, you can expect some really caring and nurturing people or situations to enter your life quite soon, so you need to make sure that you are ready for them.

This could mean being a little ruthless, or just not settling for second best on the 13th when Venus opposes Saturn. This aspect is asking you to set better personal boundaries and learn when to compromise and when to say no unequivocally. Striking a balance between keeping things as they are for the sake of it, and reducing your commitments fairly drastically if they are non-essential or don’t bring you any joy or satisfaction is the way to deal with this type of astrological influence most effectively. Given the Venus-Pluto trine on the 9th, it’s possible that you may break up with someone, or give them an ultimatum; only to have them beg you to take them back, or act as though nothing has changed, on the 13th. If you know that someone is bad for you (perhaps they are abusive or dishonest) or has no intention of committing to you, then you may just need to be strong and use Saturn to keep them from trying to weasel their way back into your life (think Binky & Alex in ‘Made in Chelsea’). Aesthetically, less is more, so when in doubt, it’s probably best to pare things down to their bare essence.

If you’re single, it’s entirely possible that you might meet someone new during the Venus-Neptune sextile at the beginning of the month (4 June) who seems too good to be true. If so, it is a distinct possibility that they may not turn out to be who you thought they were by the time Venus squares Neptune (29th). One way to find out whether this is the case is to test them using the Venus-Pluto and Venus-Saturn contacts to see if a) they can survive a little drama; and b) if they have any staying power.

If they fail, then don’t waste any time trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – simply allow fate to take its course and move on, knowing that a) life is too short, and b) Jupiter has some much better prospects in store, come the 18th.

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May 2014 Astro-Insights

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Your Monthly Guide to the Astrological Weather for May 2014…

After the twists and turns of April, May should be a lot smoother sailing. In fact, things promise to get rather auspicious mid-month when planetary heavyweights, Jupiter and Saturn, form another trine to each other – the third since July 2013.    To find out more, read on.


Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases


Late last month, the New Moon eclipsed the Sun in the sign of Taurus, setting in motion a brand new six month cycle during which we all have the opportunity to consolidate our earnings and professional skills, improve our appearance, and make solid plans or arrangements to help secure our resources for the future. To help you make the most of this positive, grounding energy, I have written a FREE in-depth  guide, which you can access by visiting my Eclipse Forecast page.


Following on from the Taurus New Moon will be a Full Moon in Scorpio, which is certain to throw up themes around the use or abuse of power, especially within the family or domestic environment, as well as the emotional issue of shared resources. Often these two subjects are closely intertwined, especially when it comes to gender roles and duties around the home or family, and the different values that society places on domestic responsibilities vs. household financial contributions. Traditionally, when it comes to such arrangements, it is the woman who manages the home and the man who goes out to work. And yet, when things go wrong within a family, the often very selfless and dedicated contribution of the homemaker goes unacknowledged, particularly with regards to the division assets in splits or divorces.

As a result, the power balance within household or family relationships is very often skewed in favour of the party who goes out to work and ‘brings home the bacon’.  And yet, if it weren’t for the skillful and tireless work of the stay-at-home partner, the other member would not be able to function as efficiently or enjoy the benefits of a well-run, happy home. Certainly, they might have less time for leisure pursuits if they had to take on extra domestic responsibilities such as cooking and laundry. They might even have to pay someone to keep their household running if they work long hours, and it usually only at this juncture that the value of these seemingly menial tasks becomes clear. It is these types of issues” – of what exactly constitutes a valuable joint resource – and how duties or financial burdens are shared, that could be thrown up at the time of the Full Moon.

Other topics which could come up around now include plumbing problems like blocked drains, as well as the culmination of discussions or projects concerning tunnels or underground boreholes, the rubber stamp on recycled goods proposals, or the restoration or sale of an antique.

This is a also good time to detox or go for a colon cleanse, as well as tackle psychologically difficult or taboo topics that need sorting out  – with such a lot of Scorpio energy around, you’re likely to be more interested in getting to the truth of a matter than protecting your modesty or humouring the more conservative elements of society. All of which could prove to be rather empowering ultimately!

Solar Phases

SUN INTO GEMINI – 21 May 2014

The Sun will ingress into curious and gregarious Gemini at 03h59 BST on the 21st of May, setting in motion a month-long in which to concentrate on improving your personal communication styles, making the most of any educational or learning opportunities that facilitate your intellectual development,  or focus on ways to expand your network of influential associates. Short business trips or the commute to work may also feature strongly between now and the Sun’s ingress into Cancer, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself visiting a car showroom or bike store. The day before, Mars will station in Libra, a move that will lead it to back towards a trine with the Sun on the 31st, so expect themes revolving around personal effectiveness or motivation, physical strength and vitality, as well as self-confidence and assertion within relationships to be added to the mix from this date onwards until month end.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout May 2014


Mars Direct: 20/1 May 2014

Since March this year, Mars has been hampered somewhat in its effectiveness by a retrograde spell, which has seen the planet of assertivenss and physical vitality retracing its steps through relationship-oriented Libra. Compromise and deliberation are not the strong suit of Mars, hence its detrimented condition in this sign, so this must have been hard, if not downright frustrating, particularly for those whose natal horoscopes feature Aries/Mars strongly.

For the last two months, particularly around mid-April, Mars may have been prompting you to look back at past relationship decisions, as well as reassess your current methods of dealing with conflict to see whether there are places where perhaps you might want to assert yourself a little differently, or do more to ensure that your personal needs are met. Perhaps you have compromised when really, you should have taken a firmer stand; or conversely, confused aggression with assertiveness, leading to stand-offs or arguments that may not have been necessary?

Either way, Mars’ involvement in April’s Grand Cross, makes it seem likely that you may well have learnt your lesson the hard way, and are now keen to find opportunities to make amends or sort things out with others, business or romantic partners in particular.

Good days in which to right wrongs, or make amends are the 12th (for remedying past hurts) and the 31st. The latter is especially good for those who find it difficult to defend themselves or be more assertive about their personal needs. Fairness, balance, equality and the law are all likely to provide suitable remedies for your current predicament, so if you are at all unsure of how to proceed, then look to these qualities as a benchmark for how to move the situation forward.


Venus into Aries: 03  – 28 May 2014

Passionate and fiesty are two words I would use to describe Venus in Aries. After all the softness and romance of Pisces, Venus (and you) may be ready for a different kind of loving or form of artistic expression. Think bold, be direct and act gutsy. This no time to be a shrinking violet, especially in love. if you like someone, let them know – Aries is not a subtle sign, so if this sounds like your style of doing things, then embrace  the opportunity to take the lead in love. Excitement, risk and novelty are all likely to get your motor running now, so make a point of trying to find positive outlets for this excitable energy and you’ll be amazed at what you discover and/or achieve now. Artistically, bright colours, sharp contrasts and vibrant sounds or textures are all favoured now, so don’t be shy to take a creative risk and see where it leads. Who knows, you could end up developing a whole new style or artistic technique.

Mercury into Gemini: 07 – 29 May 2014

If learning new things, meeting new people or visiting undiscovered places is your bag, then you’re going to love Mercury’s ingress into Gemini this month. Positioned in its own sign, Mercury is likely to encourage all the qualities of Gemini such as intellectual curiosity, social gregariousness and a need for movement and change, so if you love the thrill of the novel or what’s trendy, then this is your time to get out and about.

Networking, communications and activities that allow you to express yourself or hear the opinions or teachings of others are all well-starred now, as is local travel, doing deals, and acquiring new gadgets or forms of transport. This is a period on which people are likely to be witty and extroverted;  and the pace of life, exciting, so be sure to keep your mobile phone charged and your inbox open because the opportunities to socialise and be heard are huge. My advice: be prepared for any eventuality. That way, you are tasked with navigating unchartered intellectual (or geographical) territory or invited to a cool and exclusive party – all at a moment’s notice – you’ll be ready to accept the challenge and run with things, putting you at the centre of where it’s at. What a thrilling prospect!


Minor grand trine with Sun, Chiron, Jupiter-Moon & Pluto: 4-6 May

May gets off to a rollicking start with a minor grand trine crowned by the Sun in Taurus. This configuration, which is set to take place over 2 days, starting on May the 4th, will engage several of the mischief-making planets implicated in last month’s Cardinal Grand Cross, including Jupiter and Pluto. As a result, it is highly probable that you could see a continuation of some of the developments or affairs raised then – though now, they are likely to manifest in a more positive way.

Unlike April, then, this conglomeration of transits should offer plenty of opportunities for reform, transformation and healing, especially when it comes to family rifts and disagreements. If you were hit with life-changing news concerning a family member, your childhood home, job or finances in April, then you could get an opportunity now to take steps to push the situation in a more positive direction.

With the Sun so prominent in this astrological grouping, it seems likely that a reliable and practical male figure, possibly a leader or patriarch in the family, could prove pivotal in your discussions or plans. Perhaps he can offer some sage advice, or help you to make some savvy money decisions. Whatever occurs, know that being honest and open about your situation, and speaking from the heart is the best way forward.

When it comes to healing family rifts, a  confident but sincere and compassionate attitude should go along way to offset any damage caused last month and make people more open to what you have to say than the last time around.

The key to riding this particular wave is to be patient and consistent in the way you approach the situation – being methodical and staying the course will eventually bring about positive results. As the Desiderata says:

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible, without surrender,
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even to the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.

Wise words.  A better description of a Sun-Taurean approach would be hard to find.

Jupiter trine Saturn: 24 May

After the rather tense and challenging transits that came with last month’s Cardinal Grand Cross most people will be looking forward to a bit of good news. Fortunately May brings us a nice big dollop of sunshine in the form of a Jupiter-Saturn trine  – the third in 10 months. The last two contacts took place in mid-July and early December 2013. So, you may want to cast your mind back to these periods (or re-read my July 2013 and December 2013 Astro-Insights columns) to consider what types of events or themes are likely to re-enter the frame for you mid-May. 

Saturn is currently retrograde, so there is a strong likelihood that you may find yourself returning to resolve an existing problem, limitation or shortage, or one that may have cropped up previously, but which you were unable to get past at the time. This could have concerned some kind of power struggle or problem with an authority figure, such as falling foul of a draconian rule/law/regulation, or encountering difficulties with a formidable and stubborn older person entrenched in their ways; plumbing issues or difficulties with building foundations, underground pipes or cable systems; shortages of fuel such as oil, coal or petrol;  or even some kind of serious ailment related to the teeth, skin or bones.

Alternatively, you may have recently been through a few problems and upsets at home or within the family – Jupiter’s involvement in the Cardinal Grand Cross means that upheaval and turmoil in this area of your life is a distinct possibility.

If so, then you’ll be relieved to know that, thanks to fresh developments or help from a caring expert or teacher, liberal religious leader, or very capable legal or cultural representative, these can now be tackled and overcome.  The key is retain hope and a sense of optimism, whilst also remaining open to suggestion. It could simply be a case of changing perspective or your beliefs about the outcome of certain situations, especially regarding food, security and family.

With Jupiter involved,  its possible that a paradigm shift of sorts, or perhaps an acceptance of certain familial obligations, extra work responsibilities or new dietary regimens could help you to view your position in a totally different light – less as a burden and more of a sign of your competence and standing within the family or community. Alternatively, a leap of faith intellectually or decision to view things from a more holistic perspective could enable you to identify a solution to a conundrum that you might not have entertained before, so don’t assume you know everything, and stay positive.

Whatever your circumstances, combining discipline and focus with enthusiasm and an open mind will certainly pay off around this time. What’s more, discoveries, developments or breakthroughs made now could well turn out to be the start of a really powerful and meaningful contribution to society at large, so don’t hold back – embrace your position within a clan or community and make your efforts count. You may be surprised at what you manage to achieve.

Mercury sextile Venus: 28 May

A great day in which to indulge your senses, or enjoy some good food in easy company is the 28th when Venus and Mercury combine forces to create the perfect atmosphere for socialising. Think in terms of a cosy dinner party at home for someone you love, a spa visit or special meal with treasured friends or close family members, and you can’t go wrong. Using your social connections to acquire something beautiful, like an artwork for your home, or designer clothing for a cruise, are also favoured now.  

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April 2014 Astro-Insights

Your Monthly Guide to the Astrological Weather for April 2014…

April is likely to go down as a headline month this year. Not only does it mark the beginning of the 2014 eclipse season, but it also features a series of major meetings between planetary heavyweights Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto throughout the month, culminating in a cardinal grand cross, the likes of which has not been seen since 2010. To find out more, read on.


Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN ARIES – 30 March 2014

On March the 30th, we experienced a New Moon in Aries. The lunar equivalent of the solar ingress that marked the Spring Equinox, this particular lunation set in motion a fresh month-long cycle in personal and domestic affairs during which youth, novelty, new personal initiatives, independent decisions and individual action are all emphasised. The next few weeks is therefore likely to be a time when courage, bravery and going out on a limb may be the only real option if you wish to stay true to yourself and keep up with the pace of events, which will probably be rather brisk now. The key will be to get your timing right though – too soon and you may miss the mark, too late and you’ll miss the boat.


Relationships of all kinds, including diplomatic ones, may be in for a shake-up at the Full Moon this month when the Libra Moon is eclipsed by an Aries Sun. Leaders and new leadership are emphasised now, so don’t be too surprised if there are a few management shake-ups at work and in politics over the next month or so. This lunar eclipse, which peaks at 08h42 BST (03h42 EST/09h42 SAST) happens to coincide with a Venus-Pluto sextile, which suggests that any changes to the status quo within key relationships, especially those between members of the establishment, are likely to be for the better but may involve conflict and heated exchanges before they are resolved.

With a grand cross involving Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury also active, this particular eclipse could prove to be an especially powerful time during which you may be called upon to take drastic action or turn things up a notch when it comes to defending a family member or way of life that may come under sudden attack now from hardliners or those hell bent on controlling the situation for their own personal gain.

Expect the rules of political engagement to get flipped on their head too as questions surrounding fair play, equality and peace take centre stage. Russia and Crimea could well be the catalyst for what could be a dramatic and eventful time in world history, with war, or at least the threat of it, a distinct possibility now.

On a personal level, this particular event is urging you to close the door on any ongoing issues relating to relationship commitments, business agreements or legal wrangles that have been prominent for the last six months. Now is the time to either kiss and make-up or pack up and move on. The choice will boil down to how you feel emotionally when you’re around significant others. If you feel stifled and overly compromised, then it may be time to cut ties. If you do decide to cut loose, then just remember that sometimes you have lose sight of the known in order to discover new territory. In the words of Andre Gide, though, “”To know how to free oneself is nothing; the arduous thing is to know what to do with one’s freedom.””

Solar Phases

SUN INTO TAURUS – 20 April 2014

This month the Sun will ingress into patient and earthy Taurus at 03h55 BST on the 20th of April. As a result, it should be a good month in which to consolidate your finances, improve your appearance, and indulge in sensual pleasures such as eating, massages and surrounding yourself with wonderful perfumes and odours. It is also an excellent time to direct your attention to traditionally Taurean activities such as banking, fashion, food, agriculture, gardening, property and singing.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout April 2014

Retrogrades and Stations

Pluto Retrograde: 15 April – 23 September

At the same time as the lunar eclipse in Libra, Pluto, the planet par excellence of transformation, reinvention and survival, will station in ambitious and determined Capricorn, from where it will slowly backtrack over old ground until late September 2014. This offers us the chance to consider whether any recent changes initiated during this year’s Pluto-Jupiter oppositions really do go far enough in addressing social tensions such as youth unemployment versus old age pensions, the sanctity of the family unit versus state control of things like the birth rate (I am thinking here especially of China and how their one child rule may affect those who lost family in the MH 370 disaster), as well as policies concerning debt reduction and austerity versus growth and economic stimulus.

Such issues are likely to become activated on the 20th and 21st of April when Pluto and Jupiter cross swords. Complicating the situation further will be Uranus, which joins them to form a T-square, making things a little more volatile. Things could shift in the blink of an eye, so be prepared to deal with long standing problems or concerns that could suddenly flare into major tensions, accidents or stand-offs as a result of faulty technology, misplaced vigilante-ism stoked up by social media or anti-social behaviour.

On a personal level, these transits, which are ongoing throughout April, are also likely to coincide with important milestones in family or domestic life, such as births, marriages, deaths and divorces. Think of all the occasions, both good and bad, that tend to bring people together across the generations and you will have a fair idea of the types of rites of passage that I am referring to.

The solution to all this tension and anxiety could turn out to be something you have already talked about or considered but dismissed prematurely. Finding a way to express your beliefs and political or cultural ideals authentically without causing offense or being oppressed and controlled by others is another element of this particular challenge, something that is likely to find social expression through subjects such as gay rights, laws governing online behaviour such as cyber bullying, as well as the social and moral obligations of big business in helping or harming society at large.

Planetary Ingresses

Venus into Pisces: 05 April – 03 May 2014

This month, the planet of love, sensuality and creativity ingresses into sensitive and imaginative Pisces, the sign of its exaltation. This move is one of the positive headlines of the month and should bode well for beauty and arts-related projects, especially those that involve cleansing, water, film or photography. A subtle element of romance, poetry and glamour is likely to pervade the air for the next four weeks or so. If you’ve been keen to indulge your softer side or are keen to fall in love, then this is an excellent time to let go, put yourself out there and open up. Especially great days for love, creativity and togetherness are the 18th, when Venus trines Jupiter – excellent for home decorating, cooking or renovation projects; as well as the 25th when a Venus-Saturn trine could result in a marriage proposal or recording contract. So, as you can see – April is not all doom and gloom! Make time for love, music, and poetry this month and your soul will be able to weather any storm that blows your way now. Think of the movie ‘Life is Beautiful’ and you have some great inspiration for how to get through difficult times without becoming too jaded and cynical.

Key Aspects

Cardinal Grand Cross: 20-22 April

Revolutionary transformation is in the air this spring as several planets, including Mars, Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto get ready to square up to each other in a massive grand cross, which peaks mid-month. Not since summer 2010 have we seen this much action in the cardinal signs! Just like back then, we can expect major shifts in the political and economic landscape, especially with regards to energy security, as well as our fair share of challenging personal circumstances, possibly emanating from within the family or domestic unit.

In addition to issues concerning diet, fitness and wellbeing, don’t be surprised if the generation gap also comes into sharp focus this month. Social values are changing and with it, the place of the individual in relation to society. Unlike our grandparents’ generation, we no longer subscribe to the idea of social conformity and community cohesiveness as being more important than the rights of the individual. But this has come at a cost to our society and sense of belonging – loneliness amongst the elderly and feelings of alienation amongst young people are growing. Now, thanks to the grand cross, these issues can be tackled and addressed head on, provided we have the courage to shake things up a little.

This is, then, not a time to shy away from speaking your truth and telling it like it is. Don’t be surprised if you are challenged to stand up for what you believe in, and possibly even fight to defend your principles or way of life. If this feels daunting, remember that every political movement or social tipping point began with a private resolution or decision on the part of many individuals. You can make a difference. Social media has shown us the power of likeminded people joining together for a particular cause. So if you are called upon to throw your hat into the ring, don’t be afraid of doing so – chances are you are not alone, and that things can really improve for the better, but there is only one way to find out.

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March 2014 Astro-Insights

Your Monthly Guide to the Astrological Weather for March 2014…


Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN PISCES – 1 March 2014

During March, time and lunar cycles converge as the New Moon and new month converge on the same day – the 1st of March. This month is quite interesting because on March 30, we will experience a second new moon, this time in Aries – not quite a blue moon as this term is reserved for two FULL moons in one month, but nonetheless, this should contribute to the fresh, spring-like energy in the air as we head towards the Spring Equinox. To add to the air of optimism and new possibilities, there will be a Jupiter trine, which takes places around the time of the Sun-Moon conjunction in the early hours of Saturday morning. For details about this, see the Key Aspects section lower down.

FULL MOON IN VIRGO – 16 March 2014

Anything related to writing, editing, diet, health and wellbeing is likely to be a source of emotional preoccupation around March 16 when the Full Moon in Virgo brings a month-long cycle to its natural climax. If you’re a critic or commentator, then it’s possible that a certain topic on which you have developed a level of expertise or on which you have strong opinions will fall under the spotlight. Expect either praise or scrutiny, depending on how well-founded your opinions or assertions have been in fact. If you’ve been considering a change in diet or visiting a health practitioner such as a herbalist, then this is a good time to take action or schedule an appointment.

Solar Phases

SUN INTO ARIES – 20 March 2014

This year, the Spring Equinox, marked by the Sun’s ingress into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, will take place at 16h57 GMT on March the 20th, which is 11h57 EST or 18h57 SAST. Rather like the New Moon, this marks the beginning of the agricultural and astrological year, at least in the northern hemisphere, and the beginning of Spring. This is one of the reasons why the first sign of the zodiac is Aries the Ram, because this is the time when the new lambs are born. In our Western culture where the warrior or hero archetype reigns supreme, this is a fitting symbol – Aries is fearless, pioneering and bold, like its ruling planet Mars, which in Roman times, governed both war and the fertility of plants. This is therefore a good time to begin new initiatives, take bold action and venture out on your own. Self-development, self-determined action and rugged individualism are all qualities favoured under this sign, so like the hero of so many myths, why not set off on a new and exciting adventure or brand new chapter in your life?

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout March 2014

Retrogrades and Stations

Mars Retrograde: 1 March – 21 May 2014

Rather ironically, considering the Spring Equinox, Mars, planet of action, physical vitality and self-motivation, changes direction at the beginning of March, thus beginning 12 or so weeks of retrograde motion in Libra – its polar opposite sign. Mars is traditionally in detriment in Libra, and is now further weakened by its retrograde status, so don’t be surprised if you become uncharacteristically indecisive or lacking in motivation or conviction during this period.

If you are having doubts about a relationship, or feel that things are a bit out of balance in terms of fairness or equality within a work partnership, then this is a good time in which to review the situation and make some changes. Legal decisions or political reforms may also need re-evaluating if impractical, biased or discriminatory. Areas most likely to undergo revisions include regulations relating to surgery or minor medical procedures involving needles such as cosmetic injections, as well as military agreements or ceasefires, discrimination or unlawful conduct by members of armed forces, and differences of opinion/policy within political parties.

Jupiter Direct: 6 March 2014

Definitely living up to the reputation of Mars, its ruling planet, March is very much a month of movement and action. As the month gets underway, several planets return to forward motion, including planet of expansion and abundance, Jupiter. Expect a sense of optimism and faith to return to family matters, as well as activities or projects involving motherhood/conception/birth, cooking/food, the home/household effects or affairs.

Consumer confidence could begin to increase now, leading to better results for the retail sector, especially in groceries and household items, and good trading for small businesses like tea or coffee shops and babywear. A bullish air could also begin to pervade our financial networks, leading to a short-term boom in house prices and record trading on the stock market. Despite the doom and gloom predictions of a 20% correction in share prices on the FTSE 100, I think that with Saturn due to retrograde on March the 2nd, it’s possible that the party could go on until mid-July – there will be little to restrain those willing to take big risks during this time.

However, those who have lived through the last phase of boom (Jupiter) and bust (Saturn) would do well to remember what happened in 2008 and practice some caution because, as I have said before, Jupiter could also be equated with levels of inflation, which if consistently high, will trigger the Bank of England to raise interest rates, which could bring things to a screeching halt. Furthermore, once Saturn stations in July, the screws will be turned on unsound practices or investments, leading to that much-discussed ‘market correction’ predicted by some city analysts.

My advice then: Use the return to abundance thinking and optimism to inject more joy and meaning into family relationships and pursuits, never forget what is really important (not money!) and remain true to your beliefs and morals. If you do so, then you’re unlikely to go wrong, especially now that Jupiter has returned to forward motion.

Saturn Retrograde: 2 March – 21 July 2014

Saturn, considered to be the great stabiliser and regulator of the skies is once again due for its annual retrograde spell. During this period, it is likely that the brakes may come off the financial system, which along with Jupiter’s return to direct motion, could lead to inflated prices, increased consumer spending and less interest in regulations or laws that curb or limit power and behaviour, especially in the energy sector.

On a personal level, you may feel less inhibited or shy than usual, instead seeking out situations that allow you to express yourself more openly or have a little more fun than usual. This is especially true if you have a prominent Saturn in your natal chart, such as Capricorn rising or Saturn in the first house.

You may care less about conforming to social rules of behaviour, or of bowing to the wishes of parents, bosses or mentors, especially if you feel they have been overly strict or are abusing their position.

Don’t be surprised if there are calls for a review of the energy sector, or of power structures within well-established organisations or hierarchies, such as the English aristocracy, where you still have to be male to inherit family wealth or property, as well as the House of Lords, which many liberal politicians object to, since the appointment of peers can be for life and does not involve elections of any kind.

Career mobility is another possible issue that may come up between now and May 2014. Unlike America, where success is supposed to depend on merit, rather than your social connections, status or background, little has changed in the UK when it comes to who is able to get ahead in the world. According to several commentators, “Britain is a deeply unfair meritocracy” in which those who went to expensive private schools still dominate the top careers and elite positions in British society.

Although generally frowned upon by many liberal societies, being well-educated remains the single best way to move up in the world here in the UK. The Conservative Party, led by Eton-schooled David Cameron, is often accused of being elitist and out of touch with the concerns of ordinary working and middle class men and women. It remains to be seen whether this will become a major criticism/drawback for the UK electorate in the lead-up to the next general elections. Between now and mid-May, don’t be surprised if this becomes the topic of many a headline or news story. Elitism, corruption and nepotism are all issues that could rear their ugly heads over the next few weeks.

Planetary Ingresses

Mercury back into Pisces: 17 March 2014

Now that Mercury has ended its retrograde period, it will begin to retrace its steps through Aquarius, re-entering Pisces mid-month, which should give you a chance to rectify all those mistakes and hiccups caused by cloudy thinking, poor planning and loose lips. The next few weeks should also be a very creative and spiritually uplifting time when intuition and inspiration are strong. So banish your fears, stop scolding yourself for not being able to think logically and concentrate on opening yourself up to the wisdom and beauty that is all around you. If you’re a sensitive individual emotionally, or are particularly prone to allergies, then you may want to take extra precautions when out and about to avoid being caught short or overwhelmed by aggravating individuals or foods/allergens. You may also want to schedule in regular rest periods or spa visits to allow you to regain your energy levels or else you could become a little drained by the 7th of April when Mercury again changes signs.

Venus into Aquarius: 05 March 2014

After spending over four months in Capricorn, Venus finally ingresses into progressive and unconventional Aquarius. This is likely to mean a resurgence in androgynous fashion styles, unusual accessories or grooming products and an interest in unconventional romances, whether this unlikely couples or gay/transsexual/bi-sexual issues. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself feeling a bit cooler and more detached about relationships or want to spend more time by yourself – this is the independent side of Aquarius talking, encouraging you not to lose your individuality. You may also fall for the most inappropriate people romantically. If you consider this a phase and don’t get too hung-up about it, then you’re less likely to get stressed out and wonder if your parents/family will disown you. Enjoy exploring alternative cultures or art forms that do now. Marrying technology and art or matchmaking is another fruitful area to explore if you are looking or novel ways to make money or express yourself creatively. </span.

Key Aspects

Sun & Sun trine Jupiter: 01 March 2014

Since the buoyancy of the Jupiter-Saturn trine of December 13 2013, some of us have been through the mill a bit in the last two months. What with all the dark clouds cast by the negative Jupiter aspects that took place in January (Jupiter-Pluto opposition Jan 31st) and February (Jupiter-Uranus square 26 Feb), you’d be forgiven for thinking that a silver lining was never going to materialise.

Now, however, the good vibes return! As March gets underway, the Sun, symbol of self-expression and identity, combines with the benevolent and expansive rays of Jupiter, to provide an air of confidence and hope that things CAN turn out well in the end, despite all the recent up’s and down’s.

This is an excellent time to promote yourself or your abilities, make an effort to restore good relations with family members and make in-roads into improving or extending your home, especially your kitchen. Allowing the private areas of your life to really reflect who you are is what this aspect is all about. If you’d like to set up your own cookery school or family-run business, now is also a good time to approach backers and local authorities to get their blessing for your plans.

Local events and activities should also go extremely well now, especially if they have charitable aims. Remember that the Sun is still in caring and compassionate Pisces, so this is not the time to be selfish or self-serving. Win-win situations and contributing to the greater good is what this aspect is truly about, so leave your ego at home for now. It’ll be a most meaningful and rewarding time if you do.

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