Today’s Astro-Insights – Wed 22 Feb 2017


Today things could get a little bit nasty as Mars squares up to Pluto. Normally healthy conflict or competition could quickly escalate into something intense and possibly quite ugly.

Where possible, avoid confrontation and take care against accidents – speed and heat are both possible killers now, as is anything sharp or poisonous like knives and snakes.

Intense emotions, bullying, angry outbursts and OCD behaviour are all possible today, especially in response to attempts by others to hurry decisions or push for changes too quickly. Try to exercise some patience and take your time in contracts and legal agreements. No need to rush – carelessness could lead to some serious errors or omissions. Realise that some people may need more time than others to assimilate the new ideas or changes initiated by yesterday’s Uranus contacts.

Although things will ultimately work out for the best, there may be some turbulence in getting there. If things get worse before they get better, hang in there – the clouds will clear from the second week of March. For now, stay flexible and keep your options open if you can. See this as a time to clear out what doesn’t belong in your life anymore, ready for the new six month cycle being ushered in by Sunday’s solar eclipse.

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Today’s Astro-Insights – Tues 21 Feb 2017


Today we enter the looking glass – and a strange, erratic but also potentially magical time that is likely to last until just after Sunday’s solar eclipse in Pisces. This otherworldly period is set in motion by Mercury, which will simultaneously sextile unpredictable Uranus, whilst also trining a retrograde Jupiter today.

As a result, an unresolved legal or relationship situation from the recent past may suddenly, and unexpectedly sort itself out. If you have been complaining about unfair treatment or discrimination, but with very little response from authorities, then things could change today, almost as if out of the blue.

Intellectually, you may also come up with some inspired ideas and original solutions to global/humanitarian/technical problems that are as far reaching as they are comprehensive. Although possibly wacky or unconventional, they are worth noting down and developing because they offer a way redressing the balance in certain off-kilter scenarios, so try not to be too self-critical or dismissive.

Although any surprise news you receive now should ultimately lead to positive changes, they may also create unintended – and possibly quite dramatic – consequences in the short term. This is because Mars is travelling quite close to Uranus, from where it will square Pluto on Wednesday. The result: intense emotions, outbursts of temper as well as Machiavellian attempts to control people or situations that could border on the unhinged or obsessive. People could react quite forcefully or defensively, possibly even violently to any suggestion of a change to the status quo, so take care how you break any news to others because their responses could end up shocking you.

Whatever happens in the near future, know that things will ultimately work out for the best in the end. This may become more evident as we get closer to March. For now, though, keep an open mind and try to suspend any preconceptions of potential outcomes  – certainly until after next Monday.


Weekend Astro-Insights – Fri 17 Feb 2017


This weekend, the Sun will enter sensitive, dreamy Pisces at 11:30am GMT on Saturday the 18th of February.

Once we do, we will officially be entering the cosmic looking glass – and the madness of Oscars season!

Pisces is a magical sign that can either enchant or deceive, depending on how you harness it. See the next few weeks as an opportunity to develop your creativity and to re-align your personal goals with your spiritual values.

Set aside time to imagine new possibilities for yourself: visualising the sort of life you’d like to create  and then invest some serious emotion and personal energy into this image – you may be surprised at what you can create energetically.

Remember: “Imagination is the Eye of the Soul”. More than that, it is the key to manifesting. Everything begins with consciousness and cultivating the power of your inner worlds is really the secret to understanding – and co-creating – with the universe.

The Moon will also shift into optimistic and upbeat Sagittarius, which should help you to believe that anything is possible. It is – you just have to have faith – and take action.

Today’s Astro-Insights – Thurs 16 Feb 2017


The mood changes to one of decisiveness and focused action as the Moon enters wilful Scorpio and Mercury moves to sextile Mars.

The latter aspect, which perfects at 6:15pm GMT, encourages you to put plans into action. The next two days are great for decisive moves and assertive self-expression, so if you need to stand up for yourself or make sure something goes your way, then this is the time.

Being honest and straightforward in your style of speech or writing will also pay off – there’s no need to be too flowery now. The more brief and to the point you are, the more likely people will be to listen -and then act – on your words.

Needless to say, fitness instructors should have a very good day today.

This is also a good time for fixing or assembling things that require a straightforward practical approach or rapid results. Sometimes quick fixes do have their merits!


Today’s Astro-Insights – Wed 15 Feb 2017


Today we find ourselves caught between two rather different astral influences:

On the one hand, we have yesterday’s Sun-Saturn sextile, encouraging a ‘Steady as you go’ approach.

On the other, we have tomorrow’s ingress of Mercury into impatient, ‘Just do it!’ Aries.

So what to do?

See this as a turning point  – one of those gaps that allows you to stop, consolidate your plans and decide where you want to focus on and commit to next, especially in terms of mental energy and communications.

A clue to which area of life is best to concentrate on, lies in where Aries and Sagittarius sit in your birth charts. See the Aries-ruled house area as being given the green light from tomorrow; while the Sagittarius and Aquarius-ruled zones are likely to be where personal responsibilities need your attention, and where you should take things slowly, but also where you are likely to get recognised for all your hard work and past efforts.

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Today’s Astro-Insights – Tues 14 Feb 2017


With the Moon now in relationship sign, Venus-ruled Libra, the scene is all set for a harmonious and smoochy Valentine’s Day. If you’re keen to win over someone’s heart, then you’ll need to follow protocol and think traditional romantic gestures. Putting on the charm, minding your manners and showing your good taste when it comes togifts, cards and restaurant choice will all help you too woo  – and wow – your intended.

The Sun also sextiles Saturn today. From a work point of view, this is a good time to exercise self-discipline or restraint – people will notice your composure and grit if you do. Working steadily towards achieving your goals will not only prove satisfying, but past hard work could also pay off now. A great day to cultivate relationships with those in authority.

Today’s Astro-Insights – Mon 13 Feb 2017


We start the working week with the Moon firmly in industrious and efficient sign of Virgo – excellent if you want to get things off to a flying start. Attack your inbox and admin to-do list with gusto because you’ll be able to make significant progress now, even with those detailed, boring tasks you usually hate.

Later, at around 9pm GMT, the Moon will change signs and your focus will move towards more work-life balance, social harmony and justice. Working towards achieving more of an even exchange of energies within partnerships is one really constructive way to use this energy, as is campaigning for greater gender equality.

Use the next two days or so to strive for greater harmony and balance in your life. When it comes to relationships of all kinds, compromise, charm and diplomacy will stand you in good stead.

Weekend Astro-Insights – Fri 10 Feb 2017

mercury-sextile-venusStimulating conversation, rousing speeches and unexpectedly exhilarating social events are all likely this evening as Mercury moves to sextile Venus at 21h18 GMT. In fact, the atmosphere at a charity fundraiser, group get-together or political meeting could be electric, thanks to a talented speaker, special guest or party organiser.

Expect pleasing telephone calls, social harmony and good news as these two inner planets, currently in dynamic Aquarius and Aries, do their best to help you to mingle easily and win hearts and minds.

Venus is currently entering her brightest phase of illumination, culminating on February the 17th, making her especially potent and influential right now.

So look out for her on the western horizon at sunset where she’ll be outshining all the other planets in her incarnation as the Evening Star, especially once the Moon begins to wane. And make the most of her beguiling, seductive charms while you can before she turns retrograde next month on March 4.

This surge of positive energy, which began with last night’s Sun-Uranus sextile, forms part of an upward trajectory of harmonious planetary aspects which reach their climax at tomorrow’s thrilling Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Tomorrow’s soli-lunar spectacular brings together the luminaries, along with Jupiter and Uranus, to form a mystic rectangle in the sky – an event that could spark off some surprising twists and turns, as well as energetic shifts which should help to return a sense of confidence and optimism about the future to the world.

Though surprising, potentially shocking even,  see this as a sort of cosmic broom that sweeps the decks clean,  enabling you to hit the reset button  and end a six month period of volatility and uncertainty. No doubt, this news will bring a sense of relief – and hope – to many.

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Today’s Astro-Insights – Thurs 9 Feb 2017


This evening at 21h15 GMT, the Sun begins what is destined to be a fairly exciting, if somewhat unsettling lead-up to Saturday’s Lunar Eclipse.

At the Leo Full Moon eclipse on Saturday, the Sun and Moon will form a magical mystic rectangle with Uranus and Jupiter. In particular, the Sun will trine Jupiter, currently co-joined with Uranus via a polarising opposition.

As a result, life may get surprisingly exciting, if unsettled. What you thought was a ‘done deal’ may turn out to be anything but. Still, whatever changes do result from the current planetary activity are likely to be for the best.

So, if you’re keen to make personal changes, or find novel solutions to a unique problem, then Saturday’s lunar eclipse could provide some answers – just not necessarily the one you expected.

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Daily Astro-Insights -Tues 7 Feb 2017


Today Mercury enters Aquarius – a move that is destined to make everyone think in idealistic but also relatively philanthropic and selfless terms. I’s time to become more detached in your thinking and consider yourself in relation to the whole picture, whether this be society at large, or simply your local action group or community.

Friends may prove to be especially inspiring now, so consult them if you have a problem or want to work through an issue. Exchanging ideas with others, particularly groups of people, whether through a forum/social media,  or at a meeting/conference, should prove rewarding and satisfying.

You could also come up with some singularly brilliant or unique ideas or inventions over the next few weeks, particularly if you allow yourself to think unconventionally. If nothing else, you will certainly express yourself in novel ways. Don’t be afraid to embrace technology  – it could help you do some important research, or disseminate your message/views more widely.