Daily Astro-Insights – Wed 1 Feb 2017


Today’s Mercury-Uranus square is bound to bring travel disruption, interrupted communications, as well as civil unrest. Nervous tension is another possible side effect of this transit. try not to overthink things or jump to conclusions – not only are you likely to be wrong but you will just create unnecessary stress and anxiety for yourself and others.

With the Moon and Mars in fiesty Aries, there is also a lot of combative, confrontational energy about – bear this in mind when dealing with unpredictable or unstable individuals – their reaction may be unexpectedly violent. Accidents are also possible, so be careful when commuting or travelling, and when dealing with electrical gadgets. Fires and explosions, care of Mars and Uranus, are also likely.

Unexpected decisions, news and announcements could also throw a spanner into plans or negotiations, so keep agreements loose and don’t sign any contracts until this uncertain period is over – not likely for two weeks or so, given Mercury’s other volatile aspects later this week and the upcoming eclipses on February the 11th.


Daily Astro-Insights – Tuesday 31 Jan 2017


Late tonight, at 21h45 GMT, the Moon enters cardinal fire sign, Aries. This is likely to create a desire to take action and start new initiatives tomorrow morning. Paired with Mars, currently also in Aries, it’s also possible that you may find yourself getting in touch with your angry side!

This is fiery, combative energy, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel compelled to complain, confront or demonstrate. In general, you won’t be as reluctant as usual to show your displeasure about matters that are important to you, or indeed, be shy about expressing your feelings! Anyone who crosses you now should beware – you aren’t going to take injustice, bullying or unfair treatment lying down. And you won’t be fobbed off easily either.

Revolution is very much in the air, especially given tomorrow’s Mercury-Uranus square. This explosive combination makes it highly likely that civil unrest levels will grow around the world as people grow tired of putting up with the mediocre, unfair, outdated or just plain incompetent. For want of a better phrase, ‘the natives are restless’… and they aren’t going to take things lying down this week. Authorities, you have been warned!

Daily Astro-Insights – Mon 30 Jan 2017


Today the Moon enters Pisces, which is likely to have the effect of removing your emotional barriers. This could either allow you to become more in tune with others, or alternatively, make you feel more exposed to the world around you. The same message applies to your body, which could either feel low on physical vitality, or result in a lowered immune system, so take care to protect yourself from infections and anything that could cause an allergic reaction.

With Mars now in goal-focused Aries, it’s also possible that you may have some jarring encounters with some people who are less tactful/sensitive than you over the next few days. Be prepared for this, and either choose to be more tolerant of what is probably thoughtless behaviour, or else decide to temporarily remove yourself from environments where you are more likely to come across aggressive types. Whatever you do, don’t take these incidents personally – this would be an enormous waste of energy.

See today as a chance to recoup and regroup before the mid-week onslaught wreaked by Mercury, whose contacts with Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus are likely to reignite the challenging energy of the cardinal grand cross we experienced earlier this month. Given this upcoming volatility, it’s probably a good idea to keep plans fluid and not commit to anything, either verbally or in writing until this cosmic turbulence has passed.

Skylights for 2017

Full Moon and Cloudscape

2017 – A Year of Adjustment

2016 was, for many of us, an annus horribilis. Brexit, the US elections, the war in Syria, the Nice attacks – these terrible and shocking events had the signature of Uranus and Pluto all over them.

Despite all of this, many good things did happen, especially towards the end of the year, fuelled mainly by Jupiter’s ingress into Libra and a fabulous set of planetary configurations around Christmas.The latter transits, especially the Saturn-Uranus trine, will help set the tone for 2017, leading to far more sensible, sustainable and incremental paradigm shifts than the rollercoaster ride we have experienced lately.

So what do the stars foretell for 2017? Below I’ve put together my Skylights for 2017 – mark these power dates and lucky transits in your diary now! (Or better still, order a copy of my 2017 Astro-Almanac!)

A Thoughtful Start to what Promises to be an Eventful Year

2017 begins with a Mars-Neptune conjunction in spiritual Pisces on 1 Jan 2017, urging us to rest, recharge our batteries and find gentler, more lyrical and mindful ways to motivate ourselves and stay healthy.

Overall, though, things are likely to happen in incremental waves; which then  followed by periods of assimilation, adjustment and recovery. Get ready then, for an eventful but well-paced year.Paradigm shifts and major institutional reforms are still on the cards, but this time round, they occur in a much more steady and sensible fashion.

The second half of 2017 is particularly interesting from an astrological perspective. As well as the ingress of Jupiter into sexy Scorpio on 10 October, Saturn will also change signs – entering serious Capricorn on December 20.

Other highlights to look forward to include a Jupiter-Saturn sextile in August, the second pass of the stunning Saturn-Uranus trine we experienced around Christmas Day 2016 in May 2017, as well as a superb Venus-Jupiter trine in air signs on July the 18th.

Skylights for 2017.

Career, Fame & Success

Many of us will be rethinking what success means to us, especially as our attitude to power and fame changes, and we become less keen on following leaders who are overly proud, egotistical, limelight hoggers, bullshitters or macho men. This is largely because of the influence of Regulus in Virgo, which is slowly encouraging women to take their rightful place in positions of leadership and responsibility. Asa  result, we will begin to see signs that servant leadership, soft power and hard work are winning out over the brash, pushy 80’s style patriarchal throwback type of leadership epitomised by people like Trump and Putin. Of course, this is probably only likely to become evident once the Reagan and Thatcher wannabe’s of this world have enjoyed their final swan song.

Power Days for Success, Fame & Career:

3 June, 11 February – Sun trine Jupiter

17 April, 13 August – Sun trine Saturn

10 August – Sun sextile Jupiter

21 Dec – Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn

Love & Creativity in 2017

This year Venus enjoys two spells in her favourite sign – dreamy, starry-eyed Pisces – which should spell plenty of tender moments, romance and poetry for lovers (and artists), especially in January. Heartbroken or separated partners could well reunited or rekindle their romances in April when a retrograde Venus retraces her footsteps, spending the period between 2-27 April back in Pisces – the sign where she is exalted. Other extremely romantic dates in the 2017 calendar include: 20 June and 12 August.

Anyone looking for commitment in relationships should look out for 1 June when Venus trines steadfast Saturn, while those keen to inject some passion into their lives should make a note of the steamy Venus-Mars connections due in early June & again in October. Excitement and spontaneity rules in relationships in late July and mid-September and anyone who need a little luck in finding a good ‘un can count on Venus and Jupiter to provide some in mid-July and September.

Unfortunately, there is also likely to be a fair amount of tension and upheaval in love this year, with Venus having quite a few bust-ups with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, all of which could potentially spell the end of a romance that wasn’t going to go the distance. Periods to watch out for include: 17 & 24 July, 15 – 24 Aug, 8 & 28 October.

Five-Star Days for Romance, Fashion & Art:

12 January  – Venus conjunct Neptune
1 June  – Venus trine Saturn
18 July  – Venus trine Jupiter
12 August  – Venus trine Neptune
18 Sep, 20 Dec  – Venus trine Uranus
3 December – Jupiter trine Neptune

HEALTH in 2017

January is likely to be a month where we reboot our health and reconsider what it means to be active and motivated. 2017 begins with a Mars-Neptune conjunction in spiritual Pisces on 1 January 2017. Almost the antithesis of what we understand Mars to represent, this is less about warrior energy and more about inner spiritual strength. Lyrical movement, yoga and gentle but effective exercise that doesn’t injure muscles, such as swimming, water aerobics or dancing, is recommended under this influence. Healing and physical rejuvenation comes from meditation, spa retreats and rest while this transit is in place, so for a few weeks, forget all the weight training and running that new year’s resolutions bring on – you’ll feel too tired and listless to do any of that. And with Mars set to square Saturn on 19 January, you’ll just end up feeling frustrated if you try and fight the fatigue or train through the pain. The good news is that you may find this new regime rather transformative, if the Mars-Pluto sextile on January 11 is anything to go by.

However, many of us are likely to revert back to type when Mars ingresses into its own sign of Aries on the 28th of Jan 2017. Taking place on the same day as the New Moon in Aries, consider this the real start of the year for your body. The rest will mean you will feel invigorated from your month of enforced rest, and so be raring to go by the New Moon. Just as it should be! So allow your biorhythms to stay in sync with the cosmic cycles – you’ll feel much more ‘in the flow’ if you do so.

Great dates to heal, get in shape or compete in sports:

5 March, 22 August – Mars trine Saturn

11 January, 8 March – Mars sextile Pluto

5 April, 31 May – Mars trine Pluto

12 May – Mars trine Jupiter

20 August – Mars sextile Jupiter

Major Cosmic Events

Thanks to the paradigm-shifting Saturn-Uranus trine that took place on Christmas Day – and is set to be repeated in May 2017 – we can also expect to see some permanent changes to the way we live, interact and work, especially in terms of life structures, belief systems and working patterns. Unlike recent years, which have been characterised by uncertainty and volatility brought about by the harsh and often violent dynamic of the Uranus-Pluto squares, we are now moving into a calmer, more stable period in which much-needed social and institutional reforms and technological shifts can be implemented in a much more structured and systematic way, thansk to the influence of Saturn in Sagittarius on Uranus. This transit forms part of a larger pattern of intellectual, energetic and societal shifts going happening on a global level – a trend which I discuss at length in my January 2017 Forecast.  For details, visit the Astro-Insights blog.

Global Shape Shifters:

30 March – Jupiter square Pluto = pride before a fall, ego-based stand-offs and political power plays, having to be right at all costs

9-14 April – Sun square Pluto, conjunct Uranus  = major political coups, leadership/regime changes, corporate takeovers

24-28 April – Mercury trine Saturn, conjunct Uranus = technological, scientific breakthroughs, unexpected but significant press announcements

19 May – Saturn trine Uranus (second pass) = systematic reforms, paradigm shifts that synergize convention & innovation, old meets new

27 Aug – Jupiter sextile Saturn = positive laws/restrictions, ethical decisions, key judicial/legal decisions, spiritual advancement/growth through effort

Easy Ways to Keep Track of Key Dates

For those keen to maximise every possible opportunity this year, I have created an illustrated Astro-Almanac for 2016, complete with 12 different illustrations – one for each month – annotated with a neat list of all the major astrological movements for the year, set out day by day, as well as an easy-to-follow written guide to how to decode each and every phase of the cosmic weather. If you’d like to purchase one, you can find further details on the Astro-Report Shop website.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook updates for more detailed daily astro-insights into the cosmic weather as the year unfolds.

Happy New Year, everyone!

December 2016 Astro-Insights


November’s cosmic energy epitomised Scorpio energy in some many ways – first the world experienced a bout of crisis and shock (rather like The Tower card in the Tarot) followed by a period of realignment as Mars, Jupiter and Saturn came together to work with Uranus in rebuilding the foundations of structures that it had knocked down earlier.

Although things are likely to surge ahead at quite a rapid rate during the first half of the month, by the time we reach the winter solstice, when Mars enters spiritual Pisces and Mercury turns retrograde, it’s time to slow down, recharge your batteries and contemplate your next move. Spend this time setting your intentions for the coming New Year with a view to articulating any specific wishes or affirmations around the New Moon on Dec 29 if you want to get a head start on 2017.

Both the winter solstice and Christmas Day look set to be rather special times this year. In my analysis of the solar ingress chart for Dec 21, I discuss how the Capricorn sun will help begin an ascension process associated with the merging of the divine feminine energy of Regulus in Virgo with the Christ-like male energy of Mars in Pisces. See below for details.

Christmas Day is also set to be extra special this year, thanks to a plethora of stunning planetary aspects between Venus & Jupiter, Saturn & Uranus, including a minor grand trine in air signs. Keep an open mind, look for ways to blend the old with new traditions, and be ready to shift into a brand new paradigm in the New Year. After a difficult year, there’ll be much to celebrate and give thanks for this festive season.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS – 29 November 2016, 12h18 GMT

December’s lunar month begins early with a New Moon on November 29. Coming before the ‘official’ start to December, this is likely to generate a feeling of urgency – a degree of panic even – as new projects and offers start pouring in before everyone has had a chance to finish traditional ‘month-end’ tasks. Rather than overreact – always a possibility with this combination – it’s best to tune into the expansive, enthusiastic energy that a New Moon in a fire sign brings and use it to get a headstart on travel and study plans, as well as family or food arrangements for Christmas.

This particular New Moon will occur at 7 degrees of Sagittarius. An upbeat, fiery sign, Sagittarius urges us to aim high, dream big and be adventurous.

Sabian Symbolism for the 8th degree of Sagittarius


This month’s Sabian symbol carries a lot of mining and alchemical analogies, which is interesting, given the recent news about Pluto’s ‘heart-shaped depression’ and the recent Jupiter-Pluto square (24 Nov). Both last month’s Full Moon (14 Nov) and this particular New Moon also happened to coincide with increased earthquake activity, especially along the edges of the Pacific plate, which again seems significant. Both earthquakes and mining are very much associated with Pluto, while many people believe that the Moon’s gravitational pull may somehow trigger earthquake activity. Jupiter also happens to be the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, so somehow, all three planets seem to be linked through this particular New Moon.

Lynda Hill’s interpretation of this Sabian symbol is as follows:

‘Deep Within the Depths of the Earth, New Elements are Being Formed’ indicates that deep, organic changes are occurring. Whilst these shifts may be big, significant and extremely life changing, they may not be all that obvious on the surface. It seems certain that ‘Deep’ down and ‘Within’, there is a lot going on, regardless of one’s external demeanor.

Seismic shifts seem to be going on behind the scenes, as reflected both by tectonic plate movement below the earth’s surface and the shifts in political sentiment across the world, as represented by things like the outcome of the American presidential election. This Sabian symbolism therefore seems both relevant and portentious – certainly something to bear in mind during the coming four week lunar period. How will you use this energy to affect changes in your own life (and heart)? This New Moon suggests that we dig deep and sift through the debris of our inner worlds in order to find the seeds of our next personal chapter. A new phase is beginning, both personally and energetically – use this New Moon energy to begin the incubation process, working from the inside out using your experience and intuition to give birth to the ‘new elements’ that will form the basis for what should come next.

The New Moon will form the epicentre of a T-square involving the lunar nodes. This suggests that whatever may be next for you may involve going against the crowd or popular mood – something to bear in mind if you’re the sort of person who usually seeks support from loved ones before embarking on a new course of action. It may well be that you’ll have to run the risk of criticism or lack of support from family or friends if you’re to remain true to your heart and beliefs. If you can accept this as a possibility at the outset, you’ll probably be less upset or deterred if/when it does occur. We’ve all had spells where we’ve chosen to follow the ‘road less traveled’ – and this just might one of those times.

FULL MOON IN GEMINI – 14 Dec 2016, 00h05 GMT

Mid-month, a Full Moon in Gemini may force us to question how we travel, express our opinions, or receive and disseminate information. Political initiatives and policy decisions are also likely to take centre stage as natural milestones in the process are reached. Taking place in a mutable sign, it is possible that we may hear more about Brexit-related plans (the Brexit vote took place, after all, under the auspices of a Saturn-Neptune square in Sagittarius-Pisces and when both Mercury and Jupiter were in mutable signs). Alternatively, there may be news about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (December moon phases seem to have a certain resonance with this couple, perhaps because of William’s mutable natal Mercury an Ascendant) – see my comments on the Sabian symbol of this Full Moon below.

Developments related to the September solar eclipse in Virgo are also a possibility. Worth remembering is the ‘message’ of the 19 North Saros family, which Bernadette Brady associates with ‘realism, a coming down to earth’ and a need to tackle the truth. So let’s hope this coincides with a waning appetite for spin, political falsehoods or fake news stories on social media – all of which are ruled by Gemini.

The Sun will be conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, signifying a desire for substance and gravitas, while the Moon will be sextile Uranus and trine Mars, both of which have no truck with ceremony or pretense. An interesting combination! This certainly seems to suggest a popular desire for change and a liberation from old ways of being/living, so it will be fascinating to see how this plays out for any figurehead keen to roll back the clock and eliminate social/political progress or civil liberties for the sake of self-interest or the wellbeing of an elite few. I think we’re in for a fascinating time, especially on global political and media front!

Sabian Symbol for the 23rd Degree of Gemini


My first thought here is: baby birds – will we hear about the imminent birth of Royal Baby No. 3 for Kate and Wills? For most of us though, this symbol concerns both growth/development as well as themes around dependence and nurturing – after all, the fledglings are not yet ready to fly the nest, so are still dependent on their parents for food and protection. This may also point to plans that are still ‘in progress’ – not yet fully formed or ready to implement – perhaps a hint that we needn’t feel rushed into making important decisions if we aren’t 100% prepared/ready (hello, Moon-Mars aspects!)

Lynda Hill offers the following advice:

The situation facing you is full of promise for the future. The ‘Fledglings’ are not yet ready to fly and are still in need of the “mother” to sustain, protect, nourish and educate them. The universe flows in a pattern, and this pattern includes taking time to grow, mature and learn how to fly off into our own lives under our own steam. This period in the ‘Nest’ gives us a time to be dependent and nurtured. Knowing that you will be able to rise up on your own and leave the security and safety of the ‘Nest’ is the motivation to focus on whilst growing and developing your inner self.

So, although there may be a certain degree of impatience or frustration to take action or be free, the time may not yet be right to do so – to act now would be premature – something that media outlets and politicians might want to take on board before they publish or campaign (or say, activate Article 50?). The upshot: you can’t rush the process of change without risking the entire process, or at least creating unforeseen consequences. So be like the tortoise, even if you wish you were the hare right now.

Solar Phases

SUN INTO CAPRICORN – 21 December 2016, 10h45 GMT

This year, the winter solstice, marked astrologically by the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn (using the Western tropical zodiac), will take place at 10h45 GMT on December the 21st. Rather like the dark moon, which remains invisible for two days prior to its first appearance at what we call ‘New Moon’, the winter solstice (at least in the northern hemisphere anyway), marks a liminal threshold or turning point, between dark and light; winter and spring, between the old year and the new one. Think of this ingress then as a ‘seed moment’ – or solar equivalent of New Moon – a time best spent thinking about what you’d like to accomplish or manifest during 2017, so that by the time of the Capricorn New Moon on 29 December, you’re ready to magically set your intentions for the coming year through a little lunar ceremony or personal ritual.


2016winsolsticechartIf we look at a chart for this year’s Capricorn ingress, we notice a mystic rectangle involving the Sun; the Earth; the fixed star, Regulus, and the north node, all in earth and water signs. As I mentioned in a recent blog, a lot of people within the philosophical and mystic community are talking about a shift in the earth’s frequency and in our own consciousness as we enter a new age of relational and technological inter-connectedness and the imperative to change the way we treat our planet and its natural resources becomes more urgent. Many people are talking about a revival (or return) of sacred feminine energy – a return of horizontal, rather than hierarchical systems of thinking and behaving, and of right-, rather than left-brain thinking, of a shift back towards spirituality as opposed to a worship of logic and science. This time round, though, many think that instead of an “either-or” scenario, that we are moving towards integrating BOTH into the way we approach nature, ourselves and our souls.

To me, this seems to be reflected in the Capricorn ingress chart:

  • For one thing, we have Regulus in Virgo – a great emblem for female/inclusive styles of leadership and the divine feminine (abundance of the harvest, health of the body etc) orbiting close to the north node (the divine destiny of our planet?).
  • Opposite Regulus is Mars, the ultimate symbol of thrusting but also initiating and fertile male energy – but it is in the soft, compassionate and dreamy sign of Pisces, suggesting a new type of masculine energy – more in keeping with the sort of energy embodied by Jesus than say Donald Trump!
  • Then we have the Earth, in the ultimate sign of the great mother, Cancer = Gaia at her nurturing best.

And making positive aspects to all of the above, is the Sun in Capricorn. This is not the bright daylight sun of the summer solstice. No, it is the sun in the earth – the dark winter or black sun – which dies and is reborn in the darkness of mother earth. This sun marks the beginning of the phase of ascension, from its lowest point of declination, back up towards the heavens. It therefore represents a threshold, the start of a phase of renewal.

So are we, indeed, on the threshold of a new earth and a shift in cosmic energy? This chart seems to suggest so – one that begins with the re-ascension of the sun – which is in direct relationship (opposition) with the earth along the ancient axis of death (Capricorn) and rebirth (Cancer), but using the transmuting energy of Mars and Regulus, (representing the masculine and feminine poles embodied in the axis between Virgo and Pisces)  to retune our planet and all the beings on it. 2016 has been quite a ride – as far as I am concerned, things can only get better as we move into 2017!

Cosmic Weather Forecast for December

Use the key of cosmic weather symbols to decipher how favourable or challenging each transit promises to be.

Key with wind


Astro-Insights November 2016

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After the drama, frustrations and unexpected headaches thrown up by Pluto and Uranus last month, which may have scuppered plans or led to temporary irritations and technical issues, it’s time to get life back on track this November.

Although this month should prove to be less problematic or stressful than the last half of October, we do have a fairly momentous Jupiter-Pluto square to contend with on 25 November. Reforms to key institutions and a swing in attitude by those in authority may be required to accommodate the changing ethics and beliefs of the society they were designed to serve. However, there is a danger that those with a hunger or liking for power may be unwilling to fulfil their moral obligations and ignore the current cultural zeigeist, or their pledge to serve those who elected them, leading to extreme political views, draconian laws and even violent intolerant behaviour. With Venus joining Pluto at the day of this event, it would seem that women, love and money may play an important role in now things play out. One wonders what this could mean for the US Presidential election – I shudder to think!…

That being said, there is much to be optimistic about this November. Thanks to several favourable Uranus trines and some constructive Pluto sextiles, this could be a time of positive changes and personal shifts, provided you learn the lessons that came out of October’s difficult second half. Listen to your intuition, maintain your integrity and keep your wits about you though!.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN SCORPIO – 30 October 2016, 17h38 GMT

This month’s lunar cycle begins in October with a New Moon in hypnotic and magnetic Scorpio. This particular New Moon is fascinating in that it not only conjures up all the usual Scorpio themes of listening to your intuition, tuning in to the sub-text between people and learning to sense atmospheres, but it also has an added dimension of otherworldiness about it, thanks to it’s proximity to Halloween (a time when the veils between worlds are traditionally thin) and the involvement of Mercury, which will be hovering nearby and making a trine to magical Neptune. As a result, you may find yourself able to perceive things far beyond your usual capabilities, if you listen closely enough. If you’re keen to develop psychic abilities, then this is the New Moon for you!

Sabian Symbolism


What a wonderful image and how appropriate! The notion of the Moon’s light being reflected in a lake conjures up an image of scrying – a divinatory practice carried out by prophets like Nostradamus and most recently popularised in films such as Lord of the Rings – in which one attempts to see the future in a pool of water, crystal ball or mirror. This image is clearly an injunction to practise some mindfulness and attune your senses to pick up more than you may consciously be aware of.This is definitely ‘seeing’ with the mind’s eye or the imagination, rather than any use of the usual five senses!

Lynda Hill offers us her interpretation of this particular oracle symbol:

The image of the ‘Silvery Moon’ or a ‘Lake’ is very much like that of a mirror. What is it about your situation that may need more “reflection”? Is there a need to really take a good, close look inside yourself or another?… It may be wise to remember that still waters run deep and things may not be as they seem on the surface. This image can bring beauty into your life and the need to remember the grace of nature. It’s an opportunity to quietly reflect on the feminine aspects of your life and feel the gentle warmth of the Goddess.

FULL MOON IN TAURUS – 14 Nov 2016, 13h51 GMT

Consolidation, financial and emotional security, as well as routines and habits are likely to be major themes at the Full Moon mid-November. Taurus is a sign very much focused on how we relate to possessions and wealth, as well as how we value our personal skills and resources. It’s possible that others may reward you now for your talents and abilities – what a wonderful way to celebrate the end of this particular lunar cycle!

The particular Full Moon is special for a number of reasons: not only is the Moon exalted in fertile and abundant Taurus, but it will also be the biggest Supermoon for a geneation – the last time such a large and luminous Moon graced our planet was back in 1948, just after the Second World War. Now that’s got to be a sign of hope – let’s heed the warnings and not regress back to earlie rin our history.

In fact, according to the numerologists, the dates of this Full Moon are significant too – they fall just after the highly charged  11th of November (11:11) which this year (2016), reduces to a 4 – the number of abundance and physical manifestation (the Emperor in the Tarot trumps), making the Law of Attraction extra strong – something that seems to be confirmed by the Sabian symbols, as I explain below.

Sabian Symbol


We move from the idea to the reality, from the imagined to the actual this month. This New Moon, located in earthy Taurus, seems to emphasise, the material as opposed to the spiritual. Placed in context with last month’s lunar phases, this symbol may well refer to the physical manifestation of any wishes, requests or visualisations that you put out during last month’s lunar cycle. Go back and look at the Sabian symbols for the Aries Full Moon in particular – there seems to be a continuation of a theme here: the wind blowing through the window has now potentially solidified into the horn of plenty!

Consider the period between now and the next new Moon as the perfect time to focus on your own, and others’ achievements. Focusing on what is practically required to make things happen or realise a dream will prove especially productive. Cultivating a stronger sense of self-belief and confidence in your abilities could really pay off now – if you’ve been undercharging for your services, for example, then now may be a good time to start valuing your skills and time more.

Crystals, stones, coloured glass or a piece of jewelry may also somehow carry extra significance – will someone propose now, or perhaps bring a message/evoke a memory of a much-loved relative? Receiving medals or awards for your hard work may be another way this energy could manifest. if you’ve been neglecting yourself of late, then now may be the perfect time to buy yourself a little something sparkly to brighten your appearance.

Solar Phase

SUN INTO SAGITTARIUS – 21 November 2016

The festive season gets underway as the Sun enters joyful and enthusiastic Sagittarius. Travel plans for Christmas and the New Year no longer seem so far off, and everyone still feels pretty upbeat about the future as we head towards the closing of another solar year. Overall, the next four weeks offer a good time to begin new initiatives related to sports, foreign travel, higher education, publishing, philosophy, spirituality and the law.

Though you may feel optimistic and expansive, the key is to stay pragmatic and not neglect the details when it comes to plans.The Virgo Moon will be squaring the Sun at the time of its ingress, suggesting that humility and attention to detail are required if you are to succeed at work and realise personal goals.

Horsing around and playing the fool is fine but try not to make a fool of yourself, especially at office parties where the temptation to over-indulge may be great. Excess is always a problem for Sagittarius – don’t let this extend to weight gain, overspending or too much merriment – or you may live to regret your momentary lapse in judgement come January!

Cosmic Weather Forecast for November

Use the key of cosmic weather symbols to decipher how favourable or challenging each transit promises to be.

Key with wind



Astro-Insights October 2016

Octobers AstroInsights I AstroSphere Astrology

October is all about a balanced approach to passion, attitude and action. After the confusion, hold-ups and apathy of September, it’s time to pick up where we left off before Mercury went retrograde. This means making some key decisions  – and then carefully acting on them, whilst side-stepping a fair amount of messiness and chaos ! Aiding us in these undertakings will be Mercury and Mars, who will be joined by powerful Pluto, now firmly traveling in forward motion, and sensible Saturn, both of which should provide the determination, focus, gravitas and common needed to help us navigate any obstacles in the road ahead.

Of course it’s not all work and no play. With Venus sizzling in sultry Scorpio for most of October,  together with a New Moon in Libra and some fabulous Jupiter & Neptune transits to look forward to, there should be plenty of drama, romance and passion on offer this month! Add to that Mercury’s hectic itinerary of planetary contacts, and it’s fair to say that we’re in for a busy month, especially socially!

So without further ado, let’s dive straight into this month’s Astro-Insights forecast! For a summary of the cosmic weather for October, scroll down to my Monthly Skylights chart.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN LIBRA – 01 October 2016, 01h11 BST

The month begins with a New Moon in relationship sign, Libra in the early hours (01h10 BST) of October the 1st. A new phase is beginning in love, art and legal matters – one that gets an extra boost of luck and expansion from the two benefics. Lucky Jupiter will be orbiting close to the Sun and Moon at the time of their sacred marriage; while alluring Venus in Scorpio will be hooking up with sensitive Neptune in water signs – an aspect that in and of itself, is designed to help make romantic and creative dreams come true. Wow!

My advice: Use this cosmic ‘power moment’ to set new intentions for the coming month and invite the Universe to help you re-imagine your relationships and invite more fairness, pleasure, love, romance, laughter, peace, balance and magic into your life.

As anyone in esoteric world will tell you, New Moons are like powerful seed moments: At this time of the month, goals and wishes take root and receive an added charge of cosmic energy, so use this time to formulate and give voice to your desires or wishes – even if just by writing them down in a journal – you may be surprised at how the cosmos will conspire with you to open unseen doors and assist you in manifesting what you want.

In the words of Marsilio Ficino:

“Do nothing without the favor of the Moon, since she conveys heavenly things generally, frequently, and easily to things below. ” (Liber De Vitae, Book III)

So if you can, put aside mundane chores on the new Moon weekend and just allow yourself to daydream a little – this is one of those magical times designed to help feed our souls. Music will be especially hypnotic and moving now: Use it to guide your imagination and look for any signs during what promises to be an enchanted time.

Sabian Symbol


Great art, poetry and literature reflect universal truths about life, and can help bring about realisations concerning one’s own personal situation. That is why masterpieces continue to appeal across generations – like myths and legends, they form part of a tradition of wisdom and truth that transcends fads and fashions, and raises age old themes that speak to us about the human condition.

When a piece of art or music moves us, it is because it resonates with something in our soul, its symbols bypassing the intellect, with its tendency to analyse and dissect, and communicating directly with our very being, in what Henry Corbin called ‘the language of the heart’. James Hillman, a disciple of Corbin’s, wrote that ‘the heart is the seat of imagination.’ I would go further and quote Floubert, who wrote that ‘imagination is the eye of the soul’ – and it is this eye that is likely to be awakened at the New Moon when Venus trines poetic Neptune and the Sun and Moon do their sacred alchemical dance.

Given the connection to images, traditions and the world of symbols, it seems appropriate to take a leaf from the many ancient pagan and magical traditions that celebrate the New Moon and try out a New Moon ritual of your own, whether this be meditating on an image or symbol, writing in your journal or performing a small ceremony. You may be amazed at what you discover! For tips on how to go about this, try this web article as a starting point: http://yoganonymous.com/guide-new-moon-rituals-intention-setting/

FULL MOON IN ARIES – 16 Oct 2016, 05h23 BST

With so much emphasis on ‘we’, thanks to the glut of Libra energy around this month, it can sometimes get a little tricky to find time for ‘little old me’. In fact, the frustration could really build up to unbearable proportions by mid-month, leading to a volcanic release of steam. At the Full Moon in Aries when emotions tend to run high anyway,  Mercury will also clash with Pluto  – as result, thoughts could get really dark; and conversations, heavy.

The antidote to such intense, angry energy is to set aside some ‘me’ time and resolve to be honest about your needs or feelings in a way that is direct but not hurtful BEFORE you reach boiling point. You may also want to accept that although things may get pretty volatile internally, this may just be a passing storm, and so even though you may feel very strongly in the heat of the moment, you might want to think twice before inflicting your venom/emotional chaos/paranoid diatribe on some poor, unsuspecting person when tomorrow, you may feel completely differently about the situation.

Another constructive way to vent any pent up energy may be to do some strenuous exercise – this will focus the mind and keep it from dwelling on unhealthy subjects or indulging in obsessive thinking, whilst tiring out the body so that you don’t feel so angry or restless.

Sabian Symbol


Given last month’s New Moon and the emphasis on intention setting, it is interesting that the Sabian symbol associated with this particular Full Moon concerns the manifestation of thoughts, wishes and intentions. The wind could be seen as a symbol of thoughts, wishes or visualisations that are about to take form and ‘become things’ in the material world, as the net curtain suggests by taking the shape of the horn of plenty.

According to the Sabian Oracle:

Quite possibly something is coming that has many promises. What actually arrives on your doorstep may or may not be exactly what was wished for, but it is very likely to be somehow rewarding. How wonderful and yet surprising would it be if what you wanted actually did manifest? This could be a time of the realization and enjoyment of layers of spiritual nourishment.

Wow! Now isn’t this a FAR better expression of Full Moon energy than stamping around like one of Cinderella’s ugly sisters?

NEW MOON IN SCORPIO – 30 October 2016, 17h38 GMT

October blesses us with not just one, but two New Moons. According to news reports, this is known as a Black Moon (Blue Moons being used to signify two Full Moons in one month) but this is news to us astrologers because we know that the lunar cycle and our calendar don’t always sync up properly. Still, it is a rather cool way to describe this month’s second new Moon in hypnotic and magnetic Scorpio! So I’ll stick with it just this once.

This particular New Moon is fascinating in that it not only conjures up all the usual Scorpio themes of listening to your intuition, tuning in to the sub-text between people and learning to sense atmospheres, but it also has an added dimension of otherworldiness about it, thanks to it’s proximity to Halloween (a time when the veils between worlds are traditionally thin) and the involvement of Mercury, which will be hovering nearby and making a trine to magical Neptune. As a result, you may find yourself able to perceive things far beyond your usual capabilities, if you listen closely enough. If you’re keen to develop psychic abilities, then this is the New Moon for you!

Sabian Symbolism


What a wonderful image and how appropriate! The notion of the Moon’s light being reflected in a lake conjures up an image of scrying – a divinatory practice carried out by prophets like Nostradamus and most recently popularised in films such as Lord of the Rings – in which one attempts to see the future in a pool of water, crystal ball or mirror. This image is clearly an injunction to practise some mindfulness and attune your senses to pick up more than you may consciously be aware of.This is definitely ‘seeing’ with the mind’s eye or the imagination, rather than any use of the usual five senses!

Lynda Hill offers us her interpretation of this particular oracle symbol:

The image of the ‘Silvery Moon’ or a ‘Lake’ is very much like that of a mirror. What is it about your situation that may need more “reflection”? Is there a need to really take a good, close look inside yourself or another?… It may be wise to remember that still waters run deep and things may not be as they seem on the surface. This image can bring beauty into your life and the need to remember the grace of nature. It’s an opportunity to quietly reflect on the feminine aspects of your life and feel the gentle warmth of the Goddess.

Solar Phase

SUN INTO SCORPIO – 23 October 2016

On October 23 the Sun enters passionate and mysterious Scorpio. This kick starts a month long cycle in which matters concerning sex, death, legacies, tax, the use or abuse of power, and recycling or regeneration are likely to become prominent.

Use the next four weeks to pursue personal projects or business activities involving recycled materials, antique restoration, in-depth research, archaeology, history, psychotherapy, secret activities or underground facilities, mining or crime fighting. Surgery, healing and medical procedures are also well-starred under this transit.

Wherever possible, don’t take anything at face value – instead probe for clues as to people’s real motivations, listen to their tone for sub-text, ask questions about a situation from all interested parties and look for any hidden meaning or missing facts within written material. If there’s a personal mystery to solve or some research to be done, this is an excellent time to turn detective!

Spending some time alone pondering the deep mysteries of life – rather like The Hermit – is another excellent way to tap into this profound and strangely mesmerising energy.

Monthly Skylights

Below are some key astrological dates to circle in your diary for October 2016. Use the key of cosmic weather symbols to decipher how favourable or challenging each transit promises to be.

Key with wind


Astro-Insights September 2016

V0024939 Astrology: signs of the zodiac, Cancer. Coloured engraving b

September is all about making adjustments,  refocusing your priorities and grappling with the difficult task of discerning fact from fiction, substance from puffery . With two eclipses, a Saturn-Neptune square and a Mercury retrograde to contend with, expect life to be a little uncertain and psychologically challenging, with situations and plans likely to remain murky, unclear and changeable for most of the month. Adopting a flexible, ‘wait and see’ attitude is probably the best way to deal with things now. of course, it’s not all bad news – Jupiter also switches signs this month, ingressing into Libra, the sign governing the law, justice and relationships – good news for anyone hoping for fairer treatment and more equal terms when it comes to partnerships and one-on-one interactions of all kinds.

For an in-depth review of the September eclipses,  read my guide to the Autumn 2016 Eclipse Season.For a more general breakdown of what to expect, day by day, from September’s cosmic weather, scroll down!  

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN VIRGO – 01 September 2016, 10h03 BST

Both the solar and lunar month begin on the same day, presaged by a New Moon in meticulous Virgo. This one also happens to be a solar eclipse, making it a triple whammy event – a new six month phases also gets underway today, so it’s all about the new now. Get ready to press the reset button on health matters and anything that involves careful planning, scheduling or logistical handling; or scrupulous editing, tidying or cleaning. Over the next six months, it’s time to deal with the nitty gritty and get immersed in the details.

With Saturn and Neptune squaring up for the final time this year in fellow mutable signs, Pisces and Sagittarius, it’s highly likely that many themes during this period converge around the need/desire to finally get a grip on situations that may have been causing you to have nagging doubts, anxieties or feelings of loss or failure. These are likely to be linked to tenuous, stressful or uncertain circumstances  over which you have no control, refuse to be contained, categorised or defined in the usual way, or keep changing. Add to that the fact that Bernadette Brady classes this particular eclipse family as being all about ‘getting real’, and you can see a pattern merging!

Think back to the period around 1998 – the last time an eclipse from this Saros group took place – to see if you notice any parallels with events now.

For a more detailed breakdown of this soli-lunar event, visit my Autumn 2016 Eclipse Forecast.

FULL MOON IN PISCES – 16 Sep 2016, 20h00 BST

The 2017 eclipse season draws to a close at the Full Moon mid-September with a lunar eclipse in Pisces. As well as bringing the lunar month to an end, this event also marks the end of a six month long soli-lunar cycle set in motion by the solar eclipse of March 9 2016. If you need a recap, then have a re-read of my Spring 2016 eclipse forecast. Taking place in sensitive, watery Pisces, this particular full moon is likely to be an emotional affair. Add to that the fact that the Sun and Moon will be squaring Mars and you have a recipe for potential arguments.

The Sun and Moon will both square Mars, which does suggest potential tensions and bust-ups. Perhaps you have spent far too much time around a particular individual over the last six months and now need a break? Do so before you start to bicker. Exercising patience within tricky situations, despite a frustrating lack of information or progress, is another potential way that this energy may manifest.

Mars can also add a certain sense of urgency to any situation. If you have been given a deadline to finish a rather complicated creative project, try not to leave everything to the last minute or put yourself under pressure – use Virgoan techniques such as lists, schedules, prioritising and delegation to get the work done in good time so that you don’t need to rush.

For a more detailed breakdown, read my definitive guide to the Autumn 2016 Eclipse Season – up now!

Solar Phase

SUN INTO LIBRA- 22 August 2016

Autumn begins officially for astrologers at the equinox when the Sun ingresses into Libra. The Sun is traditionally considered to be in ‘fall’ in this sign, probably because it is noticeably lower in the sky when viewed form the northern hemisphere, and will continue to lower in declination between now and the winter soltice. One can also clearly see equinoctal imagery in the sign of Libra, which is all about balancing opposites, rather like day and night, which are exactly equal at this point of the year.

From an astrological point of view, the Sun’s ingress into Libra begin a month-long  period in which relationships, and the need for balance, peace and harmony are all likely to feature strongly. As a result, the focus becomes less on satisfying one’s own selfish and individual needs and more compromise and the needs of others.

Jupiter will also be sailing through this sign for the next year or so, making it likely that you’ll have more luck than usual in influencing others and attracting a mate if you are single. Women’s rights and the principle of equality is also likely to be making headlines again, especially with the date of the US Presidential elections approaching and the presence of the first female candidate – Hilary Clinton. For my money, here’s to girl  power and down with misogynists!

 Monthly Skylights

Below are some key astrological dates to circle in your diary for August 2016. use the cosmic weather symbols to decipher how favourable or challenging each transit promises to be.

Key with wind


August 2016 Astro-Insights


V0024939 Astrology: signs of the zodiac, Cancer. Coloured engraving b

Last month, Uranus & Pluto got a little heavy-handed, leading to many nasty shocks and unexpected shifts in world affairs, whilst forcing many of us to personally reconsider how to express ourselves more truthfully and authentically. Now, with Uranus retrograde, we’ll be heading back over recently trod ground, which could bring a reprise of that rather tense and unpredictable energy that we have so recently witnessed. In fact, this month, Uranian energy is likely to feature prominently, especially during the second half of August  when a lunar eclipse in Uranus-ruled Aquarius brings a six month cycle, started in February, to its climax.

Read on to find out more about this month’s cosmic weather…or head to my definitive guide to the Autumn 2016 Eclipse Season – up now!

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN LEO – 02 August 2016, 21h45 BST

The month opens with a New Moon in expressive Leo. Taking place at 21h45 BST, this lunar event pushes the reset button on monthly plans, schedules and activities, so don’t be surprised if job offers, sales enquiries and meeting requests come flooding in.  It also provides the perfect opportunity to initiate new projects concerned with individual self-expression, creativity, the performing arts, as well as children/childcare, luxury items/experiences and leadership bids.

This particular New Moon takes places at 11 degrees of Leo, which is represented by the following Sabian symbol:CHILDREN ON A SWING IN THE SAFETY OF A HUGE OAK TREE. This evokes an image of innocence being looked after by a stronger force that is wisely benevolent. As Lynda Hill points out, Oaks trees are associated with strength, durability and even nobility. Indeed, according to her:

In England, the Oak has been referred to as the “Monarch of the Forest”. Cowthorpe Oak in Yorkshire can hold 70 people in its hollow. It is said to be over 1,600 years old. The Ellerslie Oak, near Paisley, is reported to have sheltered Sir William Wallace and 300 of his men. Honour Oak, Whitchurch, Tavistock was the place where money was left in exchange for food during the cholera epidemic of 1832.

We therefore get a sense that at this time, we will be looking for similar qualities in our leaders and guardians – we want to feel protected and safe now, so our unlikely to respond to bosses or candidates that represent too much risk or who seem irresponsible or overly concerned with their own self-interest. Naturally, this has the potential to affect the polls in a number of elections, including the US Presidential Race, as well as the Labour Party leadership election. People want change, but they also want to feel that this is managed and not introduced haphazardly or chaotically, so let’s see if we do witness this shift in people’s voting patterns as the month progresses…

It is interesting that this particular New Moon also happens to coincide with a trine to Saturn, which in its more favourable moments, very much represents that safe pair of hands  – the paternal figure which the Oak Tree symbolises. Saturn also offers us a certain degree of security in another way: by providing us with a definite structure and known boundaries that can cradle or contain us. Lynda Hill could almost be talking in Saturnian terms when she comments on the nature of this Sabian symbol:

In this Symbol it is the very structure of the things around you or even your particular location that provides the ‘Safety’ that’s needed. By the very nature of things, safe surroundings can take care of everyone. Institutions like the Social Security system are similar to the ‘Oak Tree’. Religions and social organizations can also provide this protected environment for people. In general, it is security and protection that needs to be afforded to us for us to follow our true path. Look for the stability and strength in your situation, and expand your wishes and dreams into that protected environment.

Leaders who provide clear policies and show why their ideals have merit in the real world will definitely get people’s attention now – rhetoric won’t be enough to swing it anymore – it’s time for people to put their money where their mouth is.

FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS – 18 Aug 2016, 10h26 BST

Mid t0 late August, we can look forward to a Full Moon in quirky, independent Aquarius – the second Full Moon in a row to fall in this sign, so it is possible that themes which were highlighted this time last month may return to take centre stage. Taking place at 10h25 BST, this particular peak in the annual lunar cycle urges us to celebrate what makes us special or sets us apart from the crowd.

However, this Full Moon also happens to coincide with a lunar eclipse, so its possible that as the Moon waxes to full, you may notice that matters begun around about six months ago (around about the New Moon in Aquarius in February) now begin to reach an emotional peak, or draw to a natural conclusion.  On a personal level, friendships and group affiliations are likely to be prominent now, as will political or ideological aims or ambitions. We may see some interesting developments in tech stocks, for one, as well as begin to get a clearer picture of what Brexit may mean for the British people and indeed, begin to see its potential impact on the UK economy.

With this Full Moon set to sextile Uranus, expect this Full Moon to have a certain electricity about it  – there’s likely to be a bit of a tense, but also potentially exciting charge in the air  – a feeling of anticipation. And indeed, as the planet of surprises, Uranus is unlikely to disappoint.So expect the unexpected now and go with the flow because almost anything can happen – your life could change in a heartbeat!

With the Sabian symbol for the 25th degree of Aquarius centred around imbalance, difference and distortion, it seems likely that themes around personal authenticity  vs social order and cohesion are likely to surface at this time. The Sabian symbol centres around the image of: A BUTTERFLY WITH THE RIGHT WING MORE PERFECTLY FORMED THAN THE LEFT.

One can easily see this as being about being overly developed in one side of the body or brain, such as being predominantly right-brained or right-handed, for example. On the other hand, it might signal a tremendous gift – one that arises out of an imbalance of some kind. For instance, many people who are gifted psychics have often experienced learning difficulties such as dyslexia, or did not do well at school because it didn’t cater to their sensitive and intuitive disposition. Often, when people get illnesses such as bipolar disorder or brain tumours, it can make them incredibly brilliant intellectually or creatively for certain time periods, whilst equally limiting their capacity to function normally at others.

One of the questions on many of our lips may be: “What is normal?”  Indeed, is there such a thing, or is it some hypothetical ‘mean’ that we are all striving to achieve? People with physical disabilities or psychological disorders may have spent more time than most struggling with these issues, and it is possible that, at this juncture, they may have some wisdom to share with us about their journey or experiences.

For a more detailed breakdown, read my definitive guide to the Autumn 2016 Eclipse Season – up now!

Solar Phase

SUN INTO VIRGO – 22 August 2016

The Sun ingresses into feminine earth sign, Virgo at 17h40 BST on August the 22nd, signalling the beginning of harvest time in the northern hemisphere. If we take our cue from this seasonal metaphor, then it best to see this four week period as a time in which to sew what you’ve been reaping over the last six months or so. Gathering together all your resources for a decisive move is one way to interpret this. Virgo is also a sign associated with modesty and service, so setting aside ego concerns and choosing to help others is another positive way to express this influence. Giving back, especially if you have recently reached a certain pinnacle in your own life or career, will bring itsown satisfaction and rewards.

Both Mercury and Venus will also be in Virgo for most of the month, as will Jupiter, so  Virgoan themes are likely to be even more strongly emphasised than usual. Paring back any excessive or overly indulgent behaviour and finding a healthier balance will also boost your health and improve your appearance – a less is more approach is definitely favoured now in terms of lifestyle issues.  At work, keep to the facts, and exercise discrimination  whilst avoiding any tendencies to be overly critical or petty. When in doubt, choose servant leadership over showmanship and you won’t go far wrong. Use this combined energy to focus on solving details when it comes to tedious tasks like admin or contracts  – you’ll have the patience and stamina to get to the bottom of things and deal with the small print.

 Monthly Skylights

Below are some key astrological dates to circle in your diary for August 2016. use the cosmic weather symbols to decipher how favourable or challenging each transit promises to be.

Key with wind

Astro-Insights Aug 2016 TABLE

Astro-Insights July 2016




V0024939 Astrology: signs of the zodiac, Cancer. Coloured engraving b

July is likely to be a bit of mixed bag astrologically, with plenty of positive cosmic activity from the benefics, Venus and Jupiter, which together with a numbe rof positive Neptune contacts, should keep a few lovers smiling and inspire artists or light workers. However, those who are more intellectually oriented or who work in tech, media or telecomms may find this a frustrating month, where activities get disrupted and nerves get frayed. This is thanks to several hard aspects involving Uranus and Mars, which could lead to conflict, unexpected outbursts and anti-social behaviour. Uranus will also retrograde towards the end of the month, calling for a period of review and repair, especially when it comes to friendships, group memberships and technology.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN CANCER – 4 JULY 2016, midday BST

As July begins, we can look forward to a New Moon in Cancer, which begins a fresh month-long phase in domestic, dietary and home-related affairs. Taking place just before 4am BST, this soli-lunar event marks the start of an emotionally satisfying period when home improvements, family get togethers and seaside holidays all feature strongly. This is also a good time to focus on food, nutrition and nurturing. This is a great time to ask yourself what makes you feel emotionally safe  – you’re likely to feel an instinctive need for security and a need to care for, or be cared for now. This could manifest in a need to open a savings account, buy a home or shore up your retirement fund; or a desire to feed or cook for others, or have someone ‘mother’ you emotionally.

Sabian Symbol – 13 degrees Cancer


This month’s Sabian symbol is focused on the need to reach out and connect with others, but also to exert strength of character and will. Sometimes there is a certain strength in coming together, be it through shared efforts, or community-building, which creates strong bonds and enables people to stick together/help each other out when times are tough.

According to James Burgess, this symbol also has to do with the need for power and domination, as well as the survival instincts. Think of the handshake and how essential it is to the ritual of networking or enlarging one’s sphere of influence. Politicians love to ‘press the flesh’ so, on a mundane level, this symbol, with its emphasis on the thumb, which is the strongest (and also the most individual) finger on the hand, seems to point to politics and the relationship between leaders and subordinates.

July is a month dominated by the Sun, the symbol par excellence of the leader, so this symbol of power broking seems very appropriate for a July New Moon. Given all the upcoming political campaigning and negotiations that is likely to dominate the headlines as the Tory leadership race heats up and the US presidential elections gather pace, this is certainly likely to be a strong theme over the coming weeks.

In particular, Burgess warns that power without responsibility or ethics is a dangerous thing, and something we may need to check if we see signs of it in our immediate environment or communities, something that is also likely to be true of the period around the Capricorn Full Moon. With the Chilcott Report set to be published very close to the New Moon on July 6, the timing seems especially poignant and significant.

Key Aspects & Influences

This particular New Moon forms a trine to Neptune and an opposition to Pluto, which suggests that spiritual ideals and altruistic inclinations are likely to be strong during the next four weeks, and will co-exist with an increasing distaste for cold-hearted ambition or naked power plays that are devoid of ethics or a sense of social responsibility. Pluto and Neptune’s involvement here really seems to echo with what James Burgess sees as the polar opposites locked up in this symbol, as well as the harsh reality of life at the level of survival:

It is the law of nature that the weak are destroyed; no amount of persuasion about ethics or reasonableness will thwart the power of the powerful. On some fundamental level, we have to engage with the struggle between hunter and hunted. Here, practicality is brought to the point of ruthlessness.

Pluto’s position in Capricorn, a sign associated with coldness and ruthless ambition, fits this description rather well, so it is possible that around about this time, you may begin to see through certain people’s motives and decide that their intentions do not resonate with your beliefs or ideals. Or indeed, you may begin to gravitate towards one particular person or way of life as time goes by, perhaps in the interests of survival, or to protect the future or safety of your loved ones.

Fortunately, this Full Moon will also make positive aspects to the lunar nodes, which does suggest that Fate may well take situations in a more favourable direction, without the need for conscious intervention. It may also indicate that collective action may be required in order to check any abuses of power that may become apparent.

On a personal level, this aspect also suggests that your destiny may lies closer to home to home than you think – chances are thatif you follow your heart over the next few weeks, you won’t really go wrong.


Mid-July, we are scheduled to have a Full Moon in Capricorn, highlighting the need to let go of certain career ambitions or personal goals, and streamline daily schedules or domestic arrangements so that everything works more efficiently. Themes around personal aspiration, career advancement and social status are likely to come to the fore now, or reach their natural conclusion, which could result in a promotion or recognition of some kind.

Sabian Symbol – 28 degrees Capricorn


This particular Full Moon occurs at 27 degrees and 40 minutes of Capricorn, which we then round up to 28 degrees. In terms of the Sabian oracle, this degree of the zodiac is associated with the symbol of a large bird aviary, which we could associate with social media like Twitter, as well as the general noise and chatter of many voices which can drown out our train of thought or make us confused about which opinion to follow.

According to Lynda Hill,

…this symbol can point to situations with many people; like ‘birds on perches’ everywhere, all speaking at once and having lots to say. Also, although you are able to wander a little, you are actually caged into a particular reality. This Symbol can picture the ways of bureaucracy, government or big business. Sometimes the telephone and the Internet can feel like the ‘Large Aviary’, especially if you never get to talk to a real live person!

It is therefore possible that you might have to negotiate some kind of crowd situation or public duty/appearance, whether it be campaigning for office, attending a concert or demonstration, speaking at an event or even participating in a live discussion on social media. You may have to clamour to get your voice heard, or indeed, to make decisions about who you feel is speaking the truth.

When in doubt, you may need to turn down the volume, or get back to basics, in order to make decisions. Being pragmatic and matter of fact may be the only way to narrow down your priorities or focus and deal with the matter at hand.

Key Aspects & Influences:

At the time of the Full Moon, the Moon will be sextile to Mars, which could indicate heightened emotions or increased passions, and actions based on feelings. Acting based on positive emotions, such as a spontaneous act of kindness in response to a tragedy or choosing to get involved in helping during an emergency, are all favoured now.

At the same time, the Sun will be conjunct the Part of the Honourable Aquaintance  – which seems to be something of a recurring theme at the moment – and does possibly point to further developments in relation to the EU referendum vote, or indeed, the fate of David Cameron. This becomes even more apparent when we consider what James Burgess has to say about the Sabian symbol attached ot this degree of Capricorn:

This image points to someone who has exceptional success in making all their personal concerns a matter of common welfare. Generally, in many areas of normal life, we cannot help but notice significant differentiations of interest between ourselves and others, and yet when we consider the full ramifications of what we do, we see that everything influences everything else in the community, so our apparently self-centred interests actually serve the greater good.

The message therefore seems to be to try and make the greater good dovetail with your own desires and ambitions, in other words, create win-win situations wherever possible, since this can only be of benefit to everyone. Let’s hope David Cameron and other politicans are listening now – with so much at stake, it has never been mor eimportant to ‘get things right’, as the PM is so fond of saying.

Solar Phases

SUN INTO LEO – 22 JULY 2016, 10h30 BST

Just after July’s halfway mark, on July 22 – the day of Prince George’s third birthday – the Sun will glide into charismatic and spirited Leo. In the northern hemisphere, this period usually coincides with the hottest time of the year, when many people are on their summer break.

The Sun is especially strong in Leo because this is it’s natural ‘home’ in the zodiac, so its energy flows especially well from here, radiating natural confidence, a sunny disposition and oodles of charisma and the ability to attract success, so if these are qualities you would like to cultivate, then the next month is the perfect time to do so.

It may also be a time in which themes around selecting suitable leaders, as with an election or talent show, take front and centre. Learning to sell yourself without showing off or putting others off is a lesson worth learning this month.

Monthly Skylights

Below are some key astrological dates to circle in your diary for May 2016. use the cosmic weather symbols to decipher how favourable or challenging each transit promises to be.

Key with wind

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