Navigating the Brexit Maze

Brexit Hi-jinks

The Brexit Story has had more twists and turns than House of Cards or Game of Thrones. As an astrologer and current affairs junkie, this has had me gripped! In such circumstances, there’s nothing for it but to make like an ancient Mesopotamian and look to the stars for answers.
Will Brexit happen? Could it really split apart the Union that makes up the United Kingdom? Will British voters get a second people’s vote?

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New Moon in Pisces

March’s New Moon in Pisces is a wonderfully liminal – and magical – affair. Occurring on the same day as Uranus switches signs and Mercury changes direction, this particular start to the March lunar cycle has a mysterious and mutable Neptunian quality to it that calls on us to retreat a little from the material world, have a little faith in the inherent goodness of the cosmos and surrender to what occurs between now and the Equinox Full Moon.

Mercury will be retrograde for the entire waxing moon phase, covering the path ahead in mists and confusion, which could lead to the odd freak out or moment of insecurity. However, the core message of this New Moon seems to be that appearances are deceptive: even if nothing seems to be happening on the surface of things, or we don’t have all the facts at our disposal, we need to trust that everything is at it should be and just let go.

Why? An stabilising and subtly effective configuration of planets in earth and water signs at the New Moon suggest that synchronicity and serendipity will be hard at work behind the scenes over the next two weeks to bring events to an unexpectedly positive conclusion aroudn the time fo the Spring Equinox on March 21st.

So if we can bring ourselves to resist the promptings of our inner control freak and go with the flow during the upcoming disarray and uncertainty of Mercury retrograde (6-29 March), then things will probably work out far better than we could have planned – or hoped for.

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Twinning & the Easter Full Moon

Just before the April Easter weekend, we can look forward to the SECOND Full Moon in Libra in a row.

Not only does this put the spotlight firmly back on resolving relationship issues left over from February-March, but it also brings our attention to another theme: twinning or mirroring – something we even find reflected in the date for this soli-lunar event – 19.4.2019.

In my April Full Moon forecast, I look at this rather intriguing concept in more depth, particularly in relation to the Sabian symbol for 30 Libra.

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Easter 2019 New Moon


April’s Easter New Moon brings with it a double dose of spring-like energy. Not only is the first New Moon to occur since the Equinox, which traditionally marks the beginning of the astrological year, but it also takes place in Aries this year  – the first sign of the zodiac!
In a nod to these spring rites (including Easter, which is actually rooted in the ancient Babylonian festival of Ishtar, goddess of love and war) , you may want to mark the occasion with a fertility or abundance ritual of your own.
This positive and hopeful energy should feel noticeably different to the muted Pisces New Moon, which kickstarted what turned out to be a particularly confusing and challenging Mercury retrograde spell for many.
With the Sun, Mercury and Mars now shifting into the more dynamic elements of fire and air, you should notice the dawning of a very different mood: One that is more dynamic, more decisive and definitely more action-oriented! It’s time to set new goals and make fresh plans…   
However, with Saturn set to square the Sun and Moon at this time, you’ll want to take your time and be sure to pick your moments – and battles – wisely!
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A Son for Meghan & Harry?

William Lilly, the famous English astrologer, is said to have predicted the Great Fire of London. He left us some very clear horary prediction techniques for pregnancy and birth, which I tried out on the Duchess of Cambridge when she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte.

Can they tell us aything about whether Meghan and Harry are having twins? Can they give us a clear indication of possible royal birth dates? And can they give us the inside track on the gender of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first child?

Find out in my latest post on the Astro-Insights blog.

Equinox 2019 Supermoon in Libra


The March Full Moon is not only another Supermoon, but it also takes place along the equinox vernal point, giving it added cosmic significance and power.  
In addition, it occurs at the same time as a number of powerful and fortunate aspects to Pluto, Jupiter & Saturn. After the doubts, sacrifice and confusion of the last two weeks of unboundaried Pisces and Mercury retrograde, things now have the potential to come to an unexpectedly positive conclusion.
Thanks to the involvement of Chiron, the Libra Full Moon also has the potential to be a time of mending and healing in relationships too… 


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Brace yourself for Mercury Retrograde!

Today Mercury stations, ready for its first retrograde spell for 2019 which will run from 6-29 March. This particular one begins on the same day as the New Moon in Pisces and also coincides with the ingress of Uranus into Taurus – quite a seminal (and liminal) day when a lot is likely to remain up in the air. ⁣

Traditionally, Mercury is detrimented in Pisces (it is exalted in precise and orderly Virgo which sits opposite Pisces on the zodiac wheel) , so this one could really mess with your head if you allow your fears, insecurities & morbid imagination to take over. ⁣

The good news is that most of the confusion and mix-ups this one causes will be largely self-inflicted. Going with the flow, surrendering to not knowing and mental self-discipline will be essential if you’re to emerge from this one unscathed. ⁣

The question is whether you can get yourself to slow down and let go of your inner control freak. Consider this a test of your faith in the inherent goodness of the cosmos. ⁣

My advice: watch a re-run of ‘Life is Beautiful’ and go off grid for a bit. You may rediscover your connection to something truly magical if you do, especially if the Sabian symbol for the New Moon in Pisces is anything to go by.

Remember: Mercury retrograde is not inherently malefic, so have a little faith. Sometimes we all need to hit the pause button, reboot, regroup and re-imagine what outcomes we’d like to manifest in our lives. Consider this one of those times.

Uranus into Taurus


URANUS INGRESS 6 Mar 2019 06h20 GMT

Aside from Wednesday’s New Moon in Pisces, the major headline news this week is the ingress of Uranus into Taurus. The planet of revolution and paradigm change finally shifts into Taurus full-time  on the 6th for a stay of 7 years. Unlike last year’s ingress (May 2018) there will be no more push-me-pull-you retrogrades back into Aries this time around.

Although Uranus should be a lot less volatile and disruptive in the sense of wildfires, popular unrest and shock violence, it could bring on more geotechnical and geomagnetic disturbances like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc

Over the next seven years, to see an acceleration in the food and farming revolution as Uranus continues to make us change the way we produce and consume food.

In mundane astrology, Taurus is concerned with banking, farming, business, money and finances and material security.  So it makes sense that these are the areas where we may see some gradual but fundamental paradigm shifts, especially as new technologies are developed (Uranus is the tech king). This is also the first of two signs ruled by Venus and so is also associated with luxury goods, along with the fashion and cosmetics industry, so expect traditional conceptions of beauty to continue to be challenged.

The upshot: Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) can breathe a sigh of relief – all the turbulence of the last 7 years is now over. It’s now the turn of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) to enjoy a shake-up (or wake-up) whichever you prefer.

How this will affect you personally depends on: a) where Uranus is located in your chart, what it rules and which house cusp is governed by the sign of Taurus (along with a whole lot of other technical stuff like whether it aspects anything in your natal chart). If you’d like to know more, then why not book a reading or order a bespoke astrology report?

February 2019 Supermoon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo

February’s Full Moon in Virgo is also a Supermoon  =  Full Moon++!

This particular lunar phase carries a restless and excitable charge to it, due to a stimulating connection between the luminaries & revolutionary planet Uranus. This Full Moon occurs during a week packed with powerful transits designed to help us all make positive personal changes and rid ourselves of unhealthy habits – for good!

Virgo is very good at being organised, tidy and helping others to keep on track with their schedules etc In other words, ‘getting it together’. And indeed, these qualities are going to be vital over the next few weeks if we are to make something of our Neptunian dreams and schemes…Something that is entirely possible if we can find a way to combine the idealistic and inspirational energy of Pisces (where the Sun and Mercury are currently based) with the down to earth, pragmatic and future-orientated modus operandi of Capricorn – the zodiac sign through which Saturn and Pluto are touring. 

The key to doing so may well lie in being inventive whilst also being both practical and willing to embrace change – qualities embodied in the signature of this particular Full Moon.

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Get Ready for Chiron in Aries

Girl watching the stars. Stars are digital illustration.

After dipping its toes briefly into Aries for several months last April, Chiron finally ingress into Aries full time today, where it will remain for the next 7-9 years. At first this cosmic shift may be imperceptible due to all the Piscean/Neptunian energy around at the moment, thanks to the influx of Mercury and the Sun into Pisces and transits between Neptune and personal planets, Venus and Mercury.

Shift in Emphasis for Healers & Therapists

However, once we get to the Spring Equinox, we will begin to notice a change in the wellness/health/wellbeing landscape. We’re entering fresh territory with regards to healing and energy medicine. Expect to see the advent of pioneering techniques involving heat, fire or light, or which focus on the muscular systems of the bodybetween now and 2017. Exercise as a form of therapeutic medicine, both psychologically and physically, is also likely to grab the headlines as people eschew addictive painkillers and mood enhancing drugs and embrace endorphin-boosting walks and rediscover the powers of physiotherapy as ways to overcome sports injuries and beat depression. We may also see a rise in therapies designed to overcome PTSD and other sports or war-related injuries.

Male Identity Crisis Looming?

The alpha male has also had a bad rap in the last two to three decades, which has led to an identity crisis for many men, particularly around the  quandary of how to display strength withotu appearing aggressive or overtly macho or pandering to patriarchy.   Over the next 9 years, I wouldn’t be surprised if cultural commentators and social trendsetters turn their attention to this issue. As a result, we may see a merging or morphing of the metrosexual/beta male archetype (prevalent during Chiron’s tour of Pisces) in a way that incorporates elements of a more rugged masculinity such as the beard of the hipster or the rippling physiques of the fitness freak or extreme adventurer.

A revolution around sex, sexuality and the portrayal of the male body may also occur along the lines of what we recenly witnessed in the fashion industry around female body image/plus size/weight/gender identity etc. Less conformism and more individualism is bound to be one outcome, given the influence of Aries.

Get Ready for your Chiron Return

Those born between early 1969 and March 1977 should prepare for their Chiron returns over the next few years. This usually coincides with a healing crisis of some kind that provide you with an opportunity to lay to rest old ghosts and overcome childhood wounds you may have sustained at around the age of 12 or so. Much depends on where Chiron lies in your natal chart as to how this is likely to manifest, but is certainly worth bearing in mind between now and 2027 or so.

Fire signs should expect their sensitivity and empathy levels to rise over the next few years – no bad thing for an element that can neglect the emotional needs of themselves and others in the rush and excitement of responding to external stimuli.


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