lisa portfolio picAstrologySphere is the website of Phoebe Foresight – the pen name of Lisa Mendes. An astrologer, writer and lover of all things esoteric, I studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, as well the University of Kent, where I graduated from the Cosmology & Divination MA programme with first class honours. I also spent a year learning horary astrology with the late Vernon Wells, who proved to be an excellent mentor.

Perhaps as a result of my background in journalism, I have a particular interest in mundane astrology as a way of interpreting trends in current affairs, and use my Astro-Insights Blog to comment on various world events and prominent people from time to time.

As well as a successful astrology practice, I also work as an astrology writer. Over the years, I have contributed monthly horoscope columns and eclipe predictions to a range of online and print publications, from The London Project, to Energies in Action and Harmony Healing’s monthly newsletter. More recently, I worked with the Urania Trust to revise and update Harold Wigglesworth’s 1973 classic, resulting in the publication of ‘The New Astrology of Towns & Cities.‘ in 2014.

My Philosophy of Astrology

My aim is to help my clients to tune into the cosmic cycles and planetary patterns in their own lives and ultimately, to  empower people through fostering greater self-awareness of blind spots, bad habits, self-destructive or repetitive behaviour patterns etc. I strive to help clients to mitigate problems, choose different outcomes and take positive action so that they can lead their best lives and grow into healthier, happier, and more authentic versions of themselves.

I do not believe in a fixed destiny. And philosophically, I see subtles nuances between the concepts of Fate and Destiny.

Although I do believe that we choose certain life lessons or preconditions as souls before we incarnate – and these patterns can be read in the natal chart – one’s Fate – I also believe that every human being has free will to change their Destiny through personal choice – and this can dramatically alter the outcome of any potential ‘forecast’ or reading. As my former teacher, the astrologer, Geoffrey Cornelius, always used to say: “Destiny is negotiable!”

Astrology gives you the tools and insights to identify what themes or cycles are currently active in your life at any given moment, but it is then up to you what you do with that information. Thus, clients can consciously work to counteract challenging natal aspect patterns or planetary placements or take action if they want to benefit from a good personal transit. People need to take personal responsibility and make conscious choices in terms of how they choose to act/react to any given situation, including outside influences/events over which they have no control, such as those that arise during an outer planetary transit. It is through agency – the exercising of personal choice and conscious actions – that we can effect change in our lives or make the most of the opportunities offered by these cosmic windows of good fortune that come around every so often, as represented by positive planetary transits…

In this sense, I think that part of what I offer as as astrologer is to empower people to make better decisions and thereby help to catalyse positive changes in people’s lives. I help them to identify where they keep getting stuck in terms of repetitive patterns, own their role in the behaviour and then empower them to choose different outcomes for themselves. In astrological terms, I consciously choose to embrace my Sun-Uranus conjunction (which makes me what Edward Steinbrecher would call a ‘Uranian Vessel’) and work with this energy for the greater good of all.

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