Jan 2019 Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

January’s first lunar eclipe is also the only total lunar eclipse of 2019, and will be visible from most of America, north Africa and large parts of northern and western Europe – worth watching then! 

To make it even more dramatic (and impressive to watch), it will also be a Supermoon. In a nutshell, this simply means that it will take place at the place in it’s orbit when it is closest to the earth, making it appear much larger than usual. 

Add unpredictable Uranus into the mix, and the 2019 Wolf Moon Eclipse is likely to be a bit emotionally charged. The key will be finding constructive ways to release pent-up tension  – otherwise, we could see a few humans howling along with the wolves!


The January 21 Blood Moon eclipse takes place in the first degrees Leo.

Anyone who has planets or chart points at, or between, 0-10 degrees Leo or Aquarius as well as 25-30 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer, are bound to be more affected by psychological triggers, raised emotions or the reactions of loved ones at the lunar eclipse than others.

Is this Eclipse Personal?

This time around, I have outlined which areas of life each sign can expect to feel the effects of the Leo Lunar Eclipse most strongly.  To find out your personal eclipse forecast, sign up to my moon phase newsletter!

Heads-up:  From January 2019, I will no longer be posting my lunar phase or eclipse forecasts in the public domain – these will be reserved exclusively for those who subscribe to my newsletter. If you’d like to join the mailing list – which is completely free to do – then sign up now!

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